So today i have another unboxing video for you guys. Now i treated myself um early in december. I wanted to get myself a gimbal for my smartphone, so i can get out and about and make videos without it all being shaky. So i’ve done a little bit of research. I want to say major research, but i did find one that i liked is the dji osmo um it’s, the mobile 3 combo. Now i found it was just over 100 pounds with some accessories, but i wanted to get the accessory pack that had the tripod as well. So i was doing more research and i stumbled across one. It took me two, the maplins website and i was a bit confused because mappings closed down now well a couple of years ago, um, but the website is still live and i found the exact kit that i was looking for with the tripod for a hundred pounds. So i thought you know what sodium i’m treating myself it’s my christmas present. Now christmas has passed and it’s still sitting in the box, so without further ado, let’s open it and see what comes in the box now i’m, not going to do any demos with it. But i’m going to show you exactly how it comes so here it is, the box is smaller than i was expecting um, but let’s get it open. Let’S adjust the camera, so you can see me getting out of the box.

Get some of this crap off of here right, so i have seen quite a few gimbals and the prices vary now. The really good ones are very pricey, but for a hundred pounds, let’s see what what you get okay. So we have the hard case. I’M. Not sure if the gimbal’s in here let’s open this up and see what is in here all right saying here: we’ve got the usb charging cable throughout the l it’s a bit tight, so we have instructions, guarantee warranty, which i don’t think we’ll be using okay. So here is the tripod which folds up perfectly so there’s your tripod stand, which you can also use to hold like. So what else is in here is the little strap so keep it attached to your wrist. So if anyone tries to uh rob you while you’re videoing will make it a bit difficult for him. Okay, this is a little drawstring bag to put it in so so far, so good there’s, the branding on the case as well, which is a nice touch, it’s. Actually a nice hard case, oh and there’s a little compartment here as well. So there here is the gimbal wow let’s, see if there’s any power on it. I’Ve got no idea how to you can use it, but there you go. That is. It actually has some nice weight to it, it’s, not one of these cheap and cheerful ones that you pick up on ebay for 30 odd quid.

I was almost tempted to get one of the cheaper ones, but i thought you know what, if you’re spending the money, do it once so you go your tripod screws on like so so that is spot on oh and it powers up, which is a result. So there is a bit of charge: i’m, not expecting it to be too much charge on it. You’Ve got instructions on the top which i’m going to try and read. Oh it’s in chinese, okay, uh press and hold the record button trigger and m button simultaneously for one second to forget the bluetooth device: okay that’s, just to reset it. Okay, oh my god, i’ve got no idea. I should really get the instructions out, but that is really cool, so let’s flip. That open here is your usb area. What area slot should i say on the side, so you can charge it i’m, not sure what this one is here. You’Ve got the zoom features and there’s your on off switch there’s, your record switch, and this must be for direction. Um i’m, really looking forward to trying this out um. So guys do any of you guys have a gimbal i’ve seen a few of my fellow youtubers that i follow. Um do have them, which ones do you have, and what do you reckon have any of you used the dji osmo uh? Is it any good, obviously, for a hundred pound? I don’t expect it to be as good as the three four hundred pound mods that i’ve been seeing but i’m on a bit of a budget, because i have uh an expensive hobby.

Should i say so yeah this is brilliant. I’Ve got the case which it fits in perfectly um got my accessories so i’m, really looking forward to using this um. I was hoping that i would have got it before christmas in time to get out go, have a look around see, what’s going on make some really good videos for you guys, but unfortunately, we’ve been stuck in another lockdown we’re in tier four i’m, probably going to Tier 5 or tier 6 very soon, i’ve got no idea what they are i’m, not sure if you’re allowed to open your windows anymore uh. But you know what is what it is. It also has this as part of the set uh little sticky rubber pads, not sure where they go, but we will have a look at the instructions. You know what most of it’s in blooming chinese that’s, so okay we’ve got ta, go to the back. Okay, we’ve got spanish, we’ve got german where’s, the english jesus english has to be somewhere okay, so we do have some english, which is good i’m gon na go through this, and hopefully in the next couple of videos. You’Re gon na see this bad boy in action. Guys, like i said, let me know what you think if you’ve got any advice on how to use this thing or any um secrets or tricks that you know please, let me know i’m really looking forward to trying this out and um yeah guys give us your Likes subscribe to the channel hit the notification bell and maplins is alive.