So, as you can see, we’re in a really unfamiliar setting that it’s, because we’re officially moving to a new office, so i actually can’t wait to show you guys our new office. So that means there will be an office tour soon, but we will first need to unpack and settle down. So i hope you guys will stay tuned for that. So in the meantime, i hope you guys enjoyed this year’s content, because there will be more exciting things to explore. So without further ado, let’s get started with today’s episode of ichimi since it’s the new year. Of course, we are going to talk about a brand new smartphone before the mi 11 arrives. Xiaomi has officially teased a new smartphone which is expected to be called the redmi 90. from the teaser. The device comes with a quad camera setup and it looks quite similar to the redmi note. 9 4g in china, in terms of its specs it’s, speculated to be similar to the poco m3, with a 6.53 inch. Full hd ips display a snapdragon 662 processor and a large 6000mah battery from the looks of it. The new device might be the upcoming redmi 90 that has recently passed thailand’s device certification based on the speculative spec sheet. It looks very similar to the current poco m3 and the redmi note 9 4g for the china market summit. Malaysia is currently running a contest on its facebook page and they are giving 10 units away.

The contest ends on 7th of january, and this is an indication that it’s launching this week and speaking of the xiaomi mi 11. Do you know that this device could also be the first smartphone to feature an in display fingerprint sensor that double up as a heart rate sensor, chinese tech, blogger and tear down specialists have gotten their hands on the me 11 and they have shown the in display Heart rate sensor in action in their teardown video, as you would expect, the placement is the same as a typical in display fingerprint sensor from the looks of it. You’Ll need to hold your finger at the same spot for 15 seconds to get a measurement via a health app. This is quite long as most heart rate sensors, including samsung’s previous rear mounted unit, would take 10 seconds or less after the launch of the mi 11. It was revealed that goodix is the supplier for the australian optical in display fingerprint sensor with heart rate monitoring. The company claims that the in display heart rate sensor is just as accurate as a smart band and watches according to our website. Goodix also supplies in display fingerprint sensor to various brands, including oneplus samsung, vivo, oppo, huawei and also realme. In case you have missed it. The free one gig of daily data is still available for redemptions from participating, telcos. The free data for productivity and online learning used under the punjana initiative was supposed to end on the 31st of december, but now it is extended, as announced by the minister of communications and multimedia.

The free one gig of offer will still be continued until the new gerund preheating program commences sometime in march 2021.. The new program will provide subsidies worth 180 ringgit for eligible b for the individuals, as announced during budget 2021.. Those who are eligible can use the subsidy to offset the purchase of new 4g phones or for subscription of data services at 15 ringgit per month, but do note that the free data can’t be used for all usage under the revised initiative. The data is not applicable for gaming, music, social media and also video platforms according to dj max’s. The free data is offered until the 31st of march 2021, while salcombe states that it will be available until the 28th of february 2021.. You can redeem your free data through your telco self care, app sms or um coats plan to buy a new air, conditioner or fridge for your home. You can save 200 ringgit by claiming your e rebate under the program save 2.0. This is available for new appliances with a minimum of 4 star energy efficient rating by the energy commission. The program safe, 2.0, 200 and gate rebate was announced during the tabling of budget 2021 to encourage the usage of energy efficient home appliances. The government has allocated a budget of 30 million which aims to benefit 140 000 households in malaysia. The program which is implemented by the sustainable energy development authority has collabed, with shoppi to disperse the 200 ringgit e rebate as a voucher.

So to redeem this voucher, you have to register using the shopping app by scanning this qr code. You can also visit the save 2.0 page and click on daftaskarang. Then you need to provide your electricity bill number malaysia, ic number, full name and also your status of relationship with the account holder. If you are not the owner of the premise, after submitting the application, you will be informed about the status within 14. Working days, once approved, you’ll receive a 200 voucher in your shopping wallet to purchase your energy efficient air conditioner or fridge. Alright, so that’s it.