So do you think that this one is still worth it or not? You can comment down below with budget phone in malaysia, 2015 and so without further ado. Let’S get started so as a small number 3. I need to charge it every single time with charging condition right now, as you can see here, and so before. We proceed to the os i’m going to tell you this pack, as well as showing the phone and yeah 4 inch tft display with 2 megapixel selfie camera call. Receiver will be here at the bottom of the phone, this three navigation button, but unfortunately, this back button is not working anymore. So at the back of the phone lego logo, alpha 8 logo speakers with round white and red style, 5 megapixel rear camera with led flash at the right of the phone power on off button and volume up and down at the left. I’M. Sorry at the left of the phone, nothing at the top of the phone 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, as well as the charging port at the bottom of the phone. Only this sound recording with red plastic style, also at the top also get so now. Let’S, proceed to the os yeah 1gb of ram 8gb of storage and 1.3 gigahertz with 1600 mah original battery. The maximum on this phone touch is only two. I already tried it before yeah this phone is quite cheap. You know here’s the home screen: android 5.

1 lollipop latest version on this device, so the camera maximum 4x zoom with autofocus here’s, the 5 megapixel rear camera change, the selfie mode press it here: yo, 2, megapixel, selfie, camera also, 4x zoom, so here’s. The settings of the camera – you can check it if you didn’t catch the the setting. You can pause. The video, of course not bad for the camera part. So now i’m going to show you this setting and after that, the storage about phone android version 5.1, but unfortunately they showing the lego logo only you can’t play the game so now i’m going to show you this setting on this device. I’M. Sorry, since the back button is not work, i need to. I need to go back to the home screen and press the settings again or like this. Oh, come on it’s quite hard to i mean to press the screen because, as you can see this three rubber band on this phone, but at least it still works right, so storage, a phone storage, total space, 5.13 gig and available 1.67 gig that’s, not bad. In 2021, so i have some apps that i can i mean i install on this phone yeah it’s like youtube, title pinterest and so on. Let’S check out the t talk i mean the youtube sorry for my slow english ads. We, like yeah here’s the youtube 480p resolution maximum on this device, not bad try to watch the video. This is the latest version of the youtube version.

Sorry, this is the malay news: 480p, not bad. Facebook, also on latest version, not bad the instagram, even twitter. You can install on this device, you know, but it’s a little bit slow. Of course it has 1g of ram and android lollipop all the version, so yeah that’s. All for me.