We got here the p40 lite and the psmart 2021, and today we’ll find out which of them has the better camera and if the p40 light is really worth it or if you should actually get the very cheap piece, mod 2021. But now i shine with your reflection on Music all right, so there we go and we now have both budget smartphones right over here, the psmart 2021 and the p40 lite. So in my um six months after review of the p40 light, many people ask me: is this still a good camera smartphone because it’s from the p40 series and also a lot of questions like? Can it shoot raw pictures? And this is actually why i’m comparing them? So, first of all, before we have a look at the image quality on the computer, let’s maybe check out um the camera application, because here you can already see some of the um yeah of the limitations. Now both smartphones have actually the same camera hardware very similar camera both have a 48 megapixel sensor with an f 1.8 26 millimeter wide camera. We have also eight megapixels ultra wide on both with f 2.4 2 megapixel, f, 2.4 macro and 2 megapixel f, 2.4 def. The only difference here is that um, the p4d light has actually a 16 megapixel front facing camera of f 2.0 and um. The pmp smart 2021 has an 8 megapixel f 2.0, both wide angle, so yeah um. That are basically the differences in terms of the of the camera, however, but in general they are very, very similar now, if we check out here the camera app.

So here we have the p smart here, the p40 lights. Then we can go here to more and on all the huawei smartphones. There is a pro mode, but just like on the new iphone 12 pro um, some of the of the smartphones. They cannot rule raw pictures, uh yeah, so you have here the settings and in the settings, as you can see, you usually have um raw options. If your smartphone does support it, but as you can see here on both smartphones, there is no raw option. Also, we already see the next limitation with which are the video settings, so we cannot record in 4k, but we can also not record in 1080p 60 frames. So, as you can see both smartphones, they max out at 30 frames per second, this is a limitation of the chipset, so the chipset doesn’t support high frame rate, recording nora doesn’t support 4k recording on those budget phones and in pro mode. There is the high resolution mode and 48 megapixels, but you do not have the raw option in there other than that. We have a lot of options which also the other big brothers have like hdr light painting, aperture night mode, so also the night mode is actually really quite decent on the budget. Phones, even if you don’t have a tripod and it’s kind of funny that there is a r lens on the p40 light, but on the piece mod. This is also missing.

But this it’s not really a feature i would actually use. So, in terms of the camera hardware that are kind of the limitations, as you can see, but not only because of the camera but because of the chipset, it doesn’t have enough power to encode 4k, so it’s not supported by the chipset. This is why you cannot record 4k, also with the front facing camera, no high frame rate and also no raw pictures, at least with the default app. Of course, there are some applications that kind of draw pictures, but it’s not like the same if it’s officially supported alright guys and now, i would say, let’s quickly – go to the computer and let’s check out the image quality of some pictures i took during my travels. Alright guys so now here on the computer and today, we’ll do a little bit different. So, instead of showing you them in a comparison side by side, i’ll, just open them on the computer, i’ve just copied that from the smartphone, so they’re really unedited and we’ll zoom. In check out the detail – and there we go so, as you can see here, um on the left side is the p 40 light on the right side, the piecemod 2021. I took them on some trips and let’s start, first of all, with a daylight picture and, for instance, really good in comparison. Is this one? So this here on the right side is from the piece mod and there we have one from the p40 light now here on the left side and there we go and, as you can already see at the first look, so it looks a little bit like there Is some more sharpening going on on the piece mod and also here the colors look kind of different? You see the dynamic range, the post processing on the p40 light is actually better.

You see here, for instance, the sky wall. This here is actually blown out to highlight the trees here, a little bit more, but actually i focus on both pictures on the trees and if we check out here, the sharpness let’s check it out here in the foreground. So here we have the tree. We zoomed to the same um zoom, so it’s 20 right over here, and we also go to 20 here on the p40 light and as you can see, there is much more sharpening going on on the piece. Mod and the processing on the p40 light looks at least to me much better. You see here, even though it’s not that rough sharpening. You have more detail here and it looks just way better also if you check out um that hotel there. In the background you see here, you can see sport hotel still very good on the on the p40, and if you check that out here on the piece mod, you can barely read it so yeah the processing, even though the hardware sounds kind of the same. The p40 light, in my opinion, is definitely the better choice so that’s one of the daylight pictures. I took several other daylight pictures where you can see actually the same thing going on. For instance, we have here the bmw 420d here the piece mod on the right side now let’s take the p40 light here on the left side and also, as you can see here, the detail now it looks actually much nicer on the p40 light than on the Piece mod and just check out the edges.

We zoom a little bit in here on the headlights, so let’s go to 30 we’re, also going to choose 30 right over here and there we go and, as you can see, headlight here, the edges so there’s a lot of weird sharpening with artifacts going on on Um, the piecemod and on the p40 light, the processing is definitely better. In my opinion. Also, i like the colors way more, so they are much more like the car really looks in reality, because it’s kind of blue and here on the piece, mod it’s like a little bit of a green tint in the picture. So, even though those budget smartphones on the paper have the same hardware, there is really a difference in the p40 lite in my opinion, does actually better pictures. Alright, then, now we can check out some low light pictures. For instance, here i took a picture of the bmw or let’s. Take this one right over here, that’s a good example, and there we go. Then let’s also take this one here on the p40 on the piece mod and the p40 light, as you can see. Of course it is darker, but both of them um have been focused on the bmw logo. We can actually zoom in here a little bit and let’s go to 30. We go to 30, also here on p40 lite and check out the bmw logo. So basically, really huge difference here you see all the noise in the picture, all the sharpening here, for instance, you see the noise really good, the difference in noise right over here, um yeah.

We have here really blown out um highlights, as you can see, even though um yeah the darker the darker areas, here almost with the same exposure level so um. There are also some more pictures like let’s check out here, the numbers we have now here um this picture it’s kind of closer picture from the ground, and there we go and you see already we have punchier colors. We have more contrast on the p40 light here. On the left side and let’s zoom in here a little bit so let’s go to 40. Here we also go to 40 and yeah. You can definitely see here the outer edges here it looks actually smoother on the p40 light and here on the on the piece mod. All the detail here is kind of gone, but here you can still see the grain here of the floor and yeah don’t be fooled by hardware specifications. They really don’t matter too much unless you have seen them in real life. Then now let’s talk about long exposure and here also the processing. You see a huge difference between those two, so well. Um both were hand held, so both of them have um night mode, so that long exposure exposure bracketing – and here you really also see a big difference if we zoom in here to 30 and also here on the piece mod, then just check this out the detail Of the car here we have um a lot of softening going on, of course, but as you can see, you can it’s almost impossible to repair this car because it’s already really really bad there’s a lot of noise going on and also the terrain.

Here i mean just check this out, so the p40 light is doing here, a way better job and guys. I could repeat this: for every picture: there’s really a huge difference. If you zoom in a little bit, you will see the processing looks just so much better on the p40 light, even though on the paper there’s the same hardware. So if you’re looking for a budget, huawei smartphone in my opinion, i would get the p40 lite now when it comes to the selfie camera. Well, you probably think the 16 megapixels on the paper are so much better on the p40 light, but actually no it’s just kind of different. If you check this out so on the psmart 2021 um there’s, actually, no no real object. Separation. Now both of them have been taken in normal mode, no portrait mode, no, no beauty mode, but on both smartphones we actually have a lot of face smoothening going on so, as you can see right over here and right over here, but on the piecemod you don’t Get any bokeh, which i actually prefer, because it keeps everything nice and sharp on the p40 light. You have a little bit kind of bokeh as you can see, so it doesn’t matter which selfie i’m gon na open um. The bmw in the background will always be a little bit blurry, while when i open any selfie here on um, the p smart 2021. As you can see, the bmw here and everything is kind of sharp, as you can see right over here, and this is something actually which i prefer, but if you prefer to have a little bit of soft bokeh in the background, then the p40 light is your.

Go to choice, alright, guys that’s regarding normal pictures, but what about videos when it comes to videos? Well, as i’ve told you before, you don’t have any kinds of good stabilization. You don’t have high frame rate, so videos are really shaky and yeah um it’s budget smartphone. So they can record videos but they’re, not really good. At doing that, i’ll now show you some examples, and let me know what you think about that so guys here’s, a quick video comparison between the p40 lite and the psmart, and both can only maximum record in 1080p and yeah due to the chipset, because it doesn’t Support 4k recording and check out the differences here in the color on both phones also, the exposure, and it seems like the quality of the video, at least on the screen – looks actually better on the p40 light, especially here right now. Let’S focus on the back of the car and, as you can see, the dynamic range, the colors on the piece, mod everything looks kind of darker and a little bit blurry. While it looks sharper actually better on the p40 light. But let me know what you see right now on the screen, then here it’s also a nice test for the camera and, as you can see, we have your lots of whites so check out the back in the clouds where it’s like very foggy on the top. If you can spot some differences, some details here on the street, then maybe let’s check out some close ups right over here on the car and there we go so especially um in the rear light.

As you can see in the taillight, it looks actually more detailed on the p40 light, and also the dynamic range, as you can see, looks definitely better other than that. Both phones as said feature only 1080p. Video recording maximum, alright guys here’s a quick front facing camera comparison test between the p, smart and the p40 lite and yeah. The p40 light, as you can see, looks much more detailed, especially in terms of my hair. The object separation, the skin tone, um i’m. Not sure, if it’s a display right now but check it out on the screen, looks more natural on the p40 light than on the piece mod on the piece. Mod i’m, a little bit yellow while the more cool color tones on the p40 light and yeah also check out the background here. So p40 light definitely seems to be sharper and also listen to the audio quality on both, and let me know down below in the comments what you think, alright guys so that’s it. That was just a quick comparison now. One reason i wouldn’t use a budget phone. Of course i love cheap smartphones, but um. The camera hardware is always that takes a hit on budget smartphones, especially also the audio quality in the video as you’ve seen and videos are really important for me. I do so much of tick tock, i upload three tick tocks a day, and this is why i’m actually filming most of my tech tocks with the mate 40 pro, because it has really amazing video features.

Of course, i do understand people mostly don’t care about those things, but i think cameras get even more and more important and that’s. Why? I wanted to show you that you shouldn’t be kind of fooled by the light series, because it has the p40 in the name. It still has quite decent camera hardware to take some pictures on the good lighting conditions, but for of course it cannot keep up with the big brothers like the p40 p40 pro or mate 40 pro, so those are really on a different level, but also we’re. Talking here about 200 euros, smartphones all right guys now, let me know down below in the comments. Would you buy a budget smartphone so i’m? Not talking about huawei smartphones right now, i’m talking really about budget smartphones in general. Would you get a cheap smartphone or actually would you not get a cheap smartphone? Why wouldn’t you get a cheap smartphone or actually the reason why you want a cheap smartphone like um, you don’t care about the image quality. You just want the smartphone to use your apps and do your daily things. Then those things are actually great because they feature a huge display. This place also kind of good for an lcd display. Then also the performance is quite good. You can play even games like pubg, not in the max settings, but on mid settings. They run quite good. Um, the battery is really good on both smartphones, so those are things that are usually nice in the budget smartphone, but it’s rarely to see a budget smartphone that actually also comes with a really good camera, alright guys so big thanks for watching this comparison.

I hope you liked it.