This is not like a lens but it’s a lens. A lot of my friends have purchased and they’ve been raving about it. I watched a lot of youtube videos on it and i thought i need to try this lens out. I didn’t even see if all the hype, if if this is legit or not, i got ta, tell you i’m very impressed. This is the seven artisans 35 millimeter f 1.4 for the m. Mount let’s talk about Applause, it all right. So let’s talk about this lens on the leica mp, a la carte film camera. It looks beautiful. This is a stunning looking lens guys. I’Ll be honest with you uh seven artisans, you did a fantastic job in terms of design. I love the red color that you used on it. I love this chinese character that is here on the hood. I cannot read mandarin characters, so i apologize caihong. Do you know what this says from here, but i’ll? Let you know later yeah we’ll put it here, uh below the screen, what it means but um. I love the red accents and, of course it matches this uh, like mp, camera like a t, but the build quality on this lens is really impressive. By the way, if you’re hearing thunder right, there that’s not some special effects pack that we got and we’re just throwing in sound effects for the heck of it, that’s real, thunder it’s going to rain here very soon, but we got to shoot.

We got to shoot. Okay, the build quality in this is really good, it’s, all metal construction, 404 grams. It has some weight to it. It feels like it has a very leica esque feel to it now: it’s, not the same exact, build quality as a like a suma lux, but to be frank with you, every person that’s picked up this lens that i’ve, given it to has been like wow. This is really nice. This feels good and these are all leica collectors. So if it’s coming from people like that, even myself, that does shoot with lika seven artisans, you did a great job with it. But in terms of the aperture ring i mean there is a slight click, but i think seven artisans, you could do give it a little bit more click. You know a little bit more tension would be fantastic because sometimes i do see myself knocking out. One point four to two to four very easily. I wish we had a little bit more attention on that, but it’s not a deal breaker it’s, just something you need to take consideration of now in terms of the lens hood i like that it’s built in it has this very reminiscent of the sum elex that I’Ve used before, however, it’s not a turn and lock it’s turning it just keeps turning and uh. I wish there was a turn and lock feature to this, be in obviously got to turn lock.

So the the logo stays dead center because that’s important but uh again not a deal breaker just something to take into consideration but i’m sure in the future. A variance of this lens, maybe some artisans. Maybe you could just uh add a little bit of lock to there. That would be great, but let’s talk about optical performance. Now, inside of this, you have 10 elements. Nine groups, um you’ve, got various different glass in there. Unfortunately, i couldn’t understand the website in terms of the mandarin language. My mandarin is a little bit rusty, but it looks like there is some pretty decent glass behind this lens. Your minimal focusing distance is 0.7 meters, just like leica glass out there filter diameter is 49 millimeters as well. So keep that in mind, if you want to use any nd filters, because if you’re going to shoot with film, you better get an nd filter for this, because at 1.4 you’re going to need it. Besides that, it’s about the image quality and the one thing i’ll tell you about before we go into lightroom – is that the image quality has a really interesting character to it. It reminds me of the prehispherical 50 sum election 35 sum elections out there that i’ve used in the past. It has that look to it where the bouquet is a little bit busy has a little bit swirl to it. Some people like this, some people don’t. I personally love it.

That is what people call the leica look is what we used to get out of those old lenses and that’s. What you’re, seeing out of the seven artisans 35 1.4 so – and you know what’s also great – is that you don’t have to put onto a like a camera. You can adapt it. I have a panasonic lumix s1r i’ve, been testing i’ve, adapted to that the fujifilm xs10, which looks great on that as well. So anyway, i’m going to show you pictures right now in lightroom to give you um an idea of the optical performance. This lens can bring to your images and in terms of sharpness in terms of bokeh and all that great stuff, so let’s go into lightroom right now, check it out all right guys. We’Re now in lightroom take a look at images from the seven artisans 3514. Now the camera that i used for this test was the lumix s1r wanted to see how this lens rendered 47 megapixels – and i was very, very impressed. You’Ll see some of the sample images right here. Let’S look at a uh, a portrait shot here. This gentleman and uh he was very kind to stand for us and allow us to take his photo. He was moving out of his home here. So a lot of the pictures you’ll see through this test are environmental and street photography shots. We were documenting this older neighborhood in singapore. People are moving out because they’re going to build condos there, and so we wanted to capture this, because these are some of the rare and older neighborhoods we find nowadays in singapore.

Everything is very modern, anyways let’s look at the image of him now. This is very sharp. I nailed focus on this really happy with the turnout on this and you can see the hair sharp his face is sharp. This is shot at 1.4 and you’ve got some fall off on here. Of course, when you get into the fall up you’re going to see a little bit of aberration here, some purple fringing a little bit of green fringing there. That is the nature of this lens and you’ll, see it through various different images. Here it renders like a vintage 35 suma lux from leica, of course, at a price point that is far below a vintage, 35 suma lex, again you’re gon na get that type of rendering. So if you don’t like a very busy bouquet, if you don’t like an image that has a lot of green and purple fringing again, you can correct this in lightroom and capture one. You know it might not be the lens for you, but if you like a little bit of character, you like something different to your images from all these modern lenses out there. You might find yourself really enjoying this lens, and i did. I was very surprised at how sharp it was in the center, where i was nailing focus very surprised, but i loved the bouquet and how it looked. Let me show you an example of the bouquet on this now these are some trees.

In the background here of this deity, they were moving into this lorry or truck as we called in america. But look at this. You can see it’s really kind of busy back here uh you see the little bit of it’s more of a cat side not really circular. This is a 1.4, but this is sharp here where i was focusing, but everything else the fall off on it. A little bit of vignetting, you know it’s busy, but it has character and it’s got this 3d 3d pop to it that i really really like. Okay, uh let’s look at another image here, just in terms of the bouquet, because the bouquet is really what makes this lens very interesting, of course, because you know in the center it’s sharp 47 megapixels this lens handles it beautifully no issues at all with that. As you can see right here with these lanterns, but in the background you see the uh, the bouquet here it’s a little swirly has a little bit of this vibe to it that i personally really like. I keep saying that over and over again, because i really do some might not, but i really enjoyed it. Let’S look at uh another image here: let’s get this black and white image of these two gentlemen, and this laura here. Looking at me and and one thing about this lens – is that if you don’t like that purple or green fringing, you know turn your images to black and white.

As you can see right here, it renders beautifully this gentleman is sharp he’s in focus. You know i edited this in capture one. I brought it into lightroom because i wanted to see the color differences between capture one and lightroom and i’m really happy with the tonality that i got out of this uh with capture one let’s. Look at this. You know got ta, do the hipster shot with the the abandoned chair by a dumpster, because we always have to have that in some of these leica images? I’M. Joking of course guys. But here it is um. You can see the texture in the fabric it’s sharp 1.4. You can see the bouquet the separation in it, but the chair, just pops, really stands out on its own. Now. Let me show you a little bit about what i’m talking about the green fringing on this. Now so here’s my friend willy we’re, walking down this back alleyway of these homes and he’s in focus. But if i look here you’re going to see some green fringing coming about in this area here now you can fix this in lightroom just to a certain degree. It’S, not 100, but you can fix a lot of it and what you can do here is you can just sort of if you want to really nail down take this highlight the green. Then you can just go in here and you can adjust it and try to remove that as much as you can and it does a decent job with that.

Of course, if you really want to get into some more detail with it, you can do that. You can just go in with a masking brush and get rid of the green itself, but uh capture, one, unfortunately does not get rid of green fringing only purple, fringing, so that’s. Why? I had to use lightroom for this again. It’S part of the characteristics of this lens it’s, not a perfect lens it’s, a 400 us dollar lens, but i am very happy with what it’s, how it’s, rendering and that’s why i really like this lens and for a lot of people out there i’m really happy With how this lens renders and the images that i’m getting out of it, i have to say, are very impressive, especially at 1.4. So anyway, let’s go to my final thoughts with the lens. Okay, final thoughts on the lens, as you saw in lightroom, the image quality is actually pretty good. I mean it’s sharp it’s, not the sharpest lens out there, but it’s sharp enough, especially at 1.4. Of course, when you stop it down, it does get sharper. But i love the bouquet. I love that character to this lens. I love vintage lenses anyway. Personally, for me, i love it because it’s just different from all the great you know perfect lens that we’re seeing out there in the mirrorless market these days. So something like this is sort of a it’s kind of a it’s. Like your dessert, you know what i mean use these use the other lenses for work.

But this is your dessert and uh. I just love it. Yeah you’re gon na get some chromatic aberration. As you see and yeah you’re going to get some swirls and it’s going to be a little bit, you know imperfections here and there but that’s the joy of it. You know what i mean and uh. It resolves well on a let’s, say: 47 megapixel camera a 24 megapixel camera. So you know whatever mirrorless camera system you have. You want to adapt it to it. You can do that as well. I got ta hand it to seven artisans. I really like this. I mean there’s really not much to complain about you’re looking at a lens. That’S 429 us dollars, okay versus a few thousand dollars, so you take that in consideration when you’re purchasing this but it’s a fun lens and it doesn’t break the bank. It looks great on the like a camera and, as you saw from the images it renders pretty well so anyway, those are my thoughts on the seven artisans. 35 millimeter. 1.4. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Do you agree with me? You disagree with me. What else would you like to see from seven artisans? What other lenses would you like us to review? Let us know in the comment section below like always follow us on facebook subscribe to us on youtube, be safe out. There have a great holiday season and we’ll chat to you soon.