I have been waiting for apple to create some over ear headphones. For years i saw last year that they announced there were some leaks and rumors that they were going to actually do it. Not only is it true, but i now have them in my hands. Oh come on. Baby let’s go now the first thing. Of course we have to address is the unboxing experience, as you guys saw a big, crazy apple vibe, as always, there wasn’t quite as much uh peeling as i would have liked to be honest, but it was still a big vibe. I mean look at this box. The actual airpods max are beveled on the box, so they elevate from the box. So you can actually feel like the outline of what the airpods max are overall unboxing experience. Stellar now all it comes with is the classic charger, our little booklet of information and the case which we will get to in a second now that we’ve unboxed them. We got to do a quick little test. All right say what you will about the case. It looks like a bra, it looks like well, i don’t even know what else i’m sure there’s a bunch of other memes but we’ll see if it works. That’S, the most important thing so we’re gon na put it in a bag because i don’t know about you guys, but i don’t just carry my headphones in my hand, and we are going to pretend that we’re walking somewhere with our bag on very uh vigorously.

I said vigorously you’re climbing a mountain let’s see after our test covered in dirt. I do feel like this isn’t, protecting it from some of the dirt and grime that would be in your bag. You know maybe you’re messy. Maybe you decided to eat a bag of chips, some fell in there. Maybe the chips exploded, i don’t know the point is life happens and these are gon na get dirty. It seems like it’s doing a decent job of protecting it, but we do have one more test: a nintendo switch i’m going traveling we’ve got my samsung tablet. We’Ve got my keyboard gon na annoy people on the plane, while they try and sleep now. Of course, if you just bought a pair of brand new airpods max, you would be paying attention when you put these into the bag i’m sure, but over time, like after six months or a year, that new feeling wears off and you stop caring, or at least I do, and i would probably pack my bag just like this and then we’re going to vigorously use the bag as well. Now let’s see that’s fine. You can put a decent amount of pressure on this and it’s not snapping. I mean i’m push i’m, not pushing extremely hard but i’m pushing pretty hard. That is a good sign now i don’t know if it’s just the case that’s doing this or, if they’re just built well, it could be a combination of the two.

This is kind of a concern you hear that i managed to order these the day that they came out and the earliest i was able to get them was 10 days after and i believe that’s because they were in such high demand. But ironically, one of the ways that i was able to get it faster, i don’t know if this is still the case, but you can test it out when you’re buying your airpods max if you’re buying them was actually by getting custom engraved airpods max. It feels weird saying airpods max, but regardless the hack to getting them a little bit early was getting them engraved and, as you guys can see here, i got a nice little like button. So come on for the dedication guys, please scroll down and do what uh is on my airpods max we’re gon na compare them to some of their competitors and, of course, i’m gon na test them out just for comparison. These are the headphones that i use right now. These are sony headphones, they’re, like 130 dollars, honestly very happy with the quality for the price. I think aesthetically they’re really nice and they are more of kind of like a standard, headphone design. Clearly, apple went a little crazy and that’s. You know what apple always does. Obviously, people have been making headphones for a long time, but apple came out with the airpods max and they are a completely different style than anything else.

We’Ve seen on the market thus far, so normally we have more of like a firm band that’s going across the top. Not with these we’ve got this kind of like mesh material, most headphones. That i’ve used at least have this kind of extension for when you’re putting them on your head, so it’s kind of like a mechanical setup. The airpods max do have that, but it’s it feels very different. It does. It feels like a low key like a piston. Almost you also have like the apple watch, dial that you see right here on top of the headphone, which is an interesting placement, charging port is down below each headphone does say, left and right on the inside. Just in case you don’t know, the exterior of these headphones is like a hard, maybe metal type material, whereas a lot of the other ones is plastic. The build quality on these bad boys feels very solid, solid. I can’t talk i’m honestly, so excited guys. Look at these things, the elephant in the room here is obviously the price point. These things cost me over 700 canadian dollars these 130. Now these aren’t top of the line sony headphones. I think the top of the line ones are about maybe 350 canadians. So about half price and they are really really good so i’m interested to see how these compare the other thing that’s kind of interesting is, i believe these come off. So obviously, with my sony’s uh, you know you’re not really detaching this kind of cushion part.

That goes over your ear and, as you might have seen, there are a bunch of different color adjustments. You can make where you mix and match your headphones to create a different custom. Look. So if you decide you want to customize these it’s only an extra 69 to decide what color you want to go with and of course you cannot decide when buying the airpods max it’s, something you have to buy on top of it afterwards perfectly in line with Apple’S business strategy, but one thing that is kind of interesting is this is something that, if you use these headphones for like two or three years, this is the area that you would probably want to change because you’ve been wearing it for so long, it’s, a cushiony Material it’s gon na collect dust, it’s gon na collect a variety of other things, whereas this is actually not something you’re going to probably need to change. It feels very good quality, so being able to swap these out is going to be a cheaper alternative than buying, for example, a brand new pair of sony headphones because you can’t swap out the ear cushion so while they’re obviously finessing as they always do. It’S low key, not that bad in the long run, and it will potentially save you a little bit of money, which i mean they’re charging you out the ass in the first place. So it kind of makes sense that they give you an opportunity to at least keep and use these for a very, very long time.

I do want to also address the uh interesting design choice with the case. Okay, so basically these fold in like so and then they go directly into your airpods case, which you carry around like a little purse. So firstly, let’s address the aesthetics. Of course there has been uh. You know this comparison, i’m, not gon na, say anything else, and the fact that it kind of looks like a like you’re carrying around a purse, and i don’t have an issue with, but i kind of want to be able to store these in my bag. Not worry about them and the case isn’t exactly you know the strongest material. I don’t think it’s really going to do too much when it comes to protecting your headphones and what is probably the weakest part of your headphones is up here, completely unprotected being used as a handlebar. So do i think the case is a great addition. Besides, potentially jokes and memes, and maybe they’re just expecting to get a lot of publicity from it, who knows now that we’ve taken a quick look at all the visual aspects, it’s time to test out our airpods okay, before we actually listen? The first thing we got to do is check out how cool i look because that’s what apple’s all about. Ladies and gentlemen, we saw it with the airpods a lot of people. Clowned them said the audio quality wasn’t as good, but visually airpods became this massive flex.

Everybody was doing it, they created filters where you could have airpods all over and airpods became kind of like a cultural flex to show. I don’t know how much money you have or how much money you’re willing to waste on stupid things, but that’s. Besides the point. This is obviously a step up, it’s way more expensive, aesthetically even more eye catching, i think, than the airpods. So we need to make sure that i actually look cool while wearing them i’m gon na put them on and you guys will be the judge. Let me know in the comments section down below: take it off, take it off, take it off! No, no, oh, you can put it on the mode where you can. It basically takes the noise and sends it back into your ears, it’s actually kind of weird. I can hear myself better with these on than i can normally when i’m talking, you know i’m walking around hey what’s up man, how you doing i pop them off. I do one of these. How do they look around the neck nice nicer than like beats or other headphones like here? We’Ll? Do a quick, visual comparison! These are my sonys aesthetically, which one do you think looks cooler. These ones look cooler i mean come on. We all knew these look cool. My ear is completely covered, but not being pressed into my head, which is something that is very uncomfortable, and these headphones do do.

Maybe i just have big ears. I don’t know all right, we’re, just gon na switch from transparency mode to noise, canceling, which i believe is just the tap of this button right here holy hell. Oh my god. Okay, i remember when i got the airpods pros. I think we did a video on them on this channel. I remember, for the first time, switching from transparency mode to noise cancelling mode, and i know that it exists with all other headphones at this point. But it is still such a dramatic difference and it feels really cool, and i will say this feels more dramatic. Significantly. More dramatic than the airpods pro, of course, that’s to be expected. These are over ear headphones, not in ear headphones, it’s nice to know that for double the price there is some difference at least so far, i’m sure all of you at home have a bluetooth speaker right, it’s, probably 50 bucks, maybe a hundred bucks. Some of you, like me, might have the airpod home i’m, referring to this speaker right here. The point is this thing is very expensive. Okay, the only reason we bought this was because we were doing a video where we bought all the stuff off the apple website. At the time – and this was a new product – it was ‘9 canadian when comparing to other bluetooth speakers or uh smart home devices, this is obviously way more expensive and at the time i thought it was honestly a huge waste of money but aesthetically it’s, pretty sweet And the audio quality that comes out of this thing is honestly really really really good significantly better than any of the speakers that i had used but that’s kind of what i would liken these headphones to.

Even though i haven’t tried the audio yet is you’re paying quite a bit more for something that’s slightly better and aesthetically, quite a bit nicer and has the apple name that’s, really all it boils down to it’s apple it’s, the apple logo, it’s, the flex that comes With these bad boys, this is a flex. You come into the house. You see this. Instead of a little dinky, google, home mini that’s, a flex. You see me walking through the airport. I got these on. Instead of these it’s a flex that’s really all it is – and i think one thing we’ve learned is people like to flex. People want to flex the things they have and while i don’t think it’s a advisable endeavor, i think there’s much better things to do. Besides, trying to flex that you have airpods and better things, you can do with your money. Specifically, i understand it and i think apple again is probably doing a phenomenal job of capitalizing on their brand power by getting people who want to flex that they either have more money than they actually do have or just want to flex that they are. I don’t know an apple fanboy or girl, or just i guess, look cool people want to look cool and apple understands that and it’s kind of interesting. That apple has kind of become like a hypebeast brand it’s like a supreme clothing brand, but for tech. This is some ig worthy sh.

I might flex this, even though i don’t use half of it. I want to also reiterate i do have these things because i make videos on them. I would never buy like 99 of the i buy for these videos, so i don’t want you guys to get the idea that i think you should go out and buy these. My goal is kind of to buy and unbox things so that, hopefully you guys can either live vicariously through me or get an idea as to. If you want to buy it yourself without having to go out and spend that money, but anyways airpods max. Maybe they pop up, we updated the phone and just like that, they’re there come on well i’m ready for an experience. Ladies and gentlemen control center. Oh turn off for supported videos, oh that’s fire. What the hell i’m sure all of these features exist on, like every other headphone right now, that’s, okay, i still like it better. When apple does it, i was telling jay this off camera. It feels like, when you’re getting in a plane and you’re starting to take off uh your ears, start to pop that’s, the same kind of feeling you get when you turn on noise cancellation, which is honestly a little intense. But i can’t travel right now and i don’t know about you guys, but you probably can’t either, so this is the closest i’m gon na get to getting on a plane.

We’Re gon na put on a song, ladies and gentlemen, comment down below what song you think. I’M, listening to okay, oh baby, it gets loud. Am i screaming? Oh this laughs? Oh, oh, okay. Come try. This it’s actually really good. This is a good song for it too. Oh yeah, oh yeah, ready ready to see you he’s just he’s off in his own world, it’s legit eh scream as loud as you want. I can’t hear you could be making no noise and just like moving your mouth i don’t know. Can you hear the music i’m listening to you? Can’T hit nobody and it’s so loud, fully disconnected when i took them off this is this is really good too quick switch? Okay, i think the sony has better bass. The bass in the sony is like this cancels everything else out. A little bit better fits nicer, just a little bit better, but the bass on the sony’s is thumpin. This has more volume. This has more bass, clara here, more bass. Here i agree overall. I think this is a better sound personally, but the very important thing to consider is: this is 200 this i think, like 750, canadian 200, 750 it’s, comparable noise quality, some people would say this is better if you like, you know thump and bass, but overall the Audio quality, i think, is better with the airpods, but the fact that you can compare the two and have a conversation about it when one is almost three times or it is three times more expensive – is a very big statement about the quality.

Now i will also say this sony in my opinion, has absolutely came out of nowhere and destroyed the headphone game, like they weren’t, even a player in headphones three years ago, and now i think unquestionably they are the best bang for your buck. Headphone wise. I know this is an apple, video and i’m just hyping up sony headphones, but that’s 100 the case, and they have a whole bunch of different models ranging from these ones, which were, i think, 130, these ones i got for around 200 and then they have one That’S, even better, that would be more of a direct comparison, that’s closer to 400, so they’re, all cheaper, they’re, all really really good quality, and i think they’re, really nice, aesthetically too. Basically, audio quality may be better than anything else on the market, but if it is it’s very slight, but the price is just way way more it’s, honestly crazy, but just based off audio quality. I think you there’s obviously better options out there, but if you’re looking to flex, you got the iphone 12 pro or pro max you’ve got all the other apple gear and you want to make it one big vibe. This will do that overall. Will i use these? Yes, because i have them, but would i buy them for their price just independently if i wasn’t making a video hell? No, but i can understand if you wanted to because they are honestly very good, headphones, they’re, very nice they’re just too expensive.

In my opinion, we got two more videos on the screen, for you right now be sure to check those out.