Today we have with us the new huawei gt2 pro, so the watch was kindly sent to me by the guys at huawei singapore. So a big thank you to them for sending this out to me. I’M not being paid to make this review or say anything, positive or negative about this. So everything in this review is my own personal thoughts and feelings, and hopefully you guys find this review informative and maybe you want to buy it, maybe not, but we’ll see so. First of all, let’s just go through what we get inside the box now inside the box. Obviously you have the watch gt2 pro now. My first impressions is obviously that this is a very beautiful watch, very sleek design and very minimalistic. In my opinion, inside you’ll get a usb charging cable along with the magnetic puck. Now this magnetic part allows you to charge the watch wirelessly. Well, almost you still have to use the usb c cable, but it makes it very convenient to just snap it on and keep it charging. So, first of all, let’s take a look at the aesthetics. There are three main components in this: construction: a scratch, resistant, sapphire, glass, top a brushed, finished, titanium body and a polyceramic backing. Now the main body of the watch is made of titanium, making it strong and durable, while keeping it looking sleek and elegant. The material is also made to withstand extreme temperatures, so it’s great for outdoors and travelling.

The titanium body is also lightweight corrosive resistant and has a brushed finish layer as a form of protection from scratches now the glass surface on any smartwatch is always a concern for consumers. Luckily, the watch gt2 pro is covered by a durable sapphire glass with a rating of 9 on the mohs hotness scale. Now these numbers might seem meaningless to most of us, but wearing this watch for the past couple of weeks, i’ve knocked it against many things and expected some kind of damage on it. But, to my surprise, the glass was still as good as new. Finally, the ceramic backing keeps the contact on your skin comfortable for long hours, but at the same time it looks great with its polished finish. So, firstly, huawei has its true scene 4.0, heart rate monitoring. Now this is a newly upgraded version with lower power consumption and a more accurate heart rate. Reading this measures, your resting heart rate and monitors it throughout the day. It also gives you alerts when your heart rate is too high. However, i can’t really test it out for myself, because i haven’t had a very strenuous week or done much exercise in the past few days, so we’re just gon na have to take huawei’s word for it now. The watch also has a sleep monitoring function that monitors your sleep throughout the night, letting you know your effective sleep, durations it tracks your sleep stages and monitors your heart rate.

In real time now i found the sleep monitoring function really useful. There are certain weeks where i just didn’t quite feel like myself, or felt that something was off during the week. Having a watch that monitors my sleep and how well i’m sleeping is something very useful. Not only does it monitor the duration of your sleep, but it measures how deep your sleep is as well letting you know whether you’ve had an effective night of rest. Now, according to huawei, a 5 minute charge enables 10 hours of usage and a full charger allows. You 2 weeks of battery life, so i’ve actually tested this myself. When i first got the watch, i fully charged it and it lasted up to 16 days and still came back with about 23 battery left now. This is pretty impressive in my opinion. However, through these 16 days i didn’t exactly use all of the functions very rigorously. I basically used it just as a normal watch, so i think the two weeks that huawei has specked out is pretty safe and you can honestly go two weeks without charging. This watch now, one of the very cool things that i found about this watch is the stress monitoring. Now i actually did try this out at work and at certain periods during meetings or during heavy thinking sessions. I did see my stress level go up on the watch and it was pretty cool to be honest now to set up the stress reading.

The watch does take time for it to measure your resting heart rate. While asking you a couple of questions to the app now, this is very useful for some high stress situations, knowing how well you’ve maintained your mental capacity throughout the day and how well you’re able to cope with stress now, since we’re on the topic of health. With the smart watches of this generation, it’s a lot more catered to sports enthusiasts or people who like to exercise so it’s, no surprise that this watch has over a hundred different sport functions that you might not always use but glad it’s there when you need them. It comes with 12 types of outdoor sports, including skiing, snowboarding cross country, skiing, golf driving range, running, walking, mountain hiking, hiking trail runs outdoor cycle, open water, swimming and triathlon. It also comes with seven types of indoor sports, including walking, running cycling, swimming indoors, free training, elliptical machine and the rowing machine, so this device basically has most of the sports covered, except for a couple. I think football and soccer isn’t, one of them and hopefully they’ll – integrate that in the future. Overall, the look of this watch is minimalistic and smart and doesn’t draw too much attention. It matches most outfits and styles and is adaptable with the many different straps that you can remove and swap within seconds there’s. Also tons of watch faces to choose from, depending on your mood and style that day, you can even switch between some pre loaded ones.

On the watch itself now the bezel of the watch was cleverly designed as a time marker to give the illusion of a bezel less watch face. However, you can still tell the difference between the bezel and the watch face at certain angles. So i know this reveal. Isn’T very technical, but i’m mainly here to talk to you guys about my first impressions as a consumer, and, to be honest, i think this is a very stylish watch which matches a lot of different styles and is very adaptable in terms of function. The ones that i really use often is: firstly, the message notification. I pair this up with my work phone, which i don’t usually keep on my person at all times and it’s nice to have a notification close by, so that i can pick up my phone and answer those messages now. The other very good function that i like is the alarm now not being a morning person. I don’t really like alarms ringing to wake me up and having a watch that vibrates very slightly to wake me up is something very pleasant, and i really enjoyed it now. Wearing a watch might not be very comfortable to sleep but it’s, something that i got used to and it’s something i do every night now now a few things that i found pretty annoying about this watch. Firstly, i didn’t think that the watch faces stayed on long enough for me to actually read the time and the date it goes away quite quickly.

Secondly, the always on function is available, but it does cut your battery life in half so that’s, not something very efficient. So maybe they can look into that finding a way to use a more low powered way of telling time all the time without me having to activate the watch face now. Lastly, i’m, not too crazy about the whole menu interface, maybe it’s my first time using a huawei watch. But i did find the menu slightly confusing and certain items that were hidden away, that i didn’t find for the past two weeks and only found out recently. So, overall i do find this watch pretty cool. It is definitely a nice fashion piece and it does all its basic functions as a smart watch. But if you are a first time user and looking for your first smartwatch, i would recommend going for the earlier models and working your way up from there it’s pretty expensive going for a newer model when you are a first time, smartwatch user.