I one is like insanely like this, and other people are like they do. They wanted to use the higher reps. They wanted to extract the power, so they they do. This Music what’s up youtube welcome to the detailed review of the benelli 600i, so many people have asked me to review this motorcycle and finally, i got my hands on this motorcycle that too, for a very long amount of time. I’M. Almost having this for three weeks and clocked almost 600 kilometers by now and 400 to complete my round trip so today, i’m out for a review. So i have to say that i had a lot of experience and uh in fact good as well as bad. So i have certain amount of likings towards this motorcycle as well as there are some dislikes also. So i will talk about those things in detail so from the outside, it looks huge it’s, a massive motorcycle. It doesn’t look like a small motorcycle itself and it’s a very eye, catchy design it’s, not that very familiar design that you see with other motorcycles, and i have to say that aftermarket people has done really good paint jobs on this motorcycle, then mainly, i have to Admit that because star colors look good but i’ve seen so many people doing raps and all on this motorcycle and those look stunning it’s it’s a perfect looking naked street motorcycle, i mean it looks masculine and it feels also when i, when you ride it.

So from the front, i have to say that this is a halogen lamp and it is giving good usability. I don’t have any complaints on it. I mean it’s kind of okay. Okay, then many other uh led lights that you see in the market with uh modern motorcycles and when it comes to this section uh this seems very sharp and uh edgy design. It looks really nice and there’s a frame slider fitted on this motorcycle because of course, yes, it’s, a very heavy motorcycle. So when there is a chance of dropping it’s better to drop the motorcycle and jump out of it and come back and pick it up, that’s the best way for heavy motorcycles coming onto the tank it’s, a huge tank when you sit on the seat, you’ll feel That it’s, a big motorcycle and coming under the tail section you have the inline four symphony. I mean very much onto bentley 600i because i haven’t seen many motorcycles, which has this undersea kind of exhaust system uh. It has its own advantages as well as disadvantage. The advantage is, of course, the ground clearance is not compromised and the disadvantage is, if you are going for an aftermarket exhaust, then yeah that will affect the ground clearance of your pillion. So then, looking onto this portion, you can see the big engine and the four pipes uh, which looks massive uh. In fact, i have a feeling that it could have been designed a little better.

I don’t know how to put that into words, but yes, i have a slight feel that you can make that portion a little better and this one has an aftermarket lever, protectors, that’s all so before i hop onto the motorcycle, i have to say that these seats Are very comfortable very much designed for comfort and plushy ride, um, both the rider and the pillion seat extremely comfortable, and when it comes to the grab rail also that’s also purposely designed it’s, not interfering to the pillion, so in other words, i’ll say that this is More pillion friendly motorcycle keeping the fact that it has an underbelly exhaust. One thing is like these things: what you see over here: they are actually heat shields, so even when the engine is hot and the exhaust is also hot, you can literally touch on this motorcycle i’ve, almost ridden 100 kilometers. By now. I can place my hand over here, but i cannot keep my hand over there. This is a heat shield, so nothing going to happen to your pillion, but when it comes to aftermarket exhaust, then everything is exposed. So when we hop on the motorcycle, yes it’s a bit heavy motorcycle and you can see that a big tank, it feels nice. It gives a very good feel as if you are riding a big bike. Yes, you are riding a big bike and switches on the handlebar are pretty basic, and the build quality is also fine.

I’M happy with it. Here, you have, the engine kill, switch the caution, lamp, the ignition and, on the side, the high beam low beam. The pass switch, the indicators and the horn so that’s it and when we look on to the dial a little bit of basic things, um, not that much competitive to the things that you see on the modern motorcycles. So this is the big tachometer, the typical bentley things and it’s, a small display, it’s quite readable when you’re touring and all no issues with it. So you have the speedometer: the total kilometer two trip meters and the fuel meter, the engine temperature, the clock, that’s, all that’s. What i told it’s pretty basic: there is no distance to empty, no side stand indicator side stance sensor. Is there but no side stand indicator and there’s no gear positioning together, that’s. What i want man, because it’s an inline four motorcycle it’s bit hard to get used to that sound and gear things. When it comes to big motorcycles in single cylinders, you can easily get to know which gear you are around, but multi cylinders. The thing is not like that you might even be comfortable riding the motorcycle in the fourth gear. When you are on the 20 speed, i was finding a little bit of difficulty on that concluding on the gear, so otherwise yeah i’m happy with all the technology. This has had by the way it doesn’t have any riding modes or traction control or really control.

Nothing like that. I don’t think you need a wheelie controller, because the power delivery is not tuned for anything like a stunt. Riding uh even said that i know that people who are using it for stunts so mainly, i think they are using a biggest rocket on the rear so that it gives you a lot of kick otherwise it’s a beautiful motorcycle, very much tuned for highway riding and More comfortable ride, i’ll i’ll talk about that when we go for the ride, so i think enough of talking like this we’ll hop on to the motorcycle before that. Let me just switch on the motorcycle. One humble request to all of you guys is that if you are planning to buy the bentley 600i try to stay stock for some time, because the stock sounds brilliant. In my opinion, the stock sounds so brilliant. I don’t see a reason for me to switch to an aftermarket. Yes, you can go for that. It sounds very sweet when you have an aftermarket, but the stock itself is beautiful man. I would say that in this middleweight, like the 600i, the 650 series from the honda or the z800 or the z900 has to say that the 600i makes the sweetest sound of all it is moderately loud. I have to admit that so let’s fire it up. What a beautiful sound i’m in love with the sound okay! I have to say that this is more sweeter than my 650r.

My 650r is like almost in silent mode when you are comparing with this one Music beautiful. This is what i’m telling when the headlights are on. It looks nice man, i mean it looks nice it’s, a photogenic machine and i don’t really uh. Stick to that theory that everyone will like this motorcycle, because i know that few people doesn’t like the look of bendy 600 eye, but damn if you can do a paint job, then certainly it looks killer. So let’s go Music. So the engine of this motorcycle, the 600cc engine on this motorcycle, is tuned in a way that it has very less punch in the lower rpms and kind of okay punch in the mid rpms. The performance is all there in the red line like the 10k 11k rpm, so one good thing is uh. You can use this motorcycle as an everyday motorcycle, like you can easily roam around inside city uh, no problem. There is no something like a cracking power coming out of this engine unless you whack it open and get you to that higher revs, otherwise, it’s like very beautiful engine. But if you are someone who is already riding a 600 or you are already riding in later class, probably you’ll find this engine to be a little sluggish, because even the throttle response is also a bit laggy. I have to say that let me put on to the first gear: okay, let’s, pull it Music, you see that it has all the power, but only thing is it’s all there on the higher up band, so you have to throttle it out.

You have to be on that higher rpms to get that feel of the bike, so, in my opinion, it’s a blessing as well as the curse out of all the motorcycles which i’ve ridden like the z900, the z800, the cbr 650 series and the kawasaki 650 series. Also, this has pretty much the laziest bottom end, because the torque is very less. This is not tuned for that. Okay, i think you might have heard. Also it winds up. It sounds so sweet. I love it that way. I don’t want to call this motorcycle as a lazy motorcycle, because it has all the potential up there on the top band, but you might not get that kind of a situation all the time right like this. So, in my opinion, even though it looks massive and it gives that kind of an intimidating feel i’ll say that this motorcycle is for a person, who’s kind of a very silent rider like very much introvert. This show is that kind of a character and when it comes to the riding portion and all the upper body is almost upright but a slight sporty feel and when it comes to the lower body. That’S also relaxed. But one thing which i see is that by the way this motorcycle has a lot of ground clearance as well as the seat height is also a bit high, so it’s a taller motorcycle. So you have a lot of ground clearance, but i expected that footpeg to go a little down.

In my opinion, i’ll say that the footpegs are on to bit taller side, which i didn’t face any issue after riding for 400 kilometers straight like six and a half seven hours of ride and i didn’t face any issues. But i feel that taller riders might face a problem of a crab knee or something because, yes, the footpegs are bit set down to a taller side, so the ergonomics are really nice and really comfortable, but riding the motorcycle, especially when you’re on slower speeds. You might feel it like a ship because it’s heavy on papers, it’s heavy as well as when it is rolling, also it’s heavy. So you have to be very careful with the tire pressure and your cone set so that you don’t add more weight to your ride, because when i got this motorcycle, the tire pressure was a bit less and the moment i got onto the motorcycle i’m like what This manly 600 is so heavy. I cannot ride the motorcycle. I was like. Oh, i went to the ground zero again. I have to start riding the motorcycle like the 600cc again and learn. It then got to know that the tire pressure was little less. Then i adjusted it still. It didn’t improve much, but i have to say that yes, it’s a very heavy motorcycle, positive side, it’s very stable on the highway negative side. Yes, you know that it’s a bit difficult to manage it on inside cities, especially if you want to filter through the traffic.

But if you are someone who can hold onto your nerves, ride insanely, then no problem, man it’s a good city bike, also because the engine is tuned in that way to be a good city bike. I know cash kind of heating issues from this motorcycle, so comparing to the other motorcycles again, this heats a little bit more than the z800 z900 and a bit more than the cbr650r. I don’t say that the cpi 600 650r is the coolest motorcycle and all but yes, it heats a little bit more than the cbr650r, but i was having this complaint that this heats up and finally, i rode a ducati uh back to back with this motorcycle. Then i got to know that no no, no heating is a way different level on that kind of a motorcycle i’m, not bitching them, but i have to say that the two cylinders, especially the those beauties, are hotter than this motorcycle. So yes, manageable heat, i i’ll say that uh you have to avoid putting trousers on this motorcycle if you are going out, especially in cities, otherwise it’s it’s easily manageable clutch is slightly on to a harder side, no problem with it, because the clutch play is little Less not too much, but gearbox is little clunky. I didn’t had any false neutrals until now, but a slightly clunky gearbox, the beautiful part, is when you get this kind of a highway i’m sticking to 75, but i am sure that i can do 110 120.

If you have a pillion go for it, that’s what i’ll say a very nice highway tour i’ll definitely make a different highway touring video with my ratings over each point when it comes to touring. Coming back to this motorcycle uh for practical use, what i’ll say that the suspension is like brilliant? I mean it saw it set down to a softer side, even though this motorcycle is heavy. I never had an issue of suspension bottom out or something and it’s giving super comfort. Okay, i would say that this motorcycle has a lot of but room, because i can still feel the empty space on seat now, also so in the in that way, i’ll say that ben lee has designed this motorcycle for comfort than fast riding or racing, and all This basically, i had to say that i’ve seen only two kind of people who rides uh bentley 600. I one is like insanely like this, and other people are like that they wanted to use the higher reps. They wanted to extract the power, so they they do. This Music, you see the amount of time that i took to hit the red line. It just gradually picks it up, and when you are on the top rep, then don’t worry. You are already on the highest, which i think, probably i have done 150 or something, and when it comes to the braking, i have to say that there is a little bit of room to improve, especially the front brakes, because i have to start using the rear Brake also at times when i was doing some heartbreaking, otherwise otherwise, no issues and when it comes to the ownership uh, this motorcycle was coming for eight lakhs on road back when this was launched in this period.

I have to say that the value of the motorcycle has dropped a bit and you will get very good motorcycles for around 4 lakh to 5 lakh, depending on the accessories. It has i’ve seen many motorcycles coming with ixl exhaust xl is beautiful, but i have to say that if you’re going to use the xl for a longer period of time, then probably you will be happy definitely, but your neighbor will be pissed off, because that sounds Crazy man, i love to have that exhaust, but not for touring touring. I want something like this. I don’t want to make that whoo sound, but certainly no doubt the best sounding 600 cc motorcycle, so yeah. I was talking about the ownership for around 3.5 to 4.5 lakh. You will find very good motorcycles and the engine is super strong. So, even if you abuse the motorcycle, there is not going to much problem from the engine side unless you put an exhaust without an ec remap and you change the air filter and then you with engine, then you can’t do anything. So then you can smile. The motorcycle, otherwise, if the motorcycle is in stock condition, i have great confidence on the engine and uh. The motorcycle goes for service once in 6000, kilometers or six months, and it cost something like eight thousand to ten thousand rupees that’s. What i heard from the owner of the motorcycle and as well uh the mileage figures i got to know from the owner – is that somewhat like 15 kilometer per liter for him inside city and something like 15 to 18 on highways, which is not that impressive, and I was expecting a little bit more because of that low in sluggishness, but yeah 15 to 18 is what i heard from internet.

Also, and one more thing. I have to thank my friend who gave me this motorcycle for this complete thousand kilometer round trip and asked me to keep the motorcycle for as much as i want. So big thanks. If you have any doubts on the motorcycle, definitely you can go and contact him on the 600i he’s a knowledgeable person on that and if you’re considering this motorcycle for your tours, especially with your pillion, definitely think about it, go and take it aside. Sometimes you will be liking it, but certainly i’ll make a different video about touring, because i have lot many things to talk about so that’s it with my review on the benelli 600i hope you like this video. I know that it’s bit late uploading this video, because you asked me a year ago and i didn’t got a motorcycle for a longer period of time. I could have done a showroom destroyed, but i thought that this makes more sense than going for a showroom desk right. I know that views will be less, but i don’t care about that. If this video is helping people then that’s what i like.