Well, there’s uh some research, some various opinions, because obviously there’s opinions exist that your phone shouldn’t live there, that you should actually not let it in the bedroom. Have you heard of any of these ideas? I feel guilty all the time every day. Why do you feel guilty? Well, you know go ahead and feel like there’s just radiation. Oh going around oh you’re more on that side, this particular article is more on the side of the habit forming portion that, by having it so close to you, it’s disrupting your by having it so close to you and by by it being the last thing you See before bed and the first thing that you see in the morning right that you are kind of hijacking your ability to adjust to sleep and then to the next day as well, that you’re kind of uh susceptible in those moments. If you boot up your phone, you look at something negative or whatever that you’re just you’re kind of not allowing yourself to wind down and you’re, not allowing yourself to wind up at a regular pace and also you might be wasting time. So, for example, with this particular individual by the way, this is an article i stopped sleeping with my phone in my bedroom and it’s a game changer. This is from sydney ellis on msn.com. She comes to the conclusion that she was just wasting a bunch of time because in the morning she’d look at her phone and then like 20 minutes would pass and it’d be like.

Then everything would be a rush after that. Yes, as opposed to having left the phone out of the bedroom, which she does and actually sticks to after having tried it in which she does, the activities that are more important sooner feels better and then reaches her. The phone when it’s actually um, when it’s. Actually, more more convenient or more productive to do so. The other thing that she says is it was like at first there was an anxiety around the phone not being there, but then eventually that turned into calm, because it wasn’t even an option. It was charging in the living room so anyway, i thought it was interesting uh i haven’t done it. My phone sits there on a bedside table. I think most people’s. Do it acts as your alarm clock if you use one for many people and it’s hard to not look at it before going to bed or immediately after waking up, i understand that’s difficult to do. You feel, like, oh time to catch up, let’s see what happened. Type of thing, yeah and there’s a case of fomo. There, yeah i’ve been gone yeah. I i haven’t been logged in for the last uh. However long you slept and it’s it’s crazy. How quickly we reach for these things so i’m curious about the audience what they think about it and where people are charging their phones. But if you look at all these different devices, we just talked about for wireless charging.

They all seem designed for the bedside table. I think pretty much people have all have all done that without much thinking they just yeah, it makes sense it’s the easiest place to put it, but i don’t know maybe on some, maybe someday i’ll charge the thing outside the room and see what it does. For me, for me, it’s not a time waster because in the morning, especially now with this dog i’m, not sleeping she’s waking up and she’s got to go outside and i’m, not my phone, i don’t, even i can’t really have a chance. I’M. Like ugh. I kind of like just waltz out of there and i only have a chance, so you you interact with the dog first in the morning right now. Yes, yeah right now! Yes, given the time that the dog is waking up and then as far as same thing as far as late at night, when i hit the bed, these guys guys like him, have me up so late that i got ta go to bed as soon as i Get there so even there i don’t really need it in the room. I would say i don’t think for people who have more a little more spare time. They may be able to have that process where it is the last thing they see before bed and the first thing when they wake up yeah, but i will say: there’s a franticness to the scrolling of the modern apps and things and then there’s the light component Of like blitzing, your eyeballs late and early, which is a little strange because there’s nothing gradual about it like, say the sun coming up or going down, it happens gradually, yeah and instead, here it’s like full blast, whatever it is, and they’ve tried with the night modes And all of it to make it a little more uh, a little less painful, but you got ta wonder long term effects these behaviors.

I also find just using the phone in bed ergonomically to not. I don’t really like it that much with the pillow and i don’t know so yeah. Maybe i don’t have such an issue, but certainly some people probably do and and maybe for people who have trouble with sleep in general they might want to consider. But, oh i will say this: i do use a white noise machine and if i didn’t have that i would probably use my phone to be the white noise machine so yeah and that i swear by that. I love that thing. Man that white noise machine you don’t get me started on that. I love that thing. I don’t know i couldn’t survive without it. You know no it’s good, that’s, good what’s that it’s good. Oh you have one yeah, oh well! I don’t use a white noise machine. I use uh one of those air cleaners and it’s just as loud, oh yeah. It operates doing something it operates in the same fashion, people like to have a fan going, people like to have whatever something a constant, sound, a constant comfort, you’re not going to be woken up at the like, tiniest drop.