and in case You’Re interested the polaroid high print retails for 100 check out the link in the description below alright let’s go ahead and get started all right so inside we have the quick start guide: a usb to micro, usb charging, cable safety information, and here we have the polaroid High print itself now one thing i didn’t notice is any sample paper. So if you are looking to get one of these make sure you buy a separate paper cartridge and luckily i bought one already all right. So here we are, with the polaroid print let’s go ahead and take a look around the device here on the top. We have the polaroid logo. We have the rainbow colors here on the side, and this is actually where the photo paper will dispense once it’s done. Printing here on the side, you have your power button on and off you have two light indicators. The one on the right has a bluetooth logo. That means it’s connected to your phone and the one to the left of that means it’s on once. You turn it on we’ve turned it on, so the white light means it’s on and the blue light. Blinking means it’s, ready to pair we’ll, go ahead and turn that off for now. Here we have the charging port the one. Next, to that, once you plug it in it’ll, show a light means it’s charging, and this one is your reset button right here here.

On the other side, we have the cartridge door, and that is basically, where you’ll put your paper ink we’re going to do a separate tutorial on this so check out our channel. If you have any questions about that now, let’s go ahead and move and print out. Some sample pictures so now we’re going to print select photos here on both the polaroid high print and hp sprocket, now i’m printing different photos here. This one is majority blue. The next photo is majority green. Now i did wish you can select multiple photos, so you can just add them up and print them all out and let it do its thing in the background. But unfortunately it looks like you select one. It takes a while to process, and then it also takes a while to print hmm Music, so the process to print out one photo takes about one whole minute. Now, let’s go ahead and print out the hp, sprocket photos the same exact ones. One cool thing about the hp sprocket is, you can put them in a queue and then just print out all four. I just ran out of hp sprocket paper and i do have some, but i cannot locate it right now, so we will just be comparing three photos versus four. So now let’s go ahead and check out the comparison photos here’s. The original photo polaroid high print on the left and hp sprocket on the right actual picture on the right.

The polaroid is able to get more accurate, colors a lot more lighter and darker colors as well. So, especially here in the shady part and here on the sky, here’s the last photo comparison and for me i actually prefer the hp sprocket on this one. Simply because of the detail on lady lou, my dog lady lou seems to be blurry here on the polaroid versus the hp sprocket, and our last picture here with the polaroid, and this is the regular photo – looks really good now. The polaroid here is a great device for a hundred dollars. The paper is kind of expensive. The paper is seventeen dollars for a set of twenty, whereas here on the hp, sprocket it’s ten dollars for a set of twenty, so fifty cent each. So this is the polaroid high print and the photos are really awesome. My only downsides to it is the expensive paper, it’s 70 more expensive than the hp sprocket. One cool thing about the polaroid high print paper versus the hp sprocket is the polaroid are stickers. So you can just peel them back and it’s a sticker that you can stick on to most surfaces, so that might justify its 70 more expensive printer paper than the hp sprocket, all right guys. Well, that is our quick, unboxing and review of the polaroid high print versus the hp sprocket. If you guys have any questions, leave us a comment down below.