Welcome back to another video now today’s video is gon na, be a little bit different, as you can probably tell already we’re just getting right into it. There’S no hullabaloo before this one we’re getting right into the topic of today’s video talking about some frowning freezer beef – oh let’s, be completely transparent. Here i have zero clue what this is. I have no idea. This is a link that’s been sent to me about six thousand times today, not that that is an exaggeration but it’s, not an exaggeration, it’s, also, 100. The truth, six thousand times i’ve been set, this link being like the fronting phrase or beef. You have to listen to this and react to this that’s. What i’m gon na do? I have zero clue what this is. I have zero clue. What’S been said right now: no no reaction. I don’t know what’s going on we’re gon na watch this clip together. I have a time stamp that was sent to me of where this kind of starts and we’re going to watch it, maybe not all of it, but enough of it and i’m going to react to it because, like that frozen phrase of beef, what what what’s going On with what what is happening in the world, i literally just finished a podcast and i was like we got ta. We got ta, we got ta go anyway, so we’re gon na let’s, uh let’s, do it okay. So this looks like it’s on a podcast called the darren.

Woodson show episode 83 matt fraser part two anyways let’s uh let’s find the timestamp and get into this three two one owning was a guest of ours. When we first started this show and you’re in cookville, which is obviously rich’s hometown what’s y’alls relationship like you and rich yeah, wow i’ve lived in cookeville for three years and rich hasn’t spoken me in about two and a half really what what you guys know this? I didn’t know this what i i asked around about what happened or like you know. I was really concerned about it at first um but uh. I still have never gotten an answer, but i’ve i’ve, since he days of me i’ve seen him. Do it to three or four other people where he just excommunicated them? So after my first first time when we first moved there um, i lived there like maybe a couple months like five six months um, and there was just some weird that went on and i was kind of i tried to talk to him. Try to get him out of like hey man like he’s, still cool right, like i don’t, know, what’s happening and no confrontation. Wouldn’T tell me what he was thinking doing. Nothing never gave me a reasoning for like why i got kicked out of everything and uh, and so i went to my neighbor and just gave him a key of the house. I was like hey like here’s, the key to the house, just if there’s a package on the doorstep.

What do they do but and so sam and i just packed up the truck that day, went to vermont for the summer and we weren’t planning on going back. But then shane and tia move back or moved to cookville as well and it’s been really odd. Um, you know like so this season we had two online competitions uh, we were not allowed to do them at mayhem, really yeah. Okay. I know i just let that roll for like two and a half minutes without saying anything i’m just this is the first time i’ve heard this. Like legitimately, i had no idea what was going to be said. I had no idea there was beef first thing: they haven’t spoken for two and a half years that’s mind boggling. What what could it? I hope he gets into what caused this because i’m, literally at a loss for words right now. I don’t know about you guys. I’M, like what what could have caused this, why would he and now i’m not saying he’s done this to other athletes like the first part of my brain is kind of like? Well, you know rich kind of owns whatever he’s built there and cooks hill is kind of like his thing so like maybe, if he like doesn’t jive with you, he probably would easily be able to like excommunicate you and like well it’s his spot. So maybe that’s not awful, but, like i haven’t heard of this happening ever what the heck quarantine hit, uh and so like she uh kept her relationship with rich, like they they were good.

I was like i don’t. I don’t want you to be part of my whatever this is. I i didn’t even know yeah and uh, and then it was when the quarantine hit and all that and like mayhem was never getting shut down like we were still trained there every day. All the members are still there and uh, and then tia texts rich and was like hey like matt, and i are still good to train there right and he was like nope and he was like wait. Are you serious, like we got a competition coming up like we can’t train there and he’s like nope? No one can train that it’s, not fair to the paying members that some people are there and then some people aren’t and we’re like okay, we get that cool. Like that that’s a very good stance uh, so we we make plans we’re going to kentucky for a month to like go train uh. We got our own little quarantine set up, and then he uh went into the gym to pick up a piece of equipment. Jim was packed and it was. It was rich in all his friends, uh and like they. She was like dude, they froze like deer in headlights because they realized they all got caught in the lie of they. They wanted to be able to train at the gym, and so, if i’m, in cookville and training at mayhem which won’t won’t come to the gym, won’t talk to me his train.

Will his team won’t come there to train nothing, really, that’s, no explanation, just nothing! Wow that’s crazy again. This is rich’s compound, even the double standard of being like you, can’t train here, but i’m gon na like i’m. I don’t wan na make assumptions here but i’m pretty sure every affiliate owner in the world probably trained at their gym during lockdown because they own it it’s their gym but yeah. The weird aspect of like he’s, also gon na bring in his friends and his team and his squad. We all know what his squad is. If you watch the mayhem, vlog you’ve seen his squad, you know who his squad is and then they’re just like, but you can’t that’s, the weird part like if it was just rich going in, like i don’t think anyone could say anything it’s his gym and still It’S, like it’s his gym, like it’s, it’s kind of hard to be like fault him for for being like you can come and you can’t because, like it’s, his gym like i get that’s exclusive and that’s, probably not the best thing ever. But i think the weird thing is just the communication thing and then tia like: why is dia roped in this tia i’ve met tia many times he’s one of the nicest human beings i’ve ever met in my life like how could you i don’t get it? I don’t know if they’re gon na talk about it anymore, but let’s keep this going so for years.

Um. You know i have my. I have my thoughts on the situation, but i’ve never been anything but respectful when people try to create the comparison right like you versus rich you versus rich and – and i was always trying to be polite and be like yo like he had his career. I had mine, yeah there’s, no need to compare them um, and the big thing too, is like how much the sport has changed. I mean we’ve had this conversation before the comparison of rich and matt is impossible, because the sport has changed so much in those years and it is just it’s way different way. Different and that’s the same with any sport, the jordan and lebron argument, it’s just it’s a different time in the sport. So i have a theory, but i want to listen a bit more before i so i’ve always tried to separate those two of like he had his career i’m having mind. I don’t want to start a piss and match anything and uh like we even tried starting this thing like fraser throwing versus the world and like we were partnering up with different brands and like rich, and i would do a team workout and then, if anyone could Just grab a partner if they could beat that time they would get this prize and like they were legit prizes yeah. But we knew no it’s. Gon na have to be like your absolute wheelhouse workout to beat us in this yeah um and then i don’t know one day just happened.

I got taken out of a group. The group chat with the whole team uh like uh. Anyone there were multiple people that trained with me for one day, rich would see them training with me, kick them out with group chat, uh people that i would work with uh. We did a thing he worked with me and it was someone that had previously worked with rich kick them out and – and so i still i’ve, never gotten an answer – wow, never gotten anything, uh, yeah and that’s. Another thing was like if, if you’re a competitor in your sport and you’re winning, i better hope that you think you’re the greatest to ever. Do it yeah that you’re the best yeah at the time you know whatever it is, and so it’s like. I once once again, i’ve always tried to like answer it tactfully. Yeah of like people like yo. Do you think, do you think you’re better? Of course i think i’m dead. Absolutely if he doesn’t think he’s better than me. I would be disappointed. Yeah um but yeah like um that’s, that’s uh. I i i thought there was a great opportunity there, yeah yeah, but when, when i moved there, i saw the potential more there to be conflict yeah, i think that’s, you know look, and so so when i moved to tennessee sam and i left our apartment in Vermont left the gym. We didn’t bring any gym equipment. We left everything set up in vermont so that if that situation came up, we could okay um, and so it was.

It came up. You know, though, if tea and shane weren’t there i would. I would have moved out yeah after six months yeah, but it was like we got back from the one competition and just like i gave it was chris henshaw who’s, my neighbor, my aerobic coach. I just gave him a key and i was like hey we’re leaving for the week, but i don’t think i’m ever coming back yeah i mean like sam and i are down in austin, looking looking for houses like we’re, getting we’re getting out of cookeville holy cannoli, That is crazy. Did i save the screen record gosh, i hope so that’s bonkers that’s, that was that was wow. I mean like full uh full shout out to the to the to the to the darren. Woodson show great podcast i’ll link it below go check it out, but wow that was wow wow, like okay here’s, the thing i knew they weren’t best friends like. I think everyone knew that i think anyone in the crossfit’s face has been around for a minute knows: they’re, not best friends, and i always assumed that it was from the competitive nature of ronin being frowning and fraser, probably being fraser and they’re just they’re. The two greatest to ever do it there’s gon na be bunning heads. I had no idea. It went this deep like exercising him exercising people around him like that whole, like it hasn’t it’s, just it’s, it’s, bonkers, it’s bonkers.

To me. That is crazy. There is the side of me that wants to be like frowning it’s his space. He can do what he wants, but why is he doing? It is the question like i’m not i’m, not even so much faulting him for doing that. I think maybe it’s a little petty, but we don’t know the details it’s hard to make a judgment on that he can do what he wants. It’S his world it’s his space he’s built that, but why the only thing i can think of and the only theory i have for maybe why is the whole comparison thing got to him like? He was the greatest of all time for so long, but fraser has been the greatest of all time for longer, and i think most people would say fraser is the true goat. At this point, the dominance phraser has shown in the last five years has been greater than the dominance froning showed in his four years. I think that’s kind of a controversial thing to say i guess probably for some people but like i came up in froning’s generation i’m, not a new fan of the sport i’ve been around for a long time during froning’s reign. That was when i got into the sport. I was a massive throning fan, but you can’t deny what matt’s been able to do and the dominance he’s had in the sport in the last little bit. So my theory is maybe all of the comparisons got to rich.

A little bit all of the comparisons of of him versus fraser were starting to bother him and maybe bother him because he started to realize that racer was super dominant like super dominant and again, like fraser, said it’d, be weird for him to not think that he Was better than fraser that’s normal, but maybe he started to tell that and that’s why he wanted to push him out and get him away. Maybe he started to have some doubt creeping him like holy crap. Maybe this guy is better than me. I don’t think it matters at all. Like i don’t care, nobody have many people don’t care, but maybe he cared and maybe that’s. Why he’s had this authorization, because why else would he not talk to the guy like? This is something we need to hear both sides of for sure, like there’s, no judgments that can be made, because maybe there was something that happened behind closed doors that fraser isn’t talking about that really rub throat in the wrong way. Now i don’t think fraser is the type of guy to have done anything that would have rubbed thrown in the wrong way i’m. Just putting this out there like these are all just options but the. Why would only come out if obviously froning had the ability to describe it and the situation it’s not like he’s like publicly trash talking matt either, though it’s not like something happened? That was like so big and dramatic and now he’s trash talking that i don’t know.

I don’t know what it is. I don’t know bro you’re stepping on my turf i’m, the king of this turf, get off my turf you’re, already encroaching on my other turf of being the goat fittest of all time. Get off this cook filled turf, maybe that’s it. I don’t know, but again i i’ve had interactions with all these people and they all don’t seem like people who would like you know do anything super intentionally bad, but this is just news to me man. This is news to me. This is a pure reaction, because this is complete shock like i again, i knew they weren’t best friends had no idea. They hadn’t talked for two and a half years. 100 percent is a missed opportunity, like the two goats of all time. Collaboration opportunities of them living in the same place are massive, like i can’t believe they didn’t or like they weren’t able to capitalize on that it’s, crazy, it’s, crazy. All right anyway, i’ve been talking for way too long. This video’s gon na be super long, so comment below. Let me know what you guys think like. That is some madness for sure that is some hot heat to be starting 2021 with and the fact that matt’s coming out with it he’s, probably just like whatever man like uh. This is this is my reality and he’s just talking about it and that’s great. So i don’t fault him at all. I don’t you can’t fault throning, yet because we don’t know what caused all this and like what actually we need to hear both sides of the story, but anyway, comment below.

Let me know what you guys think if you have any theories of what you think might have caused this it’s just crazy i’m, almost at a loss for words, which is weird for me, because i like to talk so anyways that’s it all. I got for you guys today. I wanted to break that down. Like i said six two trillion people sent it to me and i was like wow. I got a beer, oh, what this is. That’S, crazy i’ll probably go back and watch the whole thing, because that sounds super interesting, but anyway, thank you guys so much for tuning in to another video be sure to scroll down hit that subscribe button. For me, the fam is growing. I can’t wait to keep bringing content to your faces throughout 2021. Thank you, guys. I’Ll see you in the next one.