, But the catch is whether bigger or smaller is better. That tends to be in the eyes or more accurately, the hands of the user. Enter the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, which really lives up to its name.. This is the most expensive and biggest model of the iPhone range, so it’s, bigger and better.. I took a hands on look at this phone to give you the lowdown Straight up. This is one seriously hefty phone.. The heft is really enhanced by the throw back to the older iPhone core design style with its solid edges.. If you have smaller hands or just don’t like big phones, this is not the phone for you. On a technical level. It has a superb OLED display that’s easily best in class., Mind you Apple hasn’t, made any particular considerations for the larger display size. In terms of iOS features like other iPhone, 12 models. It uses Apple’s ceramic shield glass, which claims to be four times more drop resistant.. The larger size of the phone does mean it’s more likely to be dropped.. It slipped out of my pocket a few times during testing. So we know ceramic shield works. Sorry, apple., Keep in mind that, while Apple says the screen, glass is more resistant. There’S! No expansion of warranty – if you break it, you have to pay for it. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is water resistant for half an hour up to six metres …, hopefully, … Yep see still works.

. The only thing is, though, that Apple doesn’t actually offer water resistance. In its warranty, so it’s not something to play around with on purpose. The main difference between the pro max and the Pro is the camera. But you wouldn’t notice that by simply looking at the phone., Both phones feature 3 12 megapixel cameras, a wide medium and zoom lens.. The Max has the largest zoom distance of 2.5 times compared to the two times of the pro.. The smaller pro model has a slightly larger aperture, which could make it better performer in low light situations.. The Pro max claims to have the largest individual pixel sensor sizes on any iPhone.. It also has censorship stabilisation, which places the stabilisation module on the sensor itself rather than on the lens.. This means you can stabilise videos and photos in a way that was previously restricted to high end cameras.. The default camera app is all about making the choices for you, which suits users who just want to snap good photos as quickly as possible.. In that respect, the pro max shoots very well, no matter what lens you’re, using. iPhones do well with video shooting too, and the 12 pro max continues that with support for Dolby Vision, HDR video shooting at up to 60 frames per second in 10, bit 4k HDR.. The pro max did heat up and lose battery much faster when using it at the highest setting.. So, if you’re keen on using this feature, keep that in mind or bring a battery bank as backup.

It’s, interesting to note that this model has the same A14 fusion processor inside as all other current iPhones.. This means is not much of a performance difference between an iPhone that’s only just over 1000 and one that’s over 2000.. Still, this processor remains the one to beat.. However, apart from 4k video editing, there aren’t any apps that really push it to its limits. Just yet. The other big difference for the pro Max is the inclusion of 5g, although the Australian version only supports slower sub six gigahertz 5g. The US model also supports Mwave 5g.. When you consider the price tag, it feels a bit rough that Apple cut down. 5G support in this way. Right now there aren’t any m wave networks in Australia, but there will be in the future. And these phones will never be able to access them at full. Speed.. A larger phone always means larger batteries.. I ran the 12 Pro max through our standard battery endurance test streaming. A full HD YouTube video for an hour at maximum brightness and moderate volume.. The 12 pro max fell short of last year’s, iPhone 11. It managed to out pace every other iPhone model Apple’s released. This year., A full day’s usage, is easily achievable in my circumstances.. Charging is fast and it also supports up to 15 watt wireless charging, including the use of Apple’s new magsafe chargers.. So does this phone justify its huge price tag? Only if you really want that higher end camera and a bigger screen.

Performance wise, it isn’t really that much different to the iPhone 12, which makes that a much better value phone But hey if you want the top camera specs.