So you might remember them from that. Xlr microphone we checked out. We’Ve got a multi purpose. Vlog microphone, they’re ucm11p they’ve sent this to us to check this out. So this is one that’s going to work off a 3.5 millimeter auxiliary jack. This is meant mostly for your phone. I mean it’ll work with a computer it’ll work with a tablet really most likely. You’Re going to be using this with your phone, if you’re going to be getting something for like a dslr camera, you’re, probably getting something a little more high end than this, but we’re gon na try this out with our phone so to the way we’re gon na. Do this to test its quality is right now you are hearing me through only the phone, which is just above me here. It is in a in a padded room, so it should be picking up a lot less sound even than normal. The phone should sound, pretty good right now, we’re gon na see, if we can improve this with a shotgun microphone, aiming it directly towards our face to get that sound, so let’s check this thing out. We got books and crap. We don’t need any of that. All right, we got the shotgun microphone here. Let me take the padding i’m kind of look at it, so what a shotgun microphone is meant to do is it’s meant to pick up sound in front of it directly in front so it’s supposed to be aimed directly at what you’re.

Taking that way, it’s supposed to not pick up as much sound coming from around it, it’s all plastic, but it’s got some rubber around here. To help have it, it’s got a bit of a quality, feel there. It comes with a stand again feels like it’s all plastic, not bad. Definitely, a budget price that you’re going for here, Music. This is actually much more quality than most than them, because most won’t be a metal one and it’s got one weird little turn thing that stops and it’ll still move around so it’s not bad. It is all plastic it’s, nothing, amazing. Now, the way this is meant to work is this goes on here and then your phone’s gon na be able to go in there. You can set this on something. You have some ability to stand it up, but not it’s, not gon na get very tall, even at its tallest you’re gon na be looking like that, and then this slides in and locks into place tighten that down and then now you’ve got this. That goes into your phone okay, so it has a bit of a shock mount actually, interestingly, so the way this part works is it’s, just two rubber rings that this goes through so now that actually gives it some flexibility to move around so that’s going to help A little bit with shocks, probably not much but it’s something, and that is it right there aimed in any direction you want.

It has a tiny bit of height adjustability, but not much alright, so let’s grab our phone and let’s check this out. While aiming this actually at our mouth. Okay, it says: recording audio through headset now one thing most of these have a power button and batteries. This one is running only off the phone power. You might not be able to hear as well, because even the shotgun away from my my mouth so now the question is: how is this sounding – and i actually don’t know so we’re testing this right now live? I can’t hear it so i’m going to pause the video and go check it out and see what the quality sounds like. It is odd because the the mic it’s pointing at my forehead technically but like i want to aim the mic down towards my mouth, but then the phone is gon na be facing too far down so it’s. You can’t really adjust the mic with independently from the phone, so that is one thing: that’s that’s a little less helpful, but anything at this range really shouldn’t be an issue with the shotgun mic. So let me pause this and listen to the video and let’s see how this sounds so it’s, definitely more sensitive, it’s picking up a lot of it’s picking up my voice a lot louder. I luckily wasn’t blowing out the mic, so it did capture my voice without overloading the microphone, but it definitely was a lot louder than when i had it on or just the phone originally.

So you won’t notice the huge bump in volume so much because i will adjust the original part up a little bit and just adjust this down a little in post, but the sound quality is definitely much crisper. So, to kind of show you kind of do some testing on the shotgun abilities, so this mic is pointing directly at me right now now, if i were to point it off to the side and just continue talking here, so you can kind of see how the Audio is changing whether it actually faces me or not, we’re going to be testing that right here again, i can’t hear this, so i don’t know what is happening but we’re, seeing if it is making a big difference having it aimed at me and then we’ll take It across the room and give it a few tests too now i’m pretty much centered in the frame i’m going to keep talking about normal speaking voice i’m, not going to speak up even though it’s across the room. So it is still directly facing towards me, but we’re kind of seeing how it’s doing at range. This is now about eight feet away from me right now, and so then, if i were to step over to the side, where i’m barely in the frame still keep talking directly forward, not towards the shotgun we’re, seeing how that’s sounding over here and then i’ll get Completely out of the frame over here and then same thing, i’m, not going to face towards the mic and just continue talking this way so you’re getting a little bit of a taste of how that mic is and isn’t picking up audio that’s not facing towards a Shotgun mic is going to do a better job, aiming directly at you, but it’s still going to pick up audio from the room around especially a budget.

One like this it’s, not it’s, not going to have the sonic penetration it’s only going to pick up directly what’s in front of it. But let me take a let me take a minute i’m going to listen to this. One put some headphones on, make sure i’m. Really hearing it crisp and clear and see how this one sounds: Music, one extra thing i didn’t want to. Let you know upon closer inspection, this adapter, i realize what this is for. You can see. If i can get this in the frame, you can see that that only has two black rings there, instead of three, so this is technically meant for when you switch over to a camcorder or a camera instead of when you have your phone, if it’s for a Phone, it will have three rings on it good product from uhuru. I am impressed with the microphone. Uh 40 is still a very low price for any sort of audio equipment. Budget microphone uh again, it’s, not crazy, cheap, but it is quite cheap for a shotgun mic of this quality. So i am impressed i’ll leave a link in the description in case. You want to check this one out for yourself. I want to say a huge thank you all. The support, lady has been absolutely amazing, and i really appreciate all of you that are here hanging out watching the videos liking and sharing. It means so much to me the channel’s growing fast and it’s been really awesome to see.

So, thank you so much for hanging out with me. I will see you in another reality. I want to say the biggest. Thank you to those of you who have become channel members and any of you who have ever been patrons of ours: gallium vr chris deputy legacy, vr bagel and a fissy king sloth, our current channel members, our patrons k27 rocket sauce 28 k, panda k, fred nebotabo, Egge maddie’s gallium br orange vr and mr de dojo.