But that is exactly what they’re trying to do with the yc’s, especially the y6s, which is going to be a direct competitor to samsung’s, 810 and 810s and from the likes of oneplus. To oneplus nord let’s head over and start the unboxing, this is one of the biggest budget phones that huawei has a release. It’S uh, like i believe, something around 160 dollars or something around that and uh people were actually building a lot of hype around this. So i said why don’t we actually unbox this and it’s going to be a full review. First impressions and everything so be honest. I have actually just opened it a bit, so you can see the seals are broken, but otherwise it’s as it is so lifting open. The cover let’s put this aside: you have this on top okay, okay, what do you have inside quick start guide, sim ejector tool and warranty card blah blah? So now you have the phone itself: okay, okay, let’s, put this aside for some time now. So this is the huawei y6s, so you’ve got three gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of raw you’ve got a 2.4 gigahertz octa core processor huawei super sound whatever that means, and a fingerprint sensor back here. So, overall, i think the design looks nice it’s pretty good, but this bottom bezel is a bit too thick. I think, and that really won’t stand out. You’Ve got a teardrop camera, so let’s take this off.

That looks insanely good. So this looks pretty good, in fact, but this bezel is actually going to be a big point in which people are no longer going to buy it, but in terms of design, this actually looks really like the 810 from samsung, which this phone will directly be competing With and one major factor that huawei will have over on them will be the fingerprint sensor. Otherwise i think i think it has the same camera. No, it has a bigger and better camera. I think it’s something like that. Let me check uh i’m, not sure actually, i’ll have to check on that. But, yes, it does have a better camera. So let’s turn this on. Actually, let me turn on the 810 along so huawei powered by android, samsung a10 powered by android, so so the samsung seems to actually boot faster, but maybe it’s, because this is the huawei’s first time booting or something i don’t know: okay emui. So for those of you who don’t know emy’s, actually huawei’s skin of android so like samsung, has a one ui. So this is one gy in samsung huawei. Actually huawei actually has emui. So this is there like skin over android and it’s kind of like a mix of uh. You know it’s like xiaomi software, but with a mix of ios into it. There you go now we are in one ui. So, as you can see, this is this. Has no app drawer gallery so it’s plain old one and uh.

What you do have is your play store. So this is something that is stuck like really big, because most of uh huawei’s phone do not have the play store, and i can say this launcher. Doesn’T look amazing, but it’s good enough, so android updates blah blah let’s see what this uh, what version of android does it come with system uh about phone android version, so it’s running android pie? That is well okay, it has a mediatek, mt6765 uh. I think that is way better performance for uh it than the 810 has, and i can see the reason why so the 810 does not has a slower, cpu, less ram but more or less the same resolution, but uh. This one also has a fingerprint sensor but they’re both like nearly the same price, so i think that’s. Okay, so let’s see okey dokey, so you have couple of options in here: don’t need them, and overall the software feels pretty snappy let’s actually check out the fingerprint. So heading down over here, where is it? Where is it? Where is the security i mean from someone who’s coming from like uh, the ui of uh, from the ui of uh uh from one ui and uh, the android skin of samsung, and you know like oneplus. This feels a bit less optim, not optimized a bit less uncomfortable let’s set up our fingerprint id okay, so we have one fingerprint let’s, actually try and unlock it.

That is actually pretty fast. I think huh let’s see if it actually unlocks while it’s. Oh that’s, neat. Okay, that’s pretty nice, so wait for the full review guys this uh sorry. This is gon na, be the same video but i’m gon na be working on this for sometimes testing it out, checking it and then i’m going to be giving the full review. But overall first impressions i’m going to say they’re pretty nice i mean it’s, pretty, i would say faster than 810, but remember guys. The 810 is like full of bloatware from being a daily driver for quite some time, so that’s going to be something but overall we’re going to be doing speed, tests and everything i can already tell the y6s display, looks far more less saturated and has better. Oh, i forgot this doesn’t have after and it has far better type of like uh. What should i say, more colors, more vivid colors, so i think uh overall first impression goes to the y6s. If it didn’t have this bezel i mean like the a10. Also has that bezel but it’s much thinner and much less noticeable, but overall yeah over that and guys the screen isn’t that thick it’s just a screen protector. I have on so let’s uh snap into it to start it off. I tested the huawei white success with the samsung galaxy a10 and a10s i’ll be uploading that comparison video soon, but in nearly every case the huawei y6s beat bet the samsung a10s due to the faster processor let’s come over to gaming performance.

I was success in a multitude of games and it was fun, although i do have to admit some of the buttons were uncomfortable for depth like playing, but it was okay. Now i saw that even in other phones, where i could easily attach a controller for a game. The bluetooth support for controllers, because of like a chinese bluetooth, chip, it’s kind of hit or miss and the display output, especially if your time playing doing uh third person games, then you’re in bad luck. But for pubg mobile. It ran smooth on medium settings and it was okay. I also tried among us, which is like a really light game. So uh no uh hiccups there uh in call of duty. It ran pretty well on low settings with the frame rate cap to 40.. So let’s come over to the camera performance, so overall the camera is good. I mean you can see from this image good colors with it, but the second you zoom in that degrades. So it has really bad focus. Let’S come over to the user interface. So, as somebody who’s coming from stock android and one ui, the user interface was a bit different, so it took some time to actually learn it. But if you’re actually going to be using this phone as a daily driver, you might as well make the best of it. Because i mean in the three weeks that i did use it. I actually got used to it and the fact remains that it’s very well.

Crafted the user interface is not buggy, not glitchy, and huawei’s don’t try. All types of type of like uh is not easter eggs. I should set up like gimmicks into it to redefine the interface a bit that makes it better. I’M sure there is a bit of bloatware but uh, not enough that could actually affect system performance. I mean on stock after factory reset it was using less ram than the galaxy 810 and now overall. I think this is a really nice budget phone and uh. If only huawei reduced that bottom bezel and a few other things and it’s really good and the fact that it has a google play services that makes it a real pick for people. So thanks guys, thanks for watching this video, this video took a long time to make it because i had to shoot dedicated b roll and everything.