I just want to talk about in this video. Why i’m? Just upset with the latest version of later case, like what do i not like about it and um? What should generation three really get done correctly. I don’t even know if they called it gen 2. I just went on their site and bought it again, because the first gen was so good. So what made the first gin so good? Well i mean it was literally what was advertised. You could literally remove this case in two seconds right. I just pushed the phone out and it’s already out and pulling it back on easy clicks and it’s, a very strong haptic click. Second of all i mean this phone feels really good to hold this kevlar fiber. I mean there’s controversy about it. I believe uh, the unbox therapy is using a proper. I don’t know what it’s called but, like, i believe, he’s, not using some alibaba job. I think it’s, actually a really good um, you know feel in the hands and the design i mean look at the back. I like that right. I also like how it looks on the front and then generation two comes around and forgets what made generation one so good. So, first of all, removing this thing i mean it’s, almost bloody impossible, like i have to see the exact same force on gen, 1 and it’s already off right. Boom boom boom gen 2, the exact same force.

Can you see that i actually have to show you this? Can you i don’t know if you can see that my there’s, like a crease in my hand, yeah, look at that crease there’s, a goddamn crease in my hand, trying to remove my goddamn layer case. So how do i i don’t even know how to properly remove this still is literally almost look. Can you see my nails coming off? I have a pretty damn big nail, it’s, literally starting to come off, because this is how bad this case is to remove right and it’s like it is not a fun process to remove this case at all i’m trying to remove it. So i can actually show the next point, but i just i can’t remove this, like my hands are in pain, removing this case right, that’s number one but number two. If i can actually get this thing off there, we go so on the right side. It conceded uh. I wonder if trump’s gon na that was a joke um, so you can see once it’s removed when i put it back on that’s, not a good feeling right that that’s, not a good haptic feedback, like really is how i get and when i pull it on For the first time, it wasn’t even quite a sound like just listen to i, this feel how good that is. Oh, my god. Oh i used to sometimes in school. Just do this all the time it’s like when you have those airpods, you have the lid that’s.

Why i used to do layer case? I want the second gen i’m. Not doing that because you know i can’t even take the bloody case off without my hands hurting and then the next thing. What the is this, like, i don’t swear you should. But what enough is this? So let’s just go for what’s, actually wrong for the people who are wondering so on first gen. What they did is they added this rubber um outline right where the cases and um the camera and everything here was exposed. Um i’ve used this phone since january 2020, it’s a year old, uh i’ve used it with laycase since it was out, and can you see any scratches no right? This did its job, but for some reason unbox therapy was like well, you know, um let’s ruin it, and what is this so they’ve covered the entire thing. Well, the problem is right. This will look okay, but look at the gap. The air gap between the lidar sensor that’s right, can you see that look at that air gap between the lidar sensor and the case is literally a joke. So if i put this in my pocket, what, if you know some dust comes in? How am i going to get it out because now it’s stuck in that little enclosure and it’s going to stay stuck there and it’s going to pile up? I mean who on earth engineered this literally if they did the exact old design, i would have been just as happy.

I would in fact you know. Maybe i wouldn’t have made this video, but this is the cherry on on the cake right like what enough is this. This looks horrible and then you know the feel in the hands it’s a lot thinner than the original layer case and look okay. This case is meant to be thinner, so suck it up, but this is going to give you absolutely no protection at all. Right thing is with latex. First gen is sure. Okay, if you, if you drop it, don’t expect it to work, but i’ve dropped this before and it was on a um. You know smooth concrete the case popped out the phone and then the phone was okay, no damage on the phone, um there’s, barely any damage on the case and that’s, because first we could remove it easily. So the shock resistance just popped out and it was okay right. But honestly, this is going to give you the exact same drop protection as a skin wheel. First of all, because of how hard it’s removed from the case you you have it and then um all the drop, all the drop impacts going to be absorbed by the phone and not the case right, you sure, okay, this case isn’t, you know the most draw Protector but at least it can do a small drop. This gives you absolutely no drop protection and look. I haven’t tested this for obvious reasons, but logic says that i am actually going to be correct here.

I guess i don’t even know why they did this. I mean it feels good to hold still um. It feels a lot better to like touch here. That was one of the cons with the last case, but everything else is worse and you know those other things are important factors. I didn’t realize that it was going to be this bad. I mean they added a nice longer box stronger than steel i’m like i have. My throat is a croaky now, whatever you call it so i’m, not happy with this at all um, not much. I can do so i’m gon na snap, my wrist and everything’s, going to be okay. I mean yeah it’s thin, which i guess, if you want that cool but it’s more, i would just i just buy skin at this point like this was this was the perfect difference between thinness durability, drop protection right? Okay, you got the minimum amount of drop protection. It did the job though, but at the same time you know um, it was durable. Everything right i mean this was this is what the case was advertised to be, and i am advertising poorly, but just watch the uh um unbox therapy video. You would have seen this was how it was advertised. This is exactly not how this case was advertised. This is just oh um. We might corrie batarcha in the first show, which i mean they didn’t, because there was some 2015 case which pataka copied from and then it’s like.

Well, we have to do something different and we did a very poor job with it. So in my conclusion, um, i don’t even watch therapy right, but his cases used to be good right. Some people hate him for his iphone giveaway. I don’t actually care right. If someone is holding a grudge against you from something you’ve done in 2015, then they have their own special needs pills. You know, and that sounds really bad, but like no, no one asks don’t care, but when i’m just a general user, i spend a ton of money on this case. It arrives six months six months right, so i ordered it november. It arrived in january, so three months, late, i’m, that’s, that’s, unacceptable, right, that’s, unacceptable and i’m, not happy with that, and look they might not have had the resource. I don’t care all right. They need to do. I mean it doesn’t even say: gen. 2. On the box, but it just i’m looking at it, there’s no gen 2, but it’s. Just this is just that’s all i want to say so: um, hopefully it’s fixed. I mean if it’s fixed i’ll, actually, if they, if they do a revision of this design, i will know i will not return this case. I will buy a new one with that revision and i’ll make a great review, but until that happens i mean i’m going to still use this case, because this this is the epitome of my downfall on using a phone right.

I’Ve used layer case full gear and i haven’t had a single scratch on the phone right and i’m. I hope that i don’t have this with gen 2, although, with that massive gap between uh, you can see there that massive gap is going to be a big issue. I can only see dust piling up in there and it’s like. Ah wish me luck, but you know it is what it is. I’M upset that’s what i’m making? I made two videos on that case: i’m upset that’s. Why? But you know, maybe maybe a watch, probably won’t, though, if he does um, you know i i will buy gen free, even if it, even if you do the same, i’ll buy it but i’m still going to be upset because i enjoy these cases. These are good right, it’s, just what went wrong with gen. 2. I’M.