Does tech, where we do tech in your life in style and, like i said, we’re unboxing, the oppo reno five, it seems just like. Yesterday we got the oppo reno four, and now we here buzzer beater one last release before the year ends i’m curious to see what oppo is offering with this new phone without further ado let’s unbox. Here we go folks, the oppo reno 5 and, as you can see, it’s all new branding for the reno series. That is a really cute deal oporino 5 over here oppo on the back. It says android with easy access to the google apps you use most here. We go now. I will say that this oppo renault 5 was sent to me by oppo and it’s an engineering unit, but the most important thing is that we get a sneak peek at the actual phone itself and how it’s supposed to look let’s go. Oh, i like this new oppo packaging, it’s a little bit more dramatic with a black box. Ever so suddenly it says oppo all black, even more black huh! Oh here we have the phone let’s, see what’s in here. First, the sim tool info pamphlet, that’s interesting. It basically enumerates what we have on this phone. We have the warranty card thing, a jelly case. We have the phone here, but we’re saving that for last, what else do we have power cord? That is a usbc. We have, of course, the super book power brick and we also have these earphones.

Is there going to be an audio port on this phone let’s see here we go on to the phone, so first off a bunch of features up here we have a. I mixed portrait dual view: video ai highlight video 50 watt flash charge and a 90 hertz refresh rate. Oh that looks good Music whoa wait. I totally did not expect this. It looks like thousands and millions of tiny little glitters each time you move this phone. You get a different color which isn’t new, but how that’s made because that’s actually matte no fingerprints at all. What material is this? I mean i’ve, seen phones that shift color before i’ve seen gradient phones before, but never quite this glittery wait. Okay, i can’t deal let’s. Do a quick, montage right now dedicated to just the back of this beautiful phone Music right, okay, um! Obviously i love this, but let’s look at what else is on this phone. We see four cameras on there and then that flash really nice curved backside. That makes it really nice to hold on the right side. We have a power button at the bottom speaker, grills, usb c port audio port. We also have volume buttons and then the sim tray, two sim cards and a micro sd card. Someone drew the number four on my unit. Okay, like i told you guys, this is an engineering unit, so yeah also pretty noticeable is that this it’s, a flat screen tiny punch, hole up top right, let’s power it up and, in the meantime, a montage and this time around, with the phone specs Music and Around this point in my videos i usually do a camera tour, so you guys can see for yourself what new features the cameras of the phones and box have, but, like i mentioned in this unboxing, what i have right now is still an engineering unit and i’m Still waiting for final software again unboxed it because i know you guys really wanted to see what the oppo reno 5 would look like.

So here we are so we’re skipping the camera tour this time, but i will make sure to check out those features when i do a camera vlog test with this phone. I know you guys like that. In the meantime, i have thoughts if it isn’t already obvious. I love how this looks especially after getting not the prettiest colors on the reno 3 and the reno 4 global versions, and especially knowing that there were really pretty china versions of those two phones not released worldwide, so i never got my hands on them. I am now very happy. This bag just looks like it’s, wrapped in a matte foil of shifting glittering happiness, i’ve, never quite seen a bag. This glittery before and i’m liking it on the reno5 we’re, getting an improved 64 megapixel main shooter, though we have the same 8 megapixel wide and 2 megapixel macro and mono cameras that we saw on the reno 4.. I am loving the improved 44 megapixel selfie cam on this and there’s a smaller punch, hole too. Yes, folks, there’s only one camera up front in that tiny punch, hole and yet we’re getting features like anti peep, which just means that when the camera recognizes that there’s another face, looking at your phone, it doesn’t show you the information on notifications. You still have hand gestures, which means you can control your phone without touching it, you can answer, calls mute, calls or even scroll through different apps and there’s, also smart, always on display, which means that the phone does not time out when the phone recognizes that you’re Still looking at it or reading something on it, if i’m not mistaken, we first saw these features on oppo phones on the reno.

Four with that bigger pill, hole so i’m, happy to report that, even if we do not have that pill hole up here, we still have the cool features. Aside from that we’re also getting software improvements on cameras like improved ai video on both front and back cameras, mixed portrait mode, dual view mode and a whole lot of other things, but i’m waiting till the update to try those cool things and yes, like i said Earlier wait for the vlog test and other notable features include that 90 hertz amoled display 50 watt fast charging that’s a hundred percent in 48 minutes. Opal claims not the best time for oppo’s fast charging, because we all know oppo can do really good, really crazy. Good fast charging, but still got on a phone and finally improved color os gone are the days of the ios clone. Color os has now become one of the best android os’s. In my opinion, all in all the oppo reno 5 is looking like another feature, packed device, though this thing features the same processor that can be found on its predecessor, the renault 4.. This has an improved main camera, an improved selfie cam, more screen on account of it, not having that big pill hole more battery with faster charging and definitely more in terms of looks, and that was it for our first look at the oppo reno 5.. Just look at this thing as of editing and shooting. I still have no news on the pricing and availability for this phone, but when i get it probably at around the time that i post this video, i will be putting it down in the description below so check that out, of course, it’s just an unboxing.

So i will need more time with this phone to fully make my mind up about it. Let me know what your questions are in the comment section down below.