We can like swipe on the couple or anything like that, but they do have the little dial where you can rotate it. So volume is really low for me now and then i can blast it and these headphones do get loud. You can also uh press in to pause and then again play double tap, and then you skip the song three times. You can go back and then the transparency buttons also on the front here, so i can hear myself talking pretty well now and if i toggle it off i’m, really muted, it’s, impressive, it’s, actually crazy. How much you can’t hear with them on the noise cancellation there’s a really busy row back there and i can barely hear it and there’s someone lawn mowing how about that? Oh, my gosh also, i have a fairly big head, but i’m, a small person. So if you’re worried about the size – because i was, i think they actually suit me pretty – well surprisingly – so yeah that’s good and yes, the headphones are extendable, that’s, actually, a really cool part about the design. Is it just? Has this really nice metal kind of sliding mechanism? As for the weight, these are considerably more heavy than most headphones. That would have to be the one drawback they’re, just so heavy. I don’t notice them without my head they’re, not too bad. I feel like you get used to it, but if you can’t deal with the weight the x ray, this is like light as a feather in comparison.

It is shocking. These are the sony 1000x mark 4s they’re, some of the most comfortable headphones, i’ve ever worn and most functional. This is definitely the head to head. I want to do and if you have any questions about these together, i’m happy to make a video, i feel like when people keep saying it should sound, like god, it’s whispering in my ears, when i listen to these for the price that these are retailing for. It’S not realistic, because apple’s just made these for people who are happy to hand over the cash really iphones are so commonplace these days and such a mainstream phone that we forget, that apple is just one of those brands that has a big markup on their products. I’M not saying these aren’t a quality product, but yeah it’s, definitely more expensive, just because it can be it’s almost like a fashion item. You know let’s not forget that apple kind of launched these on the slide that’s all part of it, man, the people that actually worked out, that they dropped these things and were willing to spend the mad cash on them are actually giving apple free advertising because suddenly You’Ve got this really expensive product that came out of nowhere, and the people are talking about. It makes it seem more exciting rare and special these aren’t just overpriced headphones. This is clever. Marketing and apple has always been good at that. So you still want to know.

If they sound good, well that’s, fair enough, because you still shouldn’t buy them if they don’t sound good, okay, i’m, going to listen to song for the first time on these, oh, not bad! Oh! I like how the sound almost moves around the ear cup, not just coming from one direction: it’s almost like there’s, a few little places where it comes out into your ear, so that makes sense very good bass. Grimes voice is definitely echoing in all around my ears. I like that, i can’t wait to compare them to the sonys okay let’s talk about the case real quick. I didn’t want to jump on the bandwagon with all the haters for the case, but i just find myself not using it the thing about the case. If you didn’t know is that it actually activates low power mode for the headphones, when you put it in here’s my prediction, i think, because this is so ridiculous, whether it was intentional or not. Apple’S gon na come out with a better case solution very soon. It’S gon na be very expensive, if not we’re gon na have so many awesome third party cases and although you’re gon na have to spend even more money, it’s gon na all work out. So, at the end of the day, i think these are made for the average consumer or more like the average consumer, with a lot of money. They’Re nice headphones. Look at that beautiful engineering, it’s, stunning and they’re unique they’re, stylish they’re like got a vintagey retro vibe.

I think they look great music sounds awesome. With these on. Can you get better headphones? Oh absolutely, basically, they’re a great all round headphone, but they should only be 500 at the very maximum if you guys have any other questions about these. Just drop them in the comments or hit me up on my socials subscribe check out another one of my videos and hopefully i’ll see you next time. Bye bye did you know that americans get mad at me if i don’t put the price in usd like last time, i did a product review and the price was in australian dollars. They thought i was being dramatic and trying to get clicks like clickbait, but this is our reality. 900.