I thought of making this video and showcasing how i use my apple in bands. Your smartwatches default applications are some of the best tools to visualize data or always available. Nature made your opinion update, tracking, efficient or accurate banner. If this is something you like, you can buy. The me band 4 for 2000, which i am currently using or the knee band 5 for 2500., slightly larger display or extra software based features, is somehow convinced me to get to 15 000 steps per day, and this band helps make sure that. But there are also several other form factors available for devices like this in that 3000 price range. So, with fitness tracking out of the way, let’s talk about myfitnesspal joefocus, you can create your own recipes by tapping on the plus sign in the right top corner of the screen. Like android devices like button subscribe to the channel and hit the bell icon, make sure to check out some of my other video projects before hitting the subscribe button. In that case, i recommend you check him out recently series and, if you’re really into fitness, this is worth it that’s about it.