My name is darius. Welcome to my channel another day, another vlog another review, and today i’m testing oppo reno2set. Is it good for vlogging what’s? The camera like well let’s find out okay. So this is a front facing camera. The pop up, one, which i really really like the quality, seems to be really nice and the wide angle is really decent, too. So big thumb up for oppo, Music, Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music, Applause, Music, hey Music! It should be done time to go home. Okay, i’m back home now just need to top it off my car, Music, okay, so it’s important to check the low light situation as well as always we’ll, be checking the dogs for a walk and then we’re gon na sleep here in the caravan lots of fun. Honestly, i know it’s a lockdown can’t really uh go out, but we are quite lucky: we’ve got massive drive and we can just sleep here. I don’t know for some reason that i cannot lock even if i’m locking the exposure it’s just going crazy. So i don’t like now: i need to play with this later on. That should be locked, but okay, it is now so you have to press it a little bit longer in order to lock the exposure chest. Okay, let’s turn the heating on and see how long it’s gon na take to get warm. I think about three hours. I might be wrong, but i’m gon na come back soon and check because currently is only not even five degrees celsius.

Yet it was snowing this morning, but you can see this is ice, so it’s, really cold let’s have a look at the uh water pump. Oh, it sounds like water still, there i’m, not very nice. Okay, yeah happy days a few moments later wow i love snow. If you haven’t watched my other video when we’re playing with the kids in the snow, you have to check that out, but it’s more snow, brilliant. The camera is doing great, quite impressed with the selfie, even in this quite low light condition so yeah quite nice. Okay, this is ultra steady mode, seems to be doing Music, okay, Music me all right, where’s, the thermometer, oh yeah, nine point degrees still quite cold. However, it feels really warm 10 degrees now because i’ve just been outside for about half an hour with the dogs and then just on the drive and yeah i’m gon na have a have a nice sleepover in the caravan. I love it, you, let me know if you ever had a night out sleep out in your caravan, not on the campsite on your drive, see you shortly.