We are gon na, be unboxing and reviewing one of the latest wearable technology. That is real me watch ass, so let’s begin Music. So in the front we have the picture of the watch at the back. We have some specifications now let’s dive right inside the box and see what we get Music. Okay. So we have the watch. Let’S put this aside: underneath it we have the charger and some user manuals. First up, looking at its outer appearance, it’s circular in shape and the minute button around the screen gives it an elegant look. There are two buttons at the side which are not just present for design but has its own purpose, so the top one is select and back button, while the bottom one is a shortcut key which lets you access through the workout modes. Now talking about its built quality, it has aluminum alloy case and a plastic back end, which makes it pretty lightweight just under 50 grams. So the charger of this watch consists of a magnetic base and has two pins that do the charging. All you have to do is clamp your watch to the charger like this. Now the magnet is pretty strong, so the watch does not fall off easily and that’s. How you charge this watch, the straps are made out of 22 millisilicon, which can also be removed. Now we get 1.3 inch touchscreen with 360 by 360 pixel resolution, which is protected by corning gorilla glass, which makes it scratch resistant.

The brightness of the screen is auto, adjusted as it is equipped with auto brightness technology, which adapts itself to the brightness of the environment. Since this watch is ip68 water resistant, you don’t have to worry about water getting inside the watch now i’m, not gon na test. It right now, but there are abundant videos on youtube that you can watch of the testing. It has a battery capacity of ‘0 milliamp, which gives you the working time of 14 days. So you don’t really have to worry about charging your watch more often. So we get three sensors in this watch, so we get accelerometer heart rate monitoring sensor and it even gets blood oxygen monitoring sensor. These sensors are highly advanced and the heart rate monitoring sensor can measure your heart rate continuously in every five minutes. It also monitors your cardio activities and has 16 workout modes with sports assistance too. The blood oxygen monitoring function is said to be highly accurate, but this watch is not a medical instrument at all it’s just for information purpose and you can access more health information via realme link. App connecting your watch to your phone is quick and easy. All you need to do is download realme link app and pair it via bluetooth. In other features, we get smart notification, smart control. We can play pause music without having to take our phone out. Likewise find your phone through which you can search your phone with a press of a button Music.

The most amazing thing about the variety of watch faces that we get in this watch. It’S, not just one or two watch face, but we get a hundred watch face with different colors and varieties and not just that, but we can custom our own watch face with the photo that we have in our gallery. Now. Talking about my experience with this watch, i have used it for a week now and i have no issues with the display. Even in outdoors, the visibility was perfect. Now talking about its battery life, i haven’t charged this watch since i unboxed it and it’s still at 74 percent, which is pretty great now me being an apple user. I had thought that the app would crash on my phone, but it worked perfectly and i must say that the watch is very user friendly now. If your new year resolution is to be fit and healthy, now you have a friend who can help you achieve it. With this, we have come to the end of the video guys.