We did not, unfortunately, win our game this morning, but you know a loss is a loss. You have to take a loss, as you take anything else, but guys i just wanted to kind of send my greetings a happy new year to you all and also wanted to chime in here on when you can expect the xiaomi mi 11 to come to this Channel right here, frankie tech, now just fyi guys, hong kong is hong kong and china is china and there is a border in between those. You know these two places, so i have a unit or two units that my guy is sending over i’ll be taking one of those very soon of the me 11. It should be here – maybe tomorrow, maybe monday but i’m – very excited to review this phone on the channel, for you guys give my honest take and i guess the question i have for you guys is: what do you want to see here on frankie tech about this Me 11, what specific things do you want to see from an honest reviewer? You know to share his thoughts about it and specifically also how does it compare to the upcoming releases and also to the other xiaomi phones, all the xiaomi phones, i’ve, tested i’m very excited about the me11. Obviously, but i’m also excited about some other phones, uh the redmi 9t, just fyi, guys that was on the channel. I pulled the video that will that video will be coming back to the channel on january, 8th, so stay tuned for that, and obviously now that the cat’s out of the bag so to speak, you know i’m not going to reveal more details about the phone, but You’Ll have my full coverage of the redmi 9t series coming to frankie tech in literally less than a week at this point, it’s a pretty busy kind of early start of the start of the year here on frankie tech.

But you know guys the me 11 is so early out. We didn’t get a break. We just went straight from 29 2020 to 2021. it’s crazy, and you know shout out to my man, tech tablets, uh chris from tech tablets, who is going to be waiting for a while for his me 11 unit, the shipment times right now to get phones out Of china are really tough, you know just to get them to hong kong, which is guys one and a half hours away from mainland china is taking like two to three days: it’s crazy. But the point is i’m very excited about reviewing the me 11. As you guys know, it’s gon na be, or it is a pretty incredible device, but what i’m more excited about guys is the me11 pro because let’s face it guys. The me 11 does not have a telephoto, it doesn’t have better charging. The me 10 ultra still has the best charging of any xiaomi phone on the market, and i think the main point here is that the me 11 pro is the true kind of next gen flagship from xiaomi. Yes, you’re going to have the me11 it’s kind of like a stop gap, it’s kind of like a better chipset, but it doesn’t really improve in every kind of facet of the phone. The me 11 pro is gon na improve and it’s gon na be the true flagship phone that you guys have been waiting for so hopefully i’ll be able to bring that to the channel soon, but anyways guys.

Just a quick greeting to you all happy new year’s greeting and my mask is falling off i’ll just take it off for a second and yeah. You know it sucks to lose it sucks to lose, but hey we hung in there with the best team in the country alabama, and you know to all my notre dame people have you ever seen me: wear wear a hat backwards to all my nd guys out. There go irish represent, always you got to support a team even when they lose, even when you lose guys. You stand by your team and i hope you’ll stand by me, as i hope to get this me 11 to the channel very soon so that’s it.