These guys been around for a little while i previously reviewed their g3 phone and now i’ve got my hands on the g5. So the g5 is very interesting phone 149 here in the united states, but it actually is marketed here in the united states and a lot of times. We get these budget phones well, they’re, not available here, like the poco phones and some of the other ones they’re available overseas. They don’t always support our network bands they’re not always up to date with some of the stuff over here. So this one, the new mobile g5, actually works out pretty well on the lte networks here no 5g, but you really wouldn’t expect that at 150 anyway, there’s some neat little surprises in here and we’re going to go through and talk about the g5 today. But before we get into that, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. I appreciate you being here if you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell. If you want updates, when new videos come out, let’s talk about the g5, and here we are with the new mobile g5. Now the first thing you’re going to notice here is it looks really gorgeous. I am a big fan of this purple, color that they have on here. It has worked out really well. This is not something that you typically see in a lot of other phones.

It has like this metallic looking finish on it. It is made out of plastic. It’S got a plastic back on it. I mean that’s, not something that i wouldn’t expect at this price point 149 and actually, as of today, which is the third of january, you can find them on the new mobile website for 1′ dollars. So that’s kind of neat too, if you notice on the back you’ve got this shiny. Complement of cameras works out. Pretty good it’s got a 16 megapixel primary camera which actually takes pretty decent photos during the daytime, 8 megapixel wide angle, and then it has a 2 megapixel macro lens and a 2 megapixel depth sensor. So you can take your portrait shots. I do like that. They threw that in here, because it does have the mediatek helio a25 processor in here, not the most power but it’s power efficient. It has a 5000mah battery in here, though, which is very complementary and should get you well into a second day like if you kill this thing. The first day i don’t know what you’re doing maybe watching youtube for 24 hours straight physical fingerprint sensor on the back, which it works. Okay, i mean it’s fairly accurate but it’s not on the fastest side in the world, we’re going to demonstrate the fingerprint sensor, real, quick, so press the button there we go, i mean it takes takes about a second second and a half. I mean it’s, not the fastest one i’ve ever used, but it is pretty reliable.

So i will give them that it also has facial recognition technology, so you can unlock it with your face, which is actually about as fast as the fingerprint sensor. So you have a lot of the modern things in this phone, despite the fact that it’s a fairly inexpensive phone 149 1′ dollars. So far from my experience with it, i think that it’s worth that price and yes i’ve reviewed some other phones lately, like the poco m3 it’s, a really good phone it’s got more power and a lot more things in this phone, but it’s an overseas phone it’s. Very very hard to get here and it’s not compatible with all the network bands that we have this one fcc certified works in the united states has access to plenty of lte bands, this one’s gsm, unlocked and should work just fine on any one of the normal Networks here at t t mobile, cricut, mint mobile metro by t mobile, all that good stuff pop your sim card, you’re good to go. It has one single downward firing speaker. I wouldn’t really expect stereo speakers in here the speaker in it’s, not too shabby at all, and it also has a headphone jack on the bottom. For those of you who still like to use wired, headphones or wired earphones and hey, it actually comes with a pair of earbuds inside of the box. It also comes with a power brick and a charging cable, which is something that hey it’s nice, that it’s in there, because some of the phone manufacturers like apple and it looks like samsung, is following in suit – are not going to put power bricks in their boxes.

Anymore, so yeah it’s nice that the little guys still go ahead and put it in here now again, i think the build quality on here is pretty exceptional after having used this and played around with it for the last probably two weeks or so. I don’t really have any complaints about it other than it picks up fingerprints like nobody’s, business and that’s. Just the way, this finish, is you need to clean this thing off all the time it gets kind of it does come with a smoke colored case, though so you can put that on and it kind of hides all those fingerprints, but this also picks up kind Of fingerprints and residue stuff too so it’s, neither one of them are ideal, definitely keep a microfiber cloth or wipe it on your shirt or whatever. But it’s going to pick up. Fingerprints and residue comes with usb c charging on the bottom, which works out. Nice i’m. Glad that it’s, not micro, usb we are in 2020 2021 territory now, so i would expect that and they didn’t disappoint. It has a 6.55 inch lcd screen on it, which i’ve been really surprised with. It looks good. The colors are nice and natural it’s, not over saturated it’s, not washed out, so you can tell that they definitely place some emphasis on making sure that there’s a nice screen in here, however, it’s 720p it’s, just hd it’s, not full hd plus it’s, got about 268 Pixels per inch, so i think the density on here is actually.

Okay and again, it looks nice it’s great for whenever you’re playing games watching tv watching your shows this is a little on the underpowered side. This is not something that i’d be playing call of duty or pub g or any of that stuff on fortnite don’t even think about it. You can play some of the normal stuff that’s been around for a while altos odyssey boom beach, crossy road things like that work perfectly fine on here. So just for some light to maybe moderate gaming. You can get away with some of that stuff, but as far as hardware intensive like high performance games, you’re not going to get that out of this a25 chip. 4 gigabytes of ram 64 gigabytes of storage expandable to 256. So you can throw an expandable sd card in there that’s nice as well. This phone is really just geared towards having a nice phone that’s stable that works well. It’S got a very, very light version of android 10 on here, it’s, not really skinned at all, which i appreciate all that stuff would just compound the speed issues and make it sluggish and unusable if they tried to put all that stuff on here. So they went with a very, very neutral operating system skin on this, not really anything on here at all, not a bunch of apps pre loaded. Taking up your space, you need to worry about deleting. I appreciate that it did just get an update, so it’s got a november security update on it november.

The 5th we are in january now it’s not surprising to me that there’s not a newer one. Yet hopefully there will be a new one soon, but i’ve got other phones that are still running october and november. Security updates, so that’s not really out of the ordinary for the industry. It’S, not a google phone it’s, not a oneplus phone, so i’m, not really expecting monthly security updates out of these guys – and hopefully this will get android 11 as of right now, it’s running android, 10, but again at 150. I kind of temper my expectations in the software department, but the new guys have been around for a while new mobile guys and, like i said, g2 g3 went to the g5. The x6 i’ve covered a couple of their phones before and they’re pretty reliable, and the hardware seems to be pretty good and this seems, like it’ll hold up for a while it’s. Definitely at least one of these phones that you can use for a year or two. You don’t have to spend a bunch of money on, if anything happens, to it, you’re not going to have any heartburn over it and it seems to be pretty reliable if you’re used to using a flagship, caliber phone, though this is not something that you’re probably going To be entertaining, and this probably isn’t a video you’re gon na be watching anyway, this one is very much designed kids college students, older parents, people who just want a nice reliable phone experience that works and you don’t have to spend a fortune.

These guys pull that off they’re very much at the premium level of the low end budget entry level segment, there’s a lot of stuff in here that i wouldn’t really expect to see in a phone. This price point and it’s been surprising. It also has a 16 megapixel front facing selfie camera, and i got ta say i think it actually takes pretty decent pictures. It’S been surprising. Let me show you here: real quick, so take a picture now the shutter on it’s kind of slow, so you’ll have to endure that. But surprisingly, i think it takes pretty decent pictures. It’S not too washed out it’s, not too yellow, not too white, very natural and the color tones and stuff. So i think that it takes pretty decent pictures again. The shutter is kind of on the slow side, but hey it’s, pretty well loaded 16 megapixels on the front. You got the nice punch out camera up here in the top left corner, so you don’t have to worry about that intruding. In on your use, space on your screen, 16 on the back you’ve got the wide angle. I i think that they did a good job loading this out with good cameras that fit the price point very very well, and it gives you kind of a robust set of camera tools at your hands. So, even though you’re using a budget phone, it doesn’t necessarily feel like you’re using a uber budget level, camera so i’ve seen some other phones before 100 200 price point and the cameras are just atrocious.

So the fact that they load this out with so many and they actually work pretty well, especially in good daylight settings, i give them a thumbs up there. Overall, i think that it’s a solid phone for the price there’s not a whole lot out there on the market that has u.s brand reliability that’s been around for a couple years, has a decent reputation and continually makes phones that are expensive but have good build quality. So this one right here, if you’re in the market, to pick one up, i don’t think you can go wrong at 150. I don’t think you’re going to be overly disappointed. You’Ll probably be very surprised with what it brings to the table, but again temper your expectations. This is not a flagship phone. This is a entry level phone but it’s. A shiny, looking well put together well outfitted entry level phone, and i respect that, and i think that they did a good job with the selection for building this together. Very good balance. Dropping it down to that 720p does give it better performance than a full 1080p screen and also it’s still gon na. Look perfectly fine. If you look at your instagram or your pinterest or your facebook and all that stuff, so that’s all i’ve got on the new mobile g5. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down.