This is going to be their top of the line. This is going to be their um. I think cyber edition so it’s a little bit different, where you’re going to get full protection on the camera. So that’s going to be the difference between the regular version what’s going to have that out right there versus the one that’s got the camera protection that’s fully covered, so let’s go and check it out pricing. I think i got at 40 bucks really very close pricing compared to the official oneplus case, which i like it’s, probably my favorite case official case of all time. I just really like the feel of it. Build quality is awesome and you’re getting full edged edge protection. So you’re not gon na get that with this one. I believe that the bottom part is exposed. They did a great job with this presentation, though nice job to them a little branding right there, one plus eight to the t and possibly thin phone case, and then the back is going to take a little more details about what you’re going to get with the Uh really lightweight case, but very nice presentation from a ladder case. They’Ve done a great job. With this one it’s 100 dupont kevlar, i say carbon fiber kevlar, and then you got the little lighter case, branding right there very cool that’s, a nice presentation from um from ladder case all right, so let’s go check this out. So my first impression yeah.

This is super thin top part i’m, not a huge fan of this. I i don’t know why they do this top parts exposed bottom parts exposed too now that’s cool, because if you’re just a minimalist – and you just want some basic protection on the back basic trash protection – but to me i want full protection top to bottom. I i rocked this particular case for my iphone 11 and i noticed that the bottom part started to get scratched up and it was you know the stainless steel, but it was a little bit scratched up and that’s just from basic everyday use that it may have Just kind of you know started getting scratched up because it’s not got that full coverage and that’s. Just my personal experience with this, i love the case. How minimalist it was. It almost felt like your raw dog in your phone, and i love that feeling you just you know it feels like the phone itself and nothing else to it. I like that, but just give me a little more protection that’s, my one little gripe. There got nothing on the back again. You got. The camera covered up very nicely done i’m gon na check that out to see if it’s got any wobble effect. It shouldn’t looks pretty clean a little bit of raining on the interior, same material, very nice beautiful, but this one again official one full edge, that’s protection. So if you drop it, you do got extra protection.

So to me, that gives it a one up over the ladder case for me personally and it’s just a little bit heavier but that’s, not necessarily a bad thing, especially when we’re talking about compromising um protection. It’S going to take that beautiful silver and wipe it down. Wipe it down make it look beautiful, love this freaking phone. That color is awesome. Snap. It right into place like this beautiful see, that is a nice looking case clean, no branding beautiful again, no issues at all with the camera protection it’s completely covered. It looks precise and clean, so there’s no issues there again top parts exposed. I don’t like that i’m, not a huge fan of that and then really it’s just got this little part right here covering it. So this part leaves it completely exposed for dings let’s. Go check out the lip, because everybody no there’s, no lip, no, no lip protection at all on this one. This is for everybody that’s a basic minimalist person. This is uh for you, but this is for everybody. Looking for protection. This is probably not the case for you. Uh cutouts, look pretty clean, again: there’s, no, covering the buttons just complete cutout same thing on the bottom. They could have even brought it in just a little bit more. You can see it’s just completely exposed and even the bottom part i don’t like that. You see how it’s too deep they could have brought this up a little bit more.

I don’t like that i’m, not a huge fan of that. I just think that that’s too much even putting your phone like this, i think that that gives you too much openness for um. Getting that scratched up. That would be my really gripe with this particular phone to just not get not getting enough protection and then the power button and the lurch slider, of course, easy access. Again. We’Ve already talked about the top uh grip wise. It feels great in the hands. It’S got a nice feel to it premium texture. I love this case. I wish i could rock it, but i can’t recommend this to people that are looking for any protection other than just the basic back or, if you’re, just one of those people that, like skins, that just want to basically cover the actual back of the phone, because You’Re, just not getting enough coverage from me for that price point. I would highly recommend getting the official one over this one, especially for that price point. Let’S go and see if it wobbles a little bit, not crazy. You can see just a little bit of wobble in this it’s pretty flat, so you know i don’t mean issues at all with that, so i’m gon na say maybe a mini hit just because of like what they did. Not i’m gon na say it’s a miss i’m gon na say it’s a miss just you’re, just not getting enough protection for compared to what their competition is.

With this particular oneplus lineup, i would say, get this one premium same feel to it. Just got better overall protection. Let me know your thoughts on the comment. Section, we’ll say: it’s, a miss hit.