Now, one of the best things that you could do to really make your device your own is to dress it up with a dope wallpaper and it’s become kind of a jsl review tradition to end the year with the best wallpaper apps review and considering that it’s Still by far the most asked question in the comments: i’m ending 2020 by sharing my current favorites, so today, i’m, going to be going over five amazing wallpaper, apps i’ve been using since getting the iphone 12, and even if you didn’t get yourself a new iphone this Year, these apps are gon na, be great for any iphone that you have in your hands now before we jump into this review, if you’re new here i’m, basically, the guy who tests out the newest and most popular tech out there before you buy them to make Sure that you’re, informed and don’t make any purchasing mistakes. That said, would really appreciate it. If you give this video a thumbs up, it really helps me out and of course, if you want to stay up to date with all the coolest tech devices and toys make sure to subscribe to the channel, so you don’t miss out on anything and real quick. I’M, going to be posting the most popular wallpapers in this video on twitter so make sure that you guys are following me there and, let me know which ones you like the best in the comments below okay.

First up is one of my all time: favorite wallpaper apps and that’s an app called backdrops. This has been the app that i used most on android and i was psyched that it finally came over to ios. Backdrops is my go to for the abstract pattern: wallpapers that you guys love so much and it’s awesome, because the selection here is on point. You get this wide range of unique, bright and colorful wallpapers that are organized in this easy to view grid layout. Once you find one that you like, you can punch in to get a better look and it’ll. Tell you how many people have downloaded it, the wallpaper’s resolution and the size of the file itself. You can press the heart button if you’d like to save this. As one of your favorites, which is a great way to curate a personalized collection of the wallpapers that you like the most, if you actually want to snack it up, all you have to do is press the download button and, within seconds it’ll be waiting for you. In your photos, album it’s super simple and honestly one of the least obtrusive apps when it comes to advertisements and the quality of the wallpapers is going to be hard to beat. Now there are a ton of images that are totally free, but you can upgrade to backdrops pro to get a completely advert user experience, as well as access to the pro collections, which legit are loaded with some amazing looking wallpapers.

This is one of the first apps. I download whenever i get a new device, something i highly recommend doing as well to keep your iphone looking fresh. Okay. Next up is an app that has become an absolute fan, favorite and also today’s, video sponsor and that’s. The app zurit cert has consistently been one of the best places to get your hands on the most popular wallpapers out there and still makes for one of the best user experiences. I love being able to see the super high resolution images fully optimized for my iphone’s display. It makes it so much easier to know if i’m actually going to like the wallpaper or not plus, you can get a really convenient, lock screen preview by pressing this button. Here one of my favorite features and the selection you’re offered on cert is really hard to beat it’s an eclectic mix of abstract patterns landscapes, as well as extremely well designed digital artwork. I seriously find myself wanting to pick up virtually every wallpaper with each swipe insert makes it super easy to do. All you have to do is press the save wallpaper button here. If it’s a premium wallpaper, you can upgrade to cert premium to get instant access to it and all the other premium wallpapers out there, but no worries if you’re not ready to make that type of commitment, because you can still get your hands on that dope. Wallpaper. Sir gives you the option to watch a short ad and afterwards press the save wallpaper button that appears and it’ll download to your photos.

I love how accessible these amazing images are, and i get why so many of you guys love this app. So much definitely check out cert if you haven’t already, it can totally change the way you and others will look at your phone. Okay. Next up is a great app for all of you who have iphones with oled displays. Oled technology allows for true blacks and the app black wallpapers capitalizes on this feature. It’S full of super high resolution dark themed images that gives your phone a sleek and stealthy look, and what i like about this app is that it’s organized by category. So it really helps when going for a particular look and feel you can efficiently scroll through either this tiled view, or you can punch in and swipe. If you want to get a better sense of how the wallpaper is going to look on your iphone, it gives you a default lock, screen preview as well, which is nice, and when you find one that you want to download just press the arrow button here and It automatically saves to your photos now full transparency, a lot of the wallpapers featured are not free, you’ll have to upgrade to their vip subscription, which is 3.99 or you can write a review on the app to obtain vip access. I personally haven’t tried doing that as the free selection is pretty robust, but you can’t go that direction. If you’d like and no lie, you can get a really unique look with a lot of the wallpapers available through this app, especially if you have a dark theme going on with your phone okay.

The next step is great. If you’re wan na be hypebeast like myself and that’s the app trill wallpapers now, the selection here is gon na, be a bit more unique than what we’ve seen in the other apps covered so far as it really caters to those who are into urban pop culture And fashion, if you’re into that kind of thing, the images here can really help make your phone look. The part the app is full of modern wallpapers that flex some very popular brands. You get some really interesting artwork that match up different subculture genres and they really do add a different vibe to your device. I get a ton of asks all the time where i got the wallpaper of goku flexing out, so if you’re, one of those looking for it, you can find it here in trill wallpapers and probably a ton more that you’re gon na love. The app itself is easy to navigate as it does give you this clean grid view, or you can punch in and swipe. If you want a better view – and once you find one that you like just hit the download button here – and it gets saved directly to your photos, now again full transparency – there are a lot of ads. You need to deal with when navigating around the app it’s. The price to pay to get access to these wallpapers, but if you’re patient, you can find some really nice images here that can match up well with your overall style you’ve got going on beyond your phone.

Okay, last up is for all of you who are deep in the dc and marvel universe and that’s. An app called superhero wallpapers here you’ll find a stash of some seriously awesome images of your favorite superheroes and there’s, a good mix between wallpapers for the live action. Films comics and some legit fan art. You get the same grid view as you saw in trail wallpapers with the ability to punch in and swipe fullscreen previews. But a great addition here is that you can search by specific hero. This makes it way easier to pinpoint a specific look. You’Re going for, and each character has a pretty robust selection to choose from once. You find one that you like downloading, is as simple as pressing the download button here and don’t lie these make for some really awesome. Looking lock screens now, a lot of the wallpapers are locked for their pro subscribers. If you want you can’t upgrade for 3.99, but the good thing is, the app will still give you access to those wallpapers if you’re good with watching an ad in order to unlock it. You can see here once you sit through the ad. The ability to download opens up and bam it’s downloaded to my photo album now i’m, not personally the biggest fan of comic superheroes, but man. I am blown away at how great some of these look on my phone and i’m really glad. I stumbled upon this app. Okay, that’s about it for the best wallpaper apps for the iphone 12.

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