My name is julia if you’ve never met me before, and i do lots of random apple videos, basically just from the perspective of an average person, not a tech expert at all. My most popular ones are my customization videos. So if you haven’t seen those, i suggest that you check those out if you love this by the end of this video don’t, be afraid to hit the subscribe button, because i unbox random little things from apple all the time yeah. So today i have the homepod mini, which was actually a gift from my mom for christmas, so if you’re watching this mom. Thank you. I just posted a whole video on what i got for christmas, so i talked a little bit more about that in there, but yeah super blessed and grateful. So we are going to go ahead and just get right into unboxing this. It is the homepod mini and it is in the color white, because i know they also have a space, gray color. It says that siri helps you get things done anywhere in the room. You can enjoy amazing apple, designed audio experience, multi room audio pair two home pod mini speakers for sarah sound. My younger sister also got one of these, so we’re going to mess around with that in this video too, an intercom between the homepod speakers and i believe that my parents got it from best buy because it came in quicker than the apple one did, and this One does have the amazing plastic wrapping on it, so i can cut it off all Music, satisfying, okay, that was beautiful, so now boy, it’s, so cute, okay, so i’m, so happy with the white color.

Oh my word: oh okay. Never watched an unboxing of one of these, so it’s gon na be a little interesting. So it has a wire attached to it and we’ll set that over here for now and then in the box there’s this little thing and it says homepod mini and it comes with a cute little apple sticker. Okay. So these are just like the startup instructions and then it has the charging block i’m guessing it has to stay in stay plugged in all the time. That’S always the best. I don’t know if this thing needs to be plugged in or not so how’s. This thing to pull off: oh that’s, nice that’s, so pretty so now we have some of these to take off amazing, very cute i’m, just gon na plug it in here over here, connect to wi, fi and turn on bluetooth on your iphone so here’s my iphone. I have the iphone 12.. I did an unboxing for this as well. Um Music, oh gosh. I was not ready for that, so it just did that on its own. It just came up with that and now it’s like blanking, that was pretty cool we’re going to go ahead and click set up i’m going to say my bedroom, Music that’s, so fun Music, the homepod you can’t tell but i’m waving to get my attention say: hey Siri let’s get started, say: hey siri. What can you do? Hey siri? What can you do? I can do lots of things like turn on the lights, give you a news, update and tell you about the weather.

Now you try say: hey siri play some music: hey siri play some music; okay here’s a station just for you. How do i get it to stop? Hey siri, stop playing music, okay, okay, so that was cool um. She started playing some paramore, so i’ve been reading. Uh, some of the fun things that they can do so we’re gon na try some things out. Hey siri find my iphone just a moment: it’s nearby, pinging, julia’s, iphone, Music, that’s, so fun, okay, so there’s a little button on my home screen. This is oh, my gosh Music, hey siri, stop stop! I did not know. I was gon na. Do that, so i thought. Maybe if i clicked it, let me do fun things, but instead it just plays music. Every time call mama just a moment, i’m having trouble connecting to the internet for more info check the home app okay, siri i’m, here never mind. Okay play the sound of ocean waves. Now, playing motion play the sound of a box fan here’s fox fan sound by tmsoft. Oh, you can touch it and stuff okay, so i always sleep with a box fan on at night and sometimes i go places and they don’t have a box fan. So i can play it on my phone, but now i could play it on my homepod dj for me sure here’s, some music picked just for you, okay, i found out if you press and hold this, you can like go in to edit it and everything.

So here are all the things and i can change her voice to whatever Music, hey siri what’s in the news, um here’s, the latest news from npr live from npr news in washington, i’m luis schiavone authorities in nashville are still sir. How do you spell coffee, coffee, c, o f, f, a a thanks, hey siri! You want to see my chia pet. Mostly. I want to help and have interesting conversations. Wait. Siri. Do you want to see my chia pet, like siri, wants to see your chia pet? Why are you hey siri? You want to see my chia pet, hey siri. Do you want to see his chia pet? I don’t want for much. I also read that if you play a song and hold next to the homepod it’ll like play so i’m playing it on my phone Music Applause, if you’re interested, i will link it below it’ll, be a tiny affiliate link for a best buy one if you’re interested, But i’ll also link it off the apple website too, but yeah. Thank you so much for watching. If you have any questions, go ahead and comment them below and i’ll try my best to help you out but that’s it for now.