This is the christmas update 2020, as elon musk has promised us. They change most of the graphic, i think from the main page, and the great thing is that they finally put and they make this driver part. You can see it right here, it’s a little bit uh brighter than before. Before you has. You have like, like just this corner here. You know if you remember um the screen before they have just a small space where the driving view was was on the screen, and that was a little bit complicated. For example, when you have the hand on the steering wheel uh it will, it will uh kind of you will don’t have such a good visibility, but now, on with this new graphics and the visibility from the driver point of view it’s much better. Also, you can see the all three lanes. Sometimes when the car is driving, you can see all the free lanes. You can see the graphics, you can see the the the the graphics a little bit better, also the car. Now you can see it right here. It’S, a kind of a three dimensional and the graphics and the colors and uh the design it’s much more beautiful. I think they still can improve a little bit more the graphic. I think they still can improve a little bit more here and there and now the great thing that i like it very much before uh here, you know here in this square was also these wipers wipers button it’s here right now, but before the wiper button was Here, integrated up also the camera, the reverse, camera and side cameras was integrated here and if you remember in a tab like that, like a small tab like this, but this time they put the camera down here and it’s much much helpful and they did a great Job they improved the usability and also they put the wipers button here, that’s something amazing, because i always have to slide left and right to go to the wipers.

But now on, i have to put my finger here and the wipers you can turn it on and off whatever it’s it’s super super simple, and i like that now elon. If you hear that or the people that work on the software update from tesla, i wish those two buttons here. You know the first thing and also this uh defrosting with with air. I wish they will put those buttons somewhere close here in this area. You know what i mean. I think it will be much more useful or maybe here somewhere, i don’t know somewhere in this area or somewhere close because when you drive you, you have to go all over on the other side in order to defrost your window, and i think, was much helpful When those buttons were a little bit more, i don’t know somewhere close here. Maybe maybe you can you move this one here, this uh widgets, for example, to make it move like this, and then you can move your things wherever you want. I think that will be much better in my opinion, or maybe you can leave the people customize the screen, you can customize and move it like a tablet. The way you want it like we see on the new pole, star 2, for example. That would be awesome. Other than that, i like very much the new graphic right here. I think it looks much nicer while you’re driving also the the latest update with the traffic speed limit and the the speed sign, traffic, speed, sign and also the traffic lights and the lanes look much better and right now it’s more realistic, while you’re driving you can See more realistic, the cars around you before it has a little bit of delay, so you can see the the car a little bit later.

They pass you by and then you can see it on the screen, but now on you can see it directly. A little bit more alive, you know it’s it’s more in real time when the car are around you. Another thing that i wish they should change is the blind spot. You know the blind spot, you can see a red red car and then red lanes, but i wish they can somehow you know when you wan na um, when you, when you turn on the signals left or right, i wish they can make. I don’t know if you know some video cameras around the edges here somewhere on the driving side anyway, around the edges, to make kind of a red like this pulping red. You know around the edges. That would be awesome. You know to see a little bit more like a like an attention like an alarm that like don’t go there you know, and even if you look straight away some kind of peripheral view, you can see somehow that red dot around the the edges of the driving Uh menu anyway great job, because before the navigation was all over, the screen now it’s much better like that, you don’t need it all over the screen, it’s much better that they they give more space to the driving view, and also i like very much that they Put the speed limit and all that stuff right now are on the on the upper side, and in this way you can see it a little bit more uh nicer.

Also right now, when you park the car, for example, you can see the car in 3d here and if you open the door, for example, you can see also that the door it’s open. How cool is that i think it’s it’s it’s awesome. The graphic is new and it looks much nicer. Also if you open the trunk check this out, you can see the trunk. If you open the hood, you can see the hood on and also the doors you can see it like that. A great great nice graphic, i think, it’s it’s much more improvement and it looks awesome. I mean it’s much much nicer, also when you drive the car when you when you’re blinking, when you turn on the lights, for example, and right here. If i turn on the light check this out, you can see also the lights are on right now and you can see the lights here um and put it on auto turning uh on the lights. So it looks quite nice huh anyway, that that’s some great improvement that i want to tell you from the latest, this update and i’m so happy that tesla always always update um this screen and and the things here around the car also the the buttons right here Down here the down part they improve it much more. The graphic of the buttons are much more improved and it looks a little bit better in my opinion, although i wish this button here for the wind, you know to be a different color right now, when you, when you close it, you know when you close this, You you can see it’s, somehow um gray, you know gray dark and when you turn it on it’s, also a gray um kind of a gray gray, and you can see it.

But if this was other color like green, for example, you can see better that the air is on right now, you know, and then you press it and it’s it’s a little bit gray, uh light so yeah. If that was other color when it was on. I think was nicer, i don’t know anyway. It was a great idea to give you uh settings somehow here on the settings, uh to say like customize, and then you can customize the colors and the screen. The way you wanted. That will be awesome in the future. To see that on the car but other than that uh other things here are the same. If you want to see the full review with the car, you can check it out. They don’t change anything here. Everything look almost the same. So if you want to see the full review with this multimedia system and the screen from tesla model 3 check it out on my channel um by the way, this is the 2 20. 20. 48 26 also, the 30 will come in the next days. Uh also will be available, so probably not big changes. Only a few fix here and there another thing worth mentioning the fact that they added these uh directions right here in front of the car directly on this visualization it’s. A great improvement and i’m really appreciate the the work that they do and the fact that they they make it easier to see the direction and the the navigation right here so every time it’s something else on the screen there.

You will see the direction right here up on the visualization, and this thing is it’s amazing. I mean i like that very much another thing here, guys that it’s change also here the release note for the latest. This update will be a different. It will have a different screen, as you can see here, it’s much more array this time it looks much nicer and much more clear, so you can see here every single release, note and every single update will be shown in a column here on the on the Left side, so you can see they improve some games here and they add some new archive features uh on the games. They add this solitaire um, but the most important, as i show you uh, also in this video it’s, the driving visualization improvement. And here, as i i tell you before, it’s improved uh, much more, the visualization, so that’s that’s, the big big improvement um that i find it really useful. Then you have the schedule, departure improvement. This is also worth mention, because it’s it’s much nicer, i know most of the people that own a tesla. They ask for it for this, for a long time that the car can be now pre conditioned your uh. It will pre condition your battery uh and cabin before you, you start driving, even if you don’t go to a supercharger, the car will worm the battery. So when you start driving, if you schedule that from your phone uh, you will have a warm car and you don’t have this um ice like here, you see, i didn’t pre condition it today before i come inside the car, and you can see you have this Uh ice snowflake there, but usually, if you pre, condition it with 20 minutes before it should be fine, and you can regenerate much more of the battery so that’s another great improvement.

Then supercharger display improvement here on the supercharger um. We will look a little bit different. It shows some numbers there and it show you directly the number of how many stall are available in this moment, so it’s much nicer and much faster to know you don’t have to tap it and check there and then the vehicle information here uh. It was changed. So the t from tesla is no more there on the screen, so this time they change it anyway, pretty cool. I like the fact that now it looks much better like that. You can see directly here which version of update it is, and you can see the previous updates right here. What was before and and what’s the name and what was improved to the car. So you can see a big big list of all updates that my car had made from when i buy it first time so it’s it’s quite interesting to see how many updates uh they they make it in the last year and yeah, pretty pretty cool, so yeah Uh and other than that something new i find out here in the right corner. You have this automatic high bin that you can activate it now from here and not only from the from the stick there on the steering wheel, um other than that guys. I think this is all here on the on the car. Uh, the music and those stuff here are very similar with spotify and radio and stuff camera here.

On the camera side, i wish they can improve something, for example, if i want to see a camera all over the screen, if i want to see the left camera all over the screen, i wish they. When you touch it, i wish you you will be able to see it all over the screen, um and yeah. That would be a great improvement and also i wish they can make the front camera available. So you can see the front camera as well. Here you know that that would be interesting but other than that that’s everything guys with this update. I hope it was helpful for you. If you have any question, just ask me anything. I will answer to you also: if you want to buy a tesla model free, you need a referral code, you will have it on the screen. You can use my referral code, you will have. You will get 1500 free, kilometer, supercharging and yeah. That would be really really cool um. Also guys, i hope you enjoyed please don’t forget to subscribe. If you want to see the future updates, also like it share it. Thank you very much for watching my videos and i guess i’ll wait you soon in the next one bye, guys: Music, Music, Music in real life Music. I know this all just makes me sound ancient, but sons and daughters that was Music, amazing, Music, Music, yo.