They focus on making it more affordable by not putting the most powerful specs and just improving the user experience instead, hello world, my name is coco martech, and this is my review of the google pixel 5.. Welcome to an episode of before we dive into the specs of the phone let’s do a quick unboxing in front of the box. We have the photo of your pixel 5, with the color of your choice, either sort of sage which looks like a mint, green color or just a just black like mine. You also have the hashtag theme pixel and the 5g logo in front, which is really not yet a big deal here in the philippines since telcos here are such never mind, let’s just continue inside the box. You have some paperworks a sim ejector tool, an 18 watts, usb c charger brake a quick switch adapter, also known as your otg adapter, and your usb type c type c. Charging cable, the pixel 5 same with the pixel 4, does not have the google earbuds included. The google pixel 5 has an interesting build. Quality. It’S back is not made of glass and it’s not made of plastic but it’s recycled aluminum. While the phone is made of aluminum, it still has wireless charging, which is interesting since most of the phones right now with wireless charging, capabilities are made of glass. Since the phone is just 699 dollars, it falls on the upper mid range smartphone, competition and i’m glad that it’s cheaper now, although buying this from the philippines, would be hard as shipping is costly.

So if you want to buy a pixel 5 or a pixel phone in general, you have to ask a relative from other countries to buy one for you. So thank you for my relatives for making this happen, especially the nanite and atiba choi. The google pixel 5 has dimensions of 144.7 by 70.4 by 8 millimeters it’s light as a feather weighing at just 151 grams. The glass in front is corning gorilla, glass 6, which is amazingly durable. The phone is also ip68 water dust resistant, meaning you can submerge the phone 1.5 meters deep up to 30 minutes. What i like about the pixel 5 is how small and compact it is compared to the usual massive phones right now, it’s fresh to the eyes, but it took me time to get used to it, especially when playing games. But really i like this small form factor. I now realize why people like the iphone 12 mini so much, because you can easily hold the phone with one hand if you, like smaller phones, you’ll, definitely love holding the google pixel 5. Just a comparison here is the pixel 5 compared to the size of an iphone 11.. I love the build quality of the pixel 5, but really the first thing that you will notice is the amazing display of this phone 6 inch, 90 hertz, hd or 10 plus oled screen with 85.9 screen to body ratio with 1080 by 2340 pixels having a 19.

5 By 9 aspect ratio and a pixel density of 432 pixels per inch, you also have the punch hole, selfie camera at the upper left portion of the display, with really really small bezels at the side. So media content is very immersive, combined with the smooth 90 hertz screen scrolling through the home screen. Changing apps and even doing basic swiping is a really good experience. This is one of the best screens i’ve seen from a phone, so small, so good job, google. At the top, you have a microphone on. The left. Side is a sim card tray for one physical, nano sim card, but you can also connect another sim by your ecm for dual sim connectivity at the right. You have the power button and below it is the volume rocker since most android phones, power button is located below the volume rocker. You will take time to adjust to this. Well. For me, i did at the bottom. You have the usb type c port. These are not two speakers, but the left is actually a microphone and the right one is the one of the two loudspeakers of the phone at the back. We have dual lens camera layout, which we will discuss in a while, there’s, also a tiny microphone hole in that black square. You have the ever reliable and fast rear, mounted fingerprint scanner and the g logo at the bottom. Overall, the design is nice. You have rounded corners and the phone is easy to grip and, of course you have that form factor very compact, which i personally like because of the trending high refresh rates phones take hits to their battery performance.

The pixel 5 has a relatively small 4080 milliamperes of battery, but that’s actually larger compared to the previous pixel phones. The pixel 4 has 2 800 milliamperes, while the pixel 4 xl only has 3 700 milliamperes. While you might think that the pixel 5 has a bad battery because of that 90hz refresh rate, the battery performance is actually good better than the 4 and better than the 4xl i’m, really happy that the pixel 5 has a great battery life once again, i’m used To change phones, a lot because i have to review them and all, but my daily driver for the longest time almost two years is the google 3xl. I absolutely love that phone i was devastated when it won’t power on anymore and since there’s no service center. Here in the philippines, for pixel phones, i have to rely on third party phone repair people, which is also hard to find, since around 95 of the population is not familiar or have not even heard of a pixel phone, so i’m, really hoping that my pixel 5 Will last me at least two years anyway: charging speed is also relatively fast for the pixel 5 30 minutes of charging will give you around 40 percent charging from zero to a hundred percent will give you around an hour and a half pixel five also supports qi. Wireless charging up to 12 watts and also the reverse wireless charging up to five watts. I don’t really use the reverse wireless charging but i’m sure it would be helpful in handy for some people during emergencies.

The two main selling points of pixel phones are the cameras and the software pixel 5 comes with android 11 right out of the box and, of course, you’ll be the first one to receive. The updates for android and you’ll have at least three years of major updates for the pixel 5. You have your plain fast and straightforward, vanilla, android experience. You have your google feed on the leftmost page for the latest news. You have your multitasking view, which has the quick screenshot button, and the copying of text from web pages, which are extremely helpful notifications, are also updated. I also like the built in recorder app for the pixel, since it can transcribe what you say in the app which is cool and very handy for a lot of people, hello. My name is marty and today we’re going to review the pixel 5. before we tackle the cameras of the pixel 5 let’s discuss the performance first, the pixel 5 has the snapdragon 765 g chipset with the adreno 620 for the gpu. This setup is a well rounded power for playing games and doing simple tasks: the snapdragon 765 gsa capable and efficient processor, while the adreno 620 is 20 faster than the adreno 618 playing games is smooth even with high graphics settings. I did not. Experience lags or frame drops with mobile legends and wild drift with maximum settings, even with 5 b5 clashes for call of duty playing is also amazing experience with no slowdowns you just have to adjust with the smaller screen display, which is not a big deal for me, But it may be for some people for getting impact you can still play with the maximum settings, but you cannotice, occasional, lags and frame drops, but it’s still playable with max graphics settings overall gaming is smooth and satisfying because of that amazing screen.

My only concern is the phone easily gets hot when playing games, especially when you’re out playing in a humid place, but once you play in a room where an air conditioner is on heating of the phone is very minimal. The pixel 5 also has 8 gigabytes of ram and 128 gigabytes of ufs 2.1 internal storage. You won’t be able to expand the memory via microsd card, but since you can back up your photos and videos with unlimited storage for high quality photos and videos with google photos, 128 gigabytes is more than enough for me. The speakers are also good and loud. I just wish that their front front facing speakers like the pixel 3 xl, since it feels more immersive that way but i’m not complaining. The sound quality is still great, since one of the speakers is actually a front facing one since it’s, located at the top bezel Music it’s. So of course, lastly, let’s talk about the main feature of the phone. The thing that makes the google pixel phones very popular the cameras, the pixel 5, has two camera lenses at the rear: a 12.2 megapixel f, 1.7 main lens with dual pixel: auto focus and a 16 megapixel f, 2.2 ultra wide lens with 100 degree field of view. The pixel 5, as expected, performs amazingly for taking photos both for the main lens and the ultra wide lens. The ultra wide lens is not that wide as compared to the ultra wide lens of the other phones, but the good thing is that the lens distortion is kept minimum, so it doesn’t look weird at all.

The pixel 5 doesn’t have a telephoto lens, but the two time super res zoom is still a great feature of the phone. It won’t be as detailed and clear with the physical telephoto lens, but google did pretty well with that digital zoom. Overall, the photos taken by the google pixel 5 are super amazing, they’re, clear, contrasty, amazing, skin tones amazing dynamic range amazing, low light for the night side, wherein you can also use the night sight for the ultra wide lens. You won’t really disappoint with the rear cameras of the pixel 5.. As for the selfie camera it’s, an 8 megapixel punch hole, design 8 megapixel is a little low. I know that pixel has this amazing mind, blowing computational, photography and all, but the selfie camera still takes amazing photos. I just wish that they made it a little higher, at least maybe 12 megapixels, still sharpness contrast, skin tone, color balance and details they’re still great, with the selfie camera of the pixel 5, as well as taking portrait selfies taking videos for the pixel 5 is improved. Overall, in overall sharpness, low light performance and the overall video quality is just improved, the 4k video looks great. You can also take 4k videos with the ultra wide lens, which is great, although low light can still give you grains still improve with low light noises as compared to the previous pixel phones. Anyway, here are sample videos with the google pixel 5.. This is a selfie video test for the pixel 5 and it can take up to 4k 30 frames per second.

So you can comment down below about the video quality of the pixel 5 and also the audio quality coming from this built in microphone. So comment down below this is a video test for the rear lenses of the pixel 5. So this is the main lens, and this is the ultra wide lens. So you can comment down below about the qualities of the rear lenses of the pixel 5.. Overall, the pixel 5 is an amazing phone for its price i’m, glad that they’re making it in the upper mid range competition, since a lot of people are more interested in buying in this price range today, since cheaper phones are getting better, but if you’re not yet Convinced to buy the google pixel 5, you might want to check out the iphone 12 mini. The samsung s20 fan edition the vivo x50 pro and the oneplus nord pixel 5 is a greatly built phone with small bezels, bright 90hz 1080p screen great battery life loudspeakers and, of course, the amazing cameras. The power of the pixel 5 is just right. I know most people will be satisfied with that. I just wish that there’s a pixel 5 excel, maybe next year, so that’s it for this video. My name is coco martec, happy holidays.