Today we are taking a look at the brand new apple watch series. Six, comparing it with all the new features to the apple watch series: five, how much different all these two bad boys guys today, we’re gon na, find that out i’m gon na tell you my review whether or not you should pick it up. Let’S get right into it, hey guys, so now let’s talk about the cosmetic differences. Now, of course, both these guys do come in 33 and 30 millimeter uh sizes. Now, of course, these are both 33 millimeters. I am currently holding in my hand, but again these do come in smaller sizes. Now the difference between these exact uh builds right here. This is a aluminum with the series 5 and the series 6 is stainless steel. Now, of course, you can still get aluminum build with the series 6. it’s just i went ahead and opted in to get the series 6 stainless steel, which is also a cellular type watch. Now you do not have to use the cellular functionality in order to go ahead and use the series 6 cellular edition, but again it’s a nice little addition it’s, like 10 a month. If you would like to go ahead and have you know an iphone on your actual iphone on your watch again, you don’t even have to have the phone with you when you go out, but i don’t know how many people nowadays go out places and they don’t Bring their iphone, i mean these things are always strapped to our side, so it’s really hard to imagine someone doesn’t have their iphone on them, but if you don’t it’s, actually a really great addition now, like, i said size comparison, everything’s the same these, if you didn’t Know the difference, obviously, because the stainless steel, if these were both silver and they were both – you know, aluminum builds.

You would probably look at them and say which one’s series six one series: five, because all the differences come under the hood of the series. Six series: six first off it has better battery life, has a better touch screen and it also gives a blood oxygen level which going ahead and just talking about that real fast, i actually do have a blood oxygen little level meter that i use obviously, right now With the whole situation going on, i want to make sure my blood oxygen is good. I will say: it’s not awful, this series six when it comes to your blood oxygen level, but keep in mind guys when you get your blood oxygen level, you get it through. Your finger – and this is on your wrist, so the whole idea is it balances a laser through your finger and then reads it back. Imagine your wrist is what’s bouncing back, not your finger yeah. It was around four percent off which they tell you. Apple was very, very clear with this. Do not think that you’re gon na get this and it’s gon na be the most accurate thing ever. It is not a medical device guys it is not. It is accurate to a fault. Do not think this is going to be really that amazing. Now i have had this device for around three days now and whenever i do my reviews, i want to at least have advice for three days now, because that, of course, is a good.

You know time period to kind of use the device day in and day out kind of see what i think about it might be a further review down the road you know in like six six months or a year and see how i like even more, but Then we’ll probably have a series: seven come out so with that in mind, though it’s a really really good device now, like i said i’m, not taking advantage of the cellular connectivity to this. That is definitely something that i know if you are a fan of using cellular devices like maybe you have an ipad that has cellular you, have a app imac or imac imac, a macbook that has cellular, and you really love that angle. It’S, just gon na continue. It’S gon na be the same exact thing as your series: five and that’s kind of what it is. I mean, like i said guys whenever apple comes out new product a lot of times, it’s a gimmick from the iphone 10 to the xs. You kind of got a gimmick, you got a little bit better features, and that was pretty much it i’ll say. The real true difference is what we saw with the iphone 11 pro to the 12 pro and then 12 pro mac. We actually saw a difference in the upgrade, which is why i upgraded personally but we’re not going to see that much when it comes to the apple watches. Now, obviously, those cosmetic differences stainless steel versus non stainless steel, but i believe you can get a stainless steel edition with the series 6 series 5.

, so i don’t think that’s really a big big difference like i said, but it is something there i mean if you Want to get the stainless steel and you currently have aluminum. This is your chance to go ahead and get the stainless steel. Now, of course, everything else is pretty much identical like i said, it’s not much difference when it comes to anything outside of just uh hardware. Now battery life, like i said, is a little bit better i’ve, gotten more battery life personally, using this than i’ve used on my series, five, which again that’s just personal you know my day to day use everyone’s will vary depending on how much you use your apple Watch, if you use your apple watch, a crap ton, it might use a little bit go a little faster, but, personally speaking how i use my apple watch is i put it on when i wake up. I use it, for you, know tracking uh steps that kind of stuff. I go to work i’m, a cashier i’m. You know moving around all day i come home. Am i on my apple watch? 24. 7. No, am i checking notifications text music? That kind of stuff always listen to music. Yes, so i definitely say i’m above average when it comes to using my apple watch. I easily get one to two days out of it and with this new apple watch i’m looking around three days so again, is it impossible to say that you can, personally speaking, you know, i’m.

Sorry, is it to say that’s a crazy, better battery? No, is it a better battery, in my opinion, yes, i’ve not looked at the specs i’ll, probably put the specs on the screen to show you guys exactly what it is but, like i said, personally speaking, it is performing better for me than you know. My old apple watch, which again this one’s not old, keep in mind guys. This apple watch right here is actually currently i got it last year, so it’s not like i. This is not like. I got it when it first came out. I actually got it literally. Very recently, so again i upgraded. Should you upgrade? My opinion is going to be? No, i really don’t think there’s a point upgrade. I know a lot of people are going to be like, oh, my god, but the blood, oxygen level and that’s nice and all and that’s a really cool feature and a really cool addition. It’S, the blood oxygen level, but the end of the day it’s going to cost you probably what at least you get aluminum build 400 to upgrade. If you sell this one, you probably will get 200 to 300, so that is somewhat nice to get some shutter back. But blood oxygen is not 100 accurate, it’s. Definitely again like i said guys, it is definitely not worth the upgrade, but it is still a beautiful device and if you have the money laying around you’re like whatever or this is your first apple watch uh.

Could i personally went from apple watches to galaxy watches, one week later back to apple watches, because galaxy watches, ah it’s it’s, very buggy, very, very buggy it’s, not what you expect out of android uh with that my guys that’s pretty much it for my review. If you did enjoy this video make sure to like and comment down below, tell me your thoughts and opinions.