Recent memory, just everything that went down. It was a very odd year very horrific year in many ways, but this kind of really didn’t impact the tech world a lot we saw so many phones, so many releases just things in the tech world somehow kept going. And for me that was good because that kept my mind on something at least, and i think throughout the year one of the best phones i have used. Actually, you know what let’s crash that the best phone i’ve used this year hands down as the google pixel 4a, which will be very surprising to a lot of people. But let me explain why, so throughout the year, we’ve seen some very crazy phones, we’ve seen the extremely expensive but very cool galaxy z4 2. we’ve seen the crazy stuff, like the lg wing, we’ve, seen new iphones everything, but of all of those. This is the one that stuck out the most in my mind, i think i’ve used about 10 phones or something this year and of all of them. This is the one that i keep thinking about all the time and the reason behind it is because this just completely rewired my brain as to what a phone needs to be and how much it needs to cost. To be very honest, smartphone pricing right now is getting out of hand. We have multiple smartphones that cost above a thousand dollars apple. You know even apple’s, iphone 12 lineup, the cheapest phone you can get is 730 bucks before tax samsung has launched multiple thousand dollar phones.

One plus has a thousand dollar phone now and is just crazy to think about the the pricing, for these phones is getting out of hand, but the reality is the value, the use, the usability for for a lack of a better word. Just the user experience on the whole hasn’t really gone up with that price you’re, getting a very similar experience, you’d get even a few years ago and really you’re just paying more and more for a little bit of a better hardware, a little bit of a better Camera a little bit of a better something which you know: cool it’s, cutting edge, that’s, all fantastic. But after a certain point it starts to feel like you start to go numb to it and that’s what’s happened in the last year or so with me. I’Ve really not found many phones interesting because of these small things. It all seems to be camera. You know okay, now, this one has 120 hertz display. Okay. So now this went up to 90 hertz, and that is the thing is almost every android phone on the flagship end seems to have the same specs. The same user. Experience is just it’s packaged a little bit differently and that has gotten very boring to cover. So this year is why more than ever, i’ve been intrigued by the mid year. Phones and we’ve had a lot of solid entries into the market. We had the google pixel 4a. We had the iphone se, the oneplus nord and that’s.

Just those are just the phones, i’ve used in them at the mid level market and all of them are fantastic in their own right, but this one just really gets the job done without any compromises whatsoever. This has the cheapest price tag of the whole of the three phones i mentioned. This is 350 bucks and it still has some unbelievably standard features. It comes with 128 gigs of storage standard. You can’t get more, but you can’t get less either there’s six gigs of ram. You have a oled screen in the front. You’Ve got stereo speakers. You’Ve got google’s amazing camera system, so it has the same cameras as the pixels. All the other pixels it’s got. You know a punch hole display. So a very nice display on the front uh, no big notches, no, no crazy things going on a very predictable phone. It’S got a plastic build which a lot of people may not like, but i love it because of how durable it is, and it doesn’t feel bad. This plastic does not feel cheap or bad. It actually i’ve loved the way it feels it just makes me use my phone as a utility more than having to worry about. Oh what if it gets scratched. Oh, what if this happens, it’s this phone really rewired, my brain as to how a phone should be used and how we cannot worry about things as much and it’s, just a great phone sure there are a few downsides.

You know this isn’t the greatest phone either. It doesn’t have a good uh, you know it. Doesn’T have the highest end. Chipset it’s got a mid tier snapdragon 730g. It only has one camera on the back uh. It doesn’t have the niceties like wireless charging and all that wonderful stuff. And overall, just you know, this phone is an intriguing option and oh and before i forgot to mention this – has a headphone jack, that’s crazy. This is the only phone i’ve bought this year with a headphone jack. I think this is the only phone in the last two years i might have bought without headphone jack, so crazy. To think about this, the pixel 4a is a very, very good op proposition, and it really begs the question: why isn’t it more popular, because this phone really has changed my mind onto why you need to pay the you know, thousand plus dollars for a phone. If 350 bucks can get you this, why pay that much money and it’s ridiculous, because this phone costs half sometimes one third of the price of the uh expensive phones and it still delivers such an amazing experience? I have been able to use all the same apps. All the same things i’ve been able to watch the same kind of content on this. That i’ve watched on any other flagship phone, and i haven’t had any complaints about. It is the most important thing sure, with these mid tier phones, you can do all the same stuff, but i always notice.

Oh, you know the camera experience just isn’t the greatest. Oh, you know the display just doesn’t feel that that much nicer the this that i can nitpick, but with this phone i really didn’t, have anything to nitpick with it’s got a stereo speaker setup, which sounds pretty decent. It’S got an amoled screen, so you know content automatically looks really just. There is a level there, it’s it’s, a decent level, it’s, not the greatest display in the world, but it looks good like most people will not have any complaints about it and that’s the thing about this phone. There is not that much to complain about. The only thing i would complain about, maybe is the lack of wireless charging. If that was there, this would be a perfect phone for me that’s. The only thing i ever missed, while i use this compared to my flagship phones, is that wireless charging ability, if they added that in the next one, it would be great and another thing you know this – has a capacitive fingerprint sensor on the back there’s. So much familiarity with this phone it’s, not anything crazy, it’s, not anything that will get anyone excited, but this phone just works and i can’t believe why companies have started to stray away from this logic of make something that just works. You know people don’t want not. Everybody wants crazy, stuff, crazy innovation just make something that works. You know you can make your crazy innovative stuff too, but at least make a few models like this.

That actually makes sense for the most common group of people who use phones and just want something simple and familiar, and another key reason that this phone is so good has to be the software experience. So this has google’s stock os, nothing crazy, android, 11, with no gimmicks, nothing crazy, it’s got all the same. Google features that you get on the other. Google phones like call screening and stuff, but this doesn’t have any skin, no bloatware, no nothing, and this is actually a big reason why i don’t cover mid tier phones right um, even though i love these. I hate that a lot of them have heavy skins. Now a lot of them have advertising baked into them, and i hate that this is a big reason why i haven’t used a xiaomi phone in years. Now i just cannot stand the ui. I cannot stand the ads. I am. I just don’t want to do that. That’S kind of why the only real chinese brand i consistently use is oneplus because they haven’t done that yet, but they’re slowly, skewing towards a very heavy skin. With a with you know, i’m we’ll see how it goes with one plus, but for the time being, oneplus is the only chinese oem that i’m really using a lot and it’s weird, because this market is massive, the mid tier phone market, but i don’t think any Of them have as complete of a package as google does because sure they have the specs on paper.

You know: they’ve got crazy. 64 megapixel triple camera this that, but i bet you not a single one of them can take a photo like this can uh the it’s. Just this phone relies on its strengths. It doesn’t try to impress you it just what it gives you. It gives you something that is good and that is that’s refreshing in the material market, where the competition is so fierce, there’s gimmicks and everything to try to sell it to you guys, there’s it’s, a lot of you know marketing buzzwords it’s. A lot of you know. I often think it must be that the marketing people have a lot more of the say in the design and the specs of the phone than the actual kaizen r d, making these technological choices, because for them marketing. They have to sell this phone, and the only way to sell in a fierce environment is to create these gimmicks, and it just feels like a lot of those phones, have gimmicks this doesn’t. This is true: it’s it’s, like wearing blue jeans, right it’s, nothing, fancy it’s! True to nature, and it just works and that’s something i love about this phone – it has an honest nature about it, and that is why undoubtedly, this phone has been my favorite phone of the year. I still think about it, even though i’ve used so many other android phones, even though i use the pixel 5. I still think that the pixel 4a is just such an undeniably good value.

350 bucks, like the the photos you can get out of this phone for 350 bucks. I can’t believe like i am not kidding. I would recommend people to just buy this phone to use as a stills camera, because for 350 bucks this camera does a crazy good job. I am just blown away by the proposition of this phone and i am very, very sad of how underrated this phone is. So i just wanted to make a video rounding up this year. Uh. It is new year’s eve right now, while i’m filming this so it’s, probably new year’s by the time. Most of you are watching this, but uh happy new years guys, and this is the phone of 2020. For me, this is what made it for me and i’m kind of you know: it’s fun this this mid year, market has made me, enjoy the smartphone market again, it’s, not the same stuff, because every mid tier phone is making different decisions, because the only stringent thing They’Re stuck to is the price everything else under there they get to make decisions. The design the features the specs and it’s fun to watch that competition go down so that’s it for this one guys, let me know what you think of the pixel 4a and just the mid tier market in general this year. I think it really has taken off and come to the point where flagships start making a lot less sense. So uh, if you haven’t already be sure to follow me on social media i’ll, have all the handles right here in the screen and, of course down in the description below a lot of behind the scenes, stuff, uh, filming and just general testing these phones over there.

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