. Can we actually reach silver play button in 2021? Well, thinking of it only makes me want to keep on creating and for you i hope you guys enjoyed the content i’ve made throughout 2020.. Try to vary the content. A little bit there i’ve made a phone review laptop unboxing, smartwatch review. I hope you guys enjoy it and of course i hope you guys are staying safe anywhere. You happen to be so without further ado. Let’S get into the video right now: Music, slam pagi good morning. Everyone kenneth here and today i’m going to share my personal favorite, true wireless earbuds of 2020.. Now, if you are new to the channel, i have made a couple of recommendation videos that you should definitely check out i’ll link it up here and there i explain the types of earbuds huffing ear in ear gaming sports, as well as some pics. If you have budget constraints so i’m, not going to repeat any of that, i’ll just give you my reasons why i love these earbuds as well as which part that could use some improvement and, if you’re interested in any of these earbuds, be sure to check out My full review and consider using the links down description below to help me support the channel. Thank you so much and let’s get started with number one. Okay, hopefully everyone will stay calm, because the earbuds that i’m going to reveal this one that i use day in day out, even when sleeping is the airpods pro.

Please don’t close the video. Yet i’ve wanted to try these out ever since it was released in 2019 and as someone who uses a mac, iphone and ipad, i knew that this will be the perfect choice for me. Haters gon na hate, but the things that it enabled me to do is irreplaceable for one. The integration with the whole ecosystem, like i, can use this to edit videos with virtually no latency, is game changing and then, whenever i want to use my phone or my ipad, the audio switch switches auto almost magically to any devices that i play media on, and I could go a whole day talking about this, like the best in class call quality, smart charging, audio sharing spatial audio, but i got ta admit the sound quality isn’t, the best or honestly out of the box. I almost hated it until i found a pretty hidden setting called headphone accommodations that makes it sound infinitely better, especially on the upper mids and trebles. I can say it’s pretty great. Now i jam with it, but then, even with the setting turned on compared to the other earbuds that i’m going to mention later, the airpods pro would fall in the third place or without it i’d say it sounds as good as a 50 buck earbuds for real Another important factor why i kept on grabbing the airpods pro instead of all the other earbuds are the transparency mode and the anc, especially the former.

It is miles ahead of any true wireless earbuds i’ve ever tried granted, i haven’t tried them higher end ones, but it is the only one that lets me converse with people normally with just a simple hold of the stem. By the way, this pinchy control is amazing. The anc, on the other hand, well not the best, is one that still reduces spoken. Irregular voices pretty well and ultimately, it lets me focus with everyone in the house is noisy or when i want to sleep when my brother is watching anime, for example, and yes, these are the best yet to use for sleeping, although it’s still not perfect, still kind Of jams but it’s, not that uncomfortable so i’m, just touching some of the main points here, but you get the idea. The airpods pro, although comes at the price, it’s a very, very, very well designed and versatile and enjoyable earbuds to use. If you use apple devices i’d highly recommend this. If you see them going around for 200 us dollars and they are steal, if you can find it for lower, though if you use anything but apple, then let’s move on to number two. Now this is the earbuds that i deemed the best true wise earbuds for everyone, a while back after seeing a lot of other reviewers raving about it. I can agree, and you can probably guessed it it’s, the feel t1 pro now. This is just like the airpods pro.

It is extremely well designed and jam packed with features. You name it anc ambient mode, companion, app wireless charging, super compact design, bluetooth, 5.2 gaming mode. It just doesn’t stop but, most importantly, sound quality is the best that i have ever heard yet, and it goes more than that inside the app you can tweak the eq to your liking or, if you don’t, like the fuss, you have a bass and treble preset That tunes the sound accordingly without destroying what’s good about the feel t1 pro, and that is remarkable coming from something that doesn’t cost anywhere near a hundred bucks. Yes, the anc and the ambient mode, isn’t great. In fact, it is one of the poorest performer out of everything i’ve tested, but i’d rather have it than not, and also availability, is an issue, because this is not intended for the international market at least not yet there’s a good chance that you’ll be importing a Chinese version of the earbuds with mandarin voice prompts and you’ll have to find a way to install the chinese feel plus app, which is crucial to activate the full controls by the way, it’s definitely a hassle, but i think it’s doable also to help you navigate around The app once you’ve got it i’ve made an english translation explanation, i’ll link it up here, but once you get it all, set up. You’Ll see why this is one of the best true wild earbuds for your money in no time.

Okay, it’s good to point out that earphone released the same exact earbuds as something called the earphone 3 pro it does all that feel. T1 pro does, except for the companion, app this kind of addresses the availability issue i just mentioned, because earphone has more reach throughout the earth, but the app is an integral part of why i rate the feel t1 pro so highly. So without the ability to customize the features and how it sounds with the eq i’d say: it’s a notch or two down the recommendation, but it’s still darn good anyway. Alright, before we move on don’t forget to check out the full reviews where i do to call test latency test comparison with other earbuds and such i’ll put the links down in the pin comment below check it out. After this video and let’s move on to number three, which is honestly more like 2b to the field, t1 pro 2a, this is the sound piece each one. This is another set of earbuds that’s, very exciting, not on the feature side, because it doesn’t have anc or ambient mode, but rather because it handles the basics, extremely well from the silver colored iem shape that fits super comfortably. In my ear, the perfect touch controls the crazy good battery life and arguably the best part is the all new qualcomm qcc 3040 chip. This gives best in class latency performance with its gaming mode, a true dual mode, bluetooth and next gen codec support such as le audio with lc3 and amptex adaptive, though its value is not clear yet because not a lot of people are using it.

So, naturally, being one of the best out there, man it’s got a very dynamic, very punchy, sound while still retaining that sweet trebles. That will never hurt so not a neutral sound far from it actually but it’s. Definitely one that’s super super fun to listen to and at this point, it’s just a matter of preference, really whether you like the more natural sounding more versatile t1 pro or this and don’t worry. I have a hard time making that choice too, but i think i’ll go with the sound piece because it’s more comfortable to wear for longer. My only complaint with the soundpiece h1 is the case. It closes ultra easily, but i’ve heard that some others don’t have this issue, but it has one more problem which is right. Now you can get this thing only through crowdfunding methods like indiegogo and kickstarter it’ll take a while before you can buy this through a more traditional ecommerce method. But in the meantime i found that the soundpeat sonic is a great alternative, but just like the earphone 3 pro to the feel t1 pro it’s, a lesser experience. But the important difference with sound piece is the sonic sells at only half the price of the h1. At 35 bucks, it is only lesser 2d, sound beats h1, but better than anything else at that price bracket, i seriously mean it i’ll link my unboxing video right up here, where i talk about all the differences between the sonic and the h1 and subscribe to see The sonic review when it comes out, okay, let’s move on to my favorite earbuds number four, and this one is interesting, because i was strongly considering to keep it as my main earbuds until i finally got my airpods pro, and this one is called the galaxy buzz Light aka galaxy beans now my thumbnail for the review might be a little meme like, but i honestly mean it.

I said if this is not good, you are probably doing it wrong because it is a novel half in ear design and we are so used to the airpods and its clones to just hang on your ear, like that. This looks like something you got to put inside of your ear, so naturally people shove it in their ears and what happens is they hurt very, very quickly and people hated it, but that’s, not how you wear these. You just have to put them right on your ear, and that is it. It will feel like it’s barely there, and even when you have it on the whole day, it will never hurt. Believe me, i tried pro tip. Definitely try out the larger ear fins in the box. I still struggle to accept this as an ear fin, but it plays an important role to keep the earbuds secure in your ear. Alright, the galaxy butts live. Why is it so good? First of all, the sound quality, unlike most hoffen ears, that are heavily compromised in the sound department. This sounds great out of the box and for a half in ear design, it pumps out bass comparable to an in ear design, and that is no small feat. Another important feature that so far i’ve only found on the galaxy, but series is that you are able to switch between devices by just tapping on the paired name. It’Ll automatically disconnect from let’s, say your laptop and connect to the one.

You want let’s say your phone: this is the closest you can get before. We have a true multi point connection or an auto switching system like an apple devices, but sound quality isn’t. The only thing that’s good about it, it’s the experience using it as a half in ear like being able to eat and speak without the annoying bone conducted sound that we hear to ourselves and being aware to our immediate environment perfectly, just like you’re wearing nothing. You can also talk to people without the need of taking it off less risk of dropping or even losing the earbuds now that’s talking about huffing ear in general, but this is the best of that experience, because this has a special anc that works rather differently. It doesn’t shut you out, but rather it makes your life a bit more peaceful. You still hear what you want to hear: people talking public announcements, but the noise from engines, air conditioner, crowd, noise, those are mostly gone and the battery life is also solid. Six hours with a special anc on is nothing to sneeze at now. I appreciate what the anc does, but i think those who are uninitiated will be disappointed, because when most people see a and c they assume that it’ll, let them silence everything. So definitely be careful with that and keep in mind that this does not have volume control. Otherwise, it is the best huffing ear that you should definitely consider if your used cases involve interacting with your surroundings a lot.

So. Finally, it is time for my number five – and this is going to be a budget pick that impressed me by how much it offers for as little as 20 bucks, and that is the alien secret predator pro qcc. 010 108.. Now this thing that i call the alien pax qcc – 3020 it’s, not the latest and greatest, but still one of the most efficient chip out there and paired with a bigger battery than normal. The result is an alien earbuds that plays music for eight hours straight. Also, this case is great: it’s got usbc wireless charging led battery indicator. These are the feature set that normally do not exist on 20 earbuds. If that doesn’t sound impressive, already wait until you listen to how it sounds. It stands out, especially in the sound stage and separation more akin to those selling at 30 to 50 bucks. So you’ll hear the instruments and vocals to have space to breathe and they are well separated, rather than just superimposed on each other, which is common in this price range. It has quite a balanced but warm sound on the high ends, but i absolutely enjoy it. It definitely is better sounding than any of the halos qcys or budget edifiers. The only problem is the build quality that’s, pretty rough on the edges and also the ear fins i’ve finally changed to a spin fit cp360 here to know more all about it, how it compares with others like edifier x3 and the halo gt1 xr check out my Full review i’ll link it up here and down in the pin comments, so those are five of my top most interesting, most used and most impressive earbuds of 2020.

. I love each and every one of them and of course this is by no means everything that’s great out there. This is strictly talking about the earbuds that i have reviewed and used extensively myself, but now it’s my turn to ask you the same question. What is your top true wireless earbuds of 2020.? Well i’ve asked you guys that question in a community post a couple days ago. I counted each time. An earbuds name is mentioned, and the one true fan, favorite earbuds of 2020 goes to the halo, gt1 series and sound beats true engine 3se good choice. I mean actually the number one is field t1, pro at nine votes, but they’re already mentioned in this video. So i figured i should pick a different one, but talking about the halo gt1 series, especially the gt1 plus and gt1 xr. They are a good entry point to the true wireless world. If you’ve never tried any and the true engine, 3se definitely is there on the top in the mid range sort of good all around earbuds for the price. Also, i would like to mention some other names like feel t1xs or even the t1 lite, as well as soundpeats trueshift2, has been my top recommendation for a while earphone air pro and eddy fire mb2 great anc, earbuds galaxy butts, plus the classic sabbat series, as well As most mpow products, especially mpow m30 i’ve, heard a lot of good stuff about it.

These are great budget earbuds that you should totally consider when buying your first through zero buds. Alright, so that’s pretty much it for the video. I hope it was at the very least entertaining or if it helped you in any way. That would really make my day make sure to. Let me know down in the comments below don’t forget to check out the full reviews, if you’re interested in any of these earbuds i’ll put them down in the description below and also don’t forget, to hit the thumbs up subscribe and please use the links in the Description, if you want to buy anything, just click through those links, doesn’t matter what you buy, i may get a small commission at no extra cost to you. That will help me support the channel by a lot and thank you so much for watching once again. I’M.