So obviously you can see, i don’t have any you know cords or anything hooked up to this, but there still is a wire hooked up into the ipad or the iphone or the android itself, and that is the receiver. The receiver, definitely without a doubt, needs to be plugged in to your device and there’s a dongle that you’ll need so because, mostly because most phones don’t have a headphone jack anymore, so you need to get like a usbc or a lightning cable, adapter, i’m, going to Show you the ones that i use and the ones that should definitely work without a doubt with this device and then just really quickly. Just to show you that i am using this microphone i’m going to tap the microphone. You should be able to hear that very well that it was using the wireless microphone the whole way and now the same exact setup that i had on my ipad pro same cable same dongle same microphones, doing that on my galaxy phone now, the cool thing is With the galaxy phone and with the ipad pro or with you know, an ios device, have it be an iphone or some other regular ipad? The cool thing is, is that you can use the native camera apps with this. You don’t have to use some third party camera app or some other app in order to do this. It just works within the native camera, apps shooting video it’ll capture, the audio.

With this here’s a quick little sample of the audio with the internal microphones on a samsung galaxy note, 20, ultra and now i’m going to switch over to the wireless go system. So you can hear out the sound difference on that i’ve now switched over to the wireless go system. You can probably tell a big difference or a difference of some sort, and the wireless go should sound better to your ears, but i don’t know. Let me know, let me know in the comments down below okay, so here’s everything that you’re going to need. You need the rode wireless go system. This is going to allow you to record wirelessly, so you can go away. You know 20 30 feet and still get amazing audio on your smartphone or your tablet. So what’s going to happen is you’re going to have this system and then you’re also going to need two of these cables. You’Ll need a dongle which this is the samsung dongle it’s usbc it’s, not that expensive and everything’s like 15 20 bucks, and then it works with android devices, because android devices usb c and it works with ios devices that have usb c as well, such as their Ipad some other ipads, if you don’t, have a usb c device, just buy the apple adapter it’s, a lightning adapter on one end, and then it has the headphone jack and like this one does i’ll link it down below in case.

You need that one, and then you also need this cable right here, which is the trs to trrs cable. And what happens? Is the gray side gets plugged into the dongle and then the black cable gets plugged into the receiver for the wireless go and then just plug the usbc or lightning adapter end into your device, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever it may be, and then from there just Open up the native camera app on your android device or on your ios device, your iphone or ipad and hit record, and it will automatically allow you to record that audio using the microphones that are then attached. I would plug in everything before i open the camera. App just fyi just to make sure you don’t run into any weird bugs or issues so there you guys go. That is how you use the wireless go system on your smartphone and again. Everything that you need from the wireless go microphones to the cables is linked down below.