We have the me 10 i over here. This is the first launch by xiaomi for this year, that is 2021, and i think that this year is going to be even more crazy than last year last year, xiaomi launched a bunch of phones and some really good ones and i’m, hoping that this one belonged To that category, a really good smartphone for a really good price point, so let’s go ahead and unbox the meat and i and see what all do we get inside. This is the super chill unboxing of the meat, and i i’ve got my cup of chai with me. I hope that you do as well sit back, relax and have a good time Music. Now before we move forward, this video is brought to you by glazedink. Glazeding.Com has some of the most high quality accessories for your smartphones out there. They have real curved 2.5 d, tempered glasses for a lot of smartphones out there, and the quality is top notch. I personally use their tempered glasses on almost all my smartphones and the fit, and finish is perfect. They also have some cool mad hybrid cases, which look awesome on your smartphone, so don’t forget to check out blazing by clicking the link in the description box below and as a bonus to all of you guys, you can avail a 10 discount by using the code On your screen, so do not forget to use this code and get your 10 percent discount.

All right. I’Ve got my tester over here, tester op, in the chat, guys tester op, so right off the bat you can see that there are some highlights of the phone mentioned on the back over here, for example, the 108 megapixel ai rear camera, yes, 108 megapixel primary camera And this phone is supposed to launch under 25 000 rupees. So with that price point, this is the first time that i’m seeing this sensor, and that is excellent. Apart from that, it comes with the qualcomm snapdragon 750 g, so this processor is supposed to be better than 765 g, but then why would a qualcomm name, it 750g it’s. Just you know stupid naming in my opinion, but nevertheless you will get similar or better performance. As compared to snapdragon 765g, apart from that there’s, a 120 hertz lcd display now this is again the adaptive sync display which will change the refresh rate automatically, and then you also get a 48 20 milliamp hour battery with 33 watt fast charging, the variant that i’ve Got over here is the pacific sunrise, with 8gb of ram and 128gb of internal storage. Now i really like this color i’ve seen the renders – and i cannot wait to you know, look at it in person, so let’s go ahead and do that designed by xiaomi. Now in this first box over here we do get a sim card ejector tool, and then there is some paperwork. Now paperwork is, as always, boring so i’m just going to keep it aside.

Apart from that, there is a case inside the box, and this is the standard tpu case that you get with any smartphone, but the back is somewhat frosted. I really like this so it’s a frosted bag on the case as well. So when you hold the phone in your hand, you are going to get that good feeling so good quality case now let’s, just you know, keep all this aside and get to the phone itself here we go. So this is the meat and i in the pacific, sunrise color, but let me go ahead and remove that plastic. I know you clicked for the plastic removal sound, so let’s kill the background music i’m gon na shut up and let’s remove the plastic all right. Next up is the imei sticker and we’re just gon na go ahead and remove that here we go. Oh, my god, this color looks absolutely stunning and it has this matte finish: matte frosted finish, which looks really cool. In my opinion, the renders do not do justice to this color man. This color is really good, and the camera bump is not that huge. Surprisingly, like i thought that the camera bump would be huge because of the 108 megapixel sensor, but that’s not the case, so design wise. This phone does look really good, now i’m, going to quickly go ahead and switch on this phone and keep it aside. For a moment and let’s see what all do we get inside the box, so apart from the phone, there is a 33 watt fast charger inside the box itself.

Now that is a good thing that they are providing the fast charger inside of the box, so yeah it’s a 33 watt fast charger, and this does support usb power delivery. Basically, you can fast charge other phones as well using this charger. That is excellent. Apart from that, there is a standard usb type, a to usb type c, cable, so yeah that’s about it. Now that was the unboxing experience i’m going to quickly keep everything inside the box except the case because i’m going to put the case on the phone. So the box will go over here and let’s get back to the phone. Let me put the box over. Actually, oh, the case fits pretty snug on the phone and it also shows off the color, which is excellent. Now, as i said, the case has this matte frosted finish, which really feels good in the hand now i’m going to quickly go ahead and set up the phone and let’s see if we get the ads option, all right, it’s time to set up the fingerprint sensor. It’S on the power button on the side – and this has become standard in every xiaomi phone these days, so let’s quickly go ahead and set up the fingerprint sensor. Okay, here we go so i am getting the option of user experience program personalized ads and something like that so i’m, just going to quickly turn all those off and let’s hope that this phone does not have ads.

Now this is a me phone and theoretically, it should not have ads, but let’s see how it goes so yeah. This was the unboxing experience now i’m going to use this phone for a couple of days and i’ll get back to you all right. So that was the unboxing experience of this phone. The me 10, i i’ve been using it as my daily phone for the past five days and i have to say my first impressions are very positive about this device. So the main highlighting feature of this phone is the 108 megapixel camera on the rear side. Yes megapixel – and this is the first time that we are seeing this camera in this price range. Now, since we are on the topic of camera, let’s talk about the other cameras on this phone, so there’s, the 108 megapixel primary sensor, apart from that there’s, an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera a 2 megapixel macro camera and then finally, a 2 megapixel depth sensor On the front side of things, there’s a single camera – that is a 16 megapixel shooter. Now you might be wondering what about actual images, so here they are here are some sample photos from the main camera, as well as the ultra wide angle camera. Now this time around night mode is available for the main, as well as the ultra wide angle, camera so xiaomi has finally listened, and they have given us the night mode for ultra wide angle, camera as well, and that deserves a thumbs up now.

I will be testing the cameras in detail and i will make a dedicated camera review of the meet and eye which will be coming really soon so stay tuned for that and make sure that you subscribe to the channel now here are some sample images from the Front camera as well again, i will be testing it out further and stay tuned, so that was the camera. What about other things? So the meter comes with a snapdragon 750 g at its core and along with that, you get a couple of options. 6Gb of ram or 8gb of ram along with 128gb of internal storage, the ram type is lpddr4x and the storage type is ufs. 2.2 now there’s a 4800 milliamp hour battery to go along with this, with support for 33 watt fast charging. So for the price the specs do seem really promising. Now, on the software side of things, there is miui 12 out of the box, which is running on android 10.. I am hoping that the android 11 update will come soon. The next point that comes in is display, so the mi 10 comes with a 6.67 inches full hd plus ips lcd display, with a refresh rate of 120 hertz. Now this display is hdr10 certified and also comes with support for wired wind l1. So, essentially, you can watch high quality, hdr content on netflix amazon hotstar. Whatever you want, and you will have a very good experience. The display quality itself is really good and does not feel cheap at all the viewing angles.

The colors, the brightness everything seems pretty good and no complaints. As far as the display goes apart from that, this phone does come with a headphone jack. The headphone jack is very important at this price point and i’m, really glad that it is here overall. As far as my first impressions go, i am really impressed with the me 10. I it feels like a solid competitor to the oneplus nord samsung galaxy m51 and also the moto g5g, but i highly doubt that it’s gon na come at the price of moto g5g. I think that it will come at 23, 000 rupees, but by the time you are watching this video. You will already know the price, but i will make sure to mention the price in the description box below so anyway. This was my unboxing and first impressions of the meat, and i do let me know how i feel about this video in the comment section down below. If you haven’t already please subscribe to the channel, it will mean the world to me.