I mean you can buy a new iphone 12 pro for a thousand bucks, or you can buy this thing for around 700 775 somewhere around there. You could potentially even find a better deal depending on where you’re sourcing, your device, so let’s find out the major differences here: Music, okay, so the iphone 11 pro does come in this beautiful gold color. It also comes in silver, and this phone also comes in space gray, so you have three color options here: you’ll see that the iphone 11 pro does use more of a curved edge here, definitely been using this since the iphone 10. at the bottom. There is a lightning port microphone as well as speaker, grille right there on the right side. There is a power button and it’s also doubling as a siri button at the top more curve action going here and at 5.8 inches 188 grams. This phone feels pretty comfortable to hold in the hand, while also giving you a nice size and the iphone 12 pro. This thing differs on the sides. Mostly it does go with the squared edges. Again, we do have 5g here so that’s an improvement as well, but you can see we do have the volume markers there silence switch there at the bottom of this device. It also does have the lightning port microphone holes and it does have speaker grille as well. On the right side, you will see the power button. In addition to that you’ll see antenna line down here.

Antenna line at the top cameras are in the same position. This is the pacific, blue color. You can get this thing in graphite, silver, gold as well. A little bit curved in the edge but it’s still a squared off curve, so a little bit different from the iphone 11 pro ceramic on the front glass. So this thing’s supposed to be four times stronger if you do drop it over the 11 pro when it comes to weight the iphone 11 pro 188 grams, the iphone 12 pro is actually only 189 grams. So this phone not really that much different when it comes to how much they weigh if you’re used to the size of the 11 pro you’ll love this phone as well. If you wanted a bigger screen at 6.1 inches when talking about width, though the iphone 11 pro at its thickest point is actually thicker than the iphone 12 8.1 millimeters versus 7.4 for the iphone 12 pro. When talking about the durability aspects of these devices, though it’s really hard, to tell i mean if you pick both of them up it’s more of a feel difference which one do you like the way it feels in your hand, based on you know, i would say The edges of both phones, because they essentially feel the same. They both have this nice glass texture on the back that doesn’t pick up a lot of scratches it’s, very durable. Both these phones feel very great premium, durable devices, ceramic glass and the 12 pro is an improvement.

Both of these are still going to need a screen protector, because the glass does scratch and the stainless steel for the iphone 12 pro, even with a case on, has the potential to scratch, so be careful with this 12 pro, if you’re worried about little hairline scratches Because it happens so let’s talk about displays. Both of these phones have incredible displays. They both have the capabilities of getting to 800 nits, so the brightness is just the best way i could describe it. This is juicy on here: it’s really good, like brighter than phones. Like the 10s max the iphone 10s, the iphone 10r just brighter than the iphone 12 and 12 mini as well, so these are both very exceptional with the brightness. They can also get very dim as well, which is what i really like a lot of variability in what you can do with them over here. We do have good dark modes as well. We do have night shift and true tone. So a lot of comfort convenience features for quality of life enhancements when it comes to saving your eyes from really hurting. When looking at these displays, they also do hit very high pixels per inch with the 12 pro coming at a slightly higher 460 ppi versus the 458 for the 11 pro something you would never see now, because the 12 pro got a little bit bigger the notch. Doesn’T really seem to be noticed as much as on the smaller phone as it’s, packed into a smaller display for the 11 pro now when watching video.

Both of these are still, i think, not the best options on the market, but they can both definitely watch a video and really enjoy that as well, mostly due to the fact that they’re really sharp super retina, xdr oled displays and they are capable of playing hdr Content as well, so i mean really there’s, not a big thing to worry about with either. Actually, i think, if you’re picking the 11 pro you’re getting essentially the same exact type of display, nobody would really be able to tell the difference between either. Besides that it’s slightly a little bit bigger than the iphone 11 pro, some people are saying no nick 6.1 is so much more noticeable than 5.8. For me, i really don’t think it’s that big of a jump kind of like going from this phone to like a pro max that’s, a way bigger jump than this right here so let’s head over to the software section. I usually breeze through this section, because with these iphones, they all basically run the same thing, there’s, really no major difference. Again, you will have a different wallpaper. These are the stock wallpapers that come with them. But if you go on the settings – and we go down to the camera section as well, because there’s always hardware features added with the newer iphone, you will see different features like in record video, for example, you’ll. Have this video right here, hdr video format, don’t find it here for the 11 pro and that’s, due to the fact that the 12 pro has the hardware to support hdr video other than that the software is identical in terms of operation.

Both of them have 60 hertz displays, so when actually scrolling through going back and forth day to day operation, everything feels like you’re using the same exact phone so way that into consideration. When you are picking up one of these now. One thing i do want to mention about the iphone 12 that i do like, though, since we’re on a topic of performance is that we do get a nice healthy upgrade in the ram. This phone actually goes up to six gigs of ram versus a little bit. Smaller memory on the iphone 11 pro, this one actually does give us four gigs of ram. So what does this mean? Essentially, it just means when you’re doing this you’re an instagram you’re in ebay, you’re shopping for something real, quick. You go back to instagram, you open up a picture, maybe you’re playing a game or you’re, doing a benchmark, probably not doing a benchmark but playing a game or something when you go through this app you’re hopping in between you’re, never going to see a reload likely On the 12 pro versus the 4 gigs of ram here, when we are hopping in it’s not going to do it here with a few applications, but you will notice it sometimes, if you’re really pushing it hard, this phone just doesn’t have enough ram to do it, But i definitely noticed that if i was running a lot of stuff at once, really hammering on this phone, it definitely could reload an app once in a while.

So on the topic of storage. So this one launched with 64 gigs, the 11 pro and this one launched with 128 gigs so right from the start, the iphone 12 pro is the better value because they cost the same when they started. But now you can get this phone with more storage on this phone for cheaper than the starting price of this phone. So you’ll have to wait for the 12 pro to come down in price, for it to be a better value and storage. And when talking about the battery life, the 11 pro man, this one has 30 46 milliamp hour battery. We downgraded to a 2815 for the iphone 12 pro, but keep in mind that the iphone 12 pro got more efficient. So you can weigh it how you want! I still like the fact that 11 pro has a bigger battery. I actually found that the 11 pro lasted a little bit longer than the iphone 12 pro did, especially if the 12 pro was running 5g, so that 5g does come with a sacrifice and that’s a little bit of battery life. Now, i’m, not sitting up here and telling you hey man, look if you get the 12 pro you’re, not making it through the day, that’s, not what i’m telling you what i’m telling you is that between these two phones, i got a little bit longer battery life. Maybe like an hour more out of the 11 pro and that kind of makes sense.

If you look at the difference in the milliamp hour size battery, also, i think, having a larger battery in general means that your battery health will probably hold up a little bit better over time. So i kind of like where the 11 series went with the battery. It was really impressive on pretty much the entire line last year. The 12 pro is acceptable, though it also gets through a day. Let’S talk about the cameras. We have a triple lens setup on the rear, on both of them. Both have triple 12 megapixel cameras and they both have telephoto ultra wide lenses at 13 millimeters, but the main lens goes to f 1.6 on the 12 pro. The top pro also brings this lidar sensor, which i don’t think most people are really going to use. That often right now anyway, but it’s there. If you want to use it, then we do have ourselves a flash right there and a flash right there. Okay, now, when it comes to the actual camera quality itself, i will say that i do like how the iphone 12 pro does seem to get a little bit brighter in the photos. It’S very small it’s, a very small detail, but you can definitely tell it’s a little bit brighter, but you can definitely tell it’s even brighter in the video it does have an hdr video. You can see it right there, so you can get much punchier colors, but be careful if you shoot this video and you don’t know how to edit hdr you’re going to have some problems in post production and other than that hdr and the fact that the 12 Pro takes a little bit brighter photos.

They seem like the same cameras. You definitely don’t need to do this upgrade unless you absolutely just want to have this phone, because i think, as the 13 comes out, it’s going to get even better than this, so they’ll probably even be bigger upgrades than what you see here on a 12 pro And when you go to video settings, you still have the ability to go ahead and change them up here, just like you would on the iphone 11 pro. So i do think the camera is definitely better for this iphone 12 pro, but you really would have to take advantage of the camera a lot to really care about this. I mean it’s really not that big of an upgrade now. The neat thing about both of them is that they both do shoot some amazing front facing video as well. 4K. 60. But again, the video just looks better on the front of the 12 pro a little bit either way you go. You’Re gon na be happy with what these can produce from the front because they can match up with the rear. These are both shooting at such a professional level. Really you would have to really care about shooting hdr content for the 12 pro to make a major difference, so that just goes to show the 11 pro is not being left behind right now. So talking about the audio quality, so that sounded pretty good and you notice, throughout this video there’s a lot of seamless happening here, because these phones pretty much produce similar results max 2 it’s very hard to detect the difference here on audio as well again.

It’S, a wash in the audio as well it’s, pretty much tied in the the fact that most people wouldn’t be able to hear a difference here either. The last thing i want to talk about is the connections, because i do think that the iphone 12 pro had better signal strength. It also had better mobile data strength and overall, as far as connectivity goes, i do think it’s a nice upgrade to the iphone 12 pro face. Id operated basically identical on both of these phones, with no real major issues in there, except for the fact, when you’re outdoors right now, sometimes you’re not able to use it, fingerprint sensor could be more useful at the end of the day. In conclusion, now that we’ve broke down these phones in detail, how far ahead does the 12 pro come? Is it really worth it? If you have an 11 pro, i would say stay put. I would wait till there was bigger upgrades to my phone before. I would upgrade it if you want one of these two phones, if you think it’s worth it having hdr video, the 200 will help you out a little bit to get that for the 12 pro. If you just got ta have that blue. If you want 5g, if you will take advantage of hdr video, if you want that slightly bigger screen, but you never liked too large of a screen like the 6.7 inch 12 pro max. Your iphone 12 pro will definitely be the choice for you, so yeah they’re, very close.

The 12 pro is the newer phone, but the 11 pro has been holding on quite well, and both of these phones are phenomenal devices, and i do think they live up to the pro name, because if you do take advantage of what they offer, they can definitely Produce professional results, so if you guys have either one of these phones, let us know what your experience has been like thumbs up.