What do i have here is yeah the poco m2. Finally, finally, i was planning to do the unboxing like two months ago and i didn’t get my hands on this smartphone. So finally, i’ve got the poco m2 i’m excited and i like uh the best smartphone under 20 000. number. One smartphone band quality is made in india made in india, so number one smartphone band quality, one more opportunity. Slate blue one is a sled view. A 60 ram water, energy storage scope, so let’s do the quick, unboxing and uh for the first impression hello, everyone last time sociology and welcome to tech trends. I have the unboxing data action, poco and cool uh. So if you want this kind of unboxing reviews and tech news daily uh, please consider subscribing to our channel and then hitting that bell again so let’s start so let’s unbox and see what is in the box, the smartphone itself it’s in navi viewing call charger charger. Okay: five volt to airplane, so it’s called uh standard data uh. Even though the phone support 18 was worth fast charging. Yes, we type c, sir, so here’s the phone; okay here’s, the phone, the color phone physical layout, you can see. I need back my camera. I got this screen and so, if you remember our poco c3 unboxing tennery, i have blaster mission tool i’m glad the android is still sir just boot up the phone and then there’s someone i’ll save some specs, so it’s, okay, specs for helio, g80 processor.

Six point: five three inch cochlear plus displacer, which is protected by gorilla glass. Three uh, which happened today, are my thirteen eight five, two camera quadrant cameras front point my episode, selfie camera, so usb type c, subface back feature: 6gb, ram, 128gb variant, blaster, sir, and everything every other sensor. It requires fingerprint shaft and something available. So let’s set up the fingerprint first and see uh how it works. Okay, so it’s locked, you can see let’s unlock unlucky, we’re using fingerprints so around one second, just to like what’s up, which is not kind of like the fastest, but fair enough. At the price point now, let’s set up the facial, look and see how it works quite fast than i expected faster than everything you’re doing. Oh yeah, faster, faster, so uh fingerprint refresh on the bluetooth faster now let’s talk about the display, so you can see. The display is six point. Five three inch full hd plus display with this focal launch on your net for consolidating splinter and it’s, quite good, full hd, plus displacer, okay and good for the person already you you price, quite much. You display with this storage variant, and i think this is the first one with like 61.28 with that processor, supposedly smartphones and let’s unlock the camera. Okay, yeah, okay, selfie room uh is quite loud. Um go back, i feel, like separately, do subscribe to our channel and i will test that later. If you want me to do, it has got all the things that you uh require.

I know even though, for eight minutes, uh quantum camera, so you have a quarter. Camera stitcher you’ll get this phone around 20 000 with 6gb ram and 128gb ram variant and around 1918 000 with 67 and 64gb storage variant with meter technology uh, a beautiful display, beautiful display, miui 112 with pokemon under seriousness. So popular uh. We have we don’t have advertisement like read me, but yeah recommendations so uh. What does that mean recommendation advertisement? Let me turn that off recommendation. You can have a black uh. All black thing finished, especially so it’s a good one. So for the pricing of around 30 000 uh, i can say this is one of the best pick uh around 20 000 for a smartphone in nepal. Nepal based smartphone under 20 thousand reports, like i think we should update our release. Timer at least like twenty five thousand thousand, please subscribe. So what do you think we stopped at that list? Yeah the under twenty thousand smartphones doesn’t, really stop of permanent. I think this is the number one uh on that list.