There are some things i believe could be better. Let me share my experiences so that you can decide if you should buy this or not all right, let’s start with the build. So the watch has a round dial and has a metal build it’s made of aluminium with a matte black gun metal. Finish trust me. This looks very premium on the side are two buttons. The top one is to open the abs and to go back while the bottom button is to quickly access workouts. The back is made of plastic and feels sturdy. It has a heart rate sensor, an spo2 sensor, along with charging terminals, the straps are made of silicon and have a buckle, design, soft comfortable and gets a very good grip, but i felt it’s a little bulky and awkward when i wore it to bed to track. My sleep, maybe my wrists – are thin but wasn’t the most pleasant experience at night. It can be replaced with any third party 22mm bands. Thanks to the hook mechanism. I have a couple of bands: black, blue and orange. You can buy these separately as well coming to the display, so it has a 1.3 inch touch lcd display with a resolution of 360 by 360 pixels. The bezels on the side of the display are fairly slim with minutes indicator. The text is crisp sharp thanks to the 278 ppi. The colors might not be the most vibrant, but still good indoors outdoors.

They do feel a little washed out. The blacks are okay, not the deepest. It does come with auto brightness, so it adapts to the light around it. Realme claims it can crank out 600 nits of peak brightness. It gets bright enough to see under direct sunlight amazing. Of course you also have an option to control the brightness manually if needed. The glass on the display is protected with gorilla. Glass 3, so reduces chances of scratches overall, a huge improvement from its predecessor. However, i would have loved to see an amoled display, but for that you will have to look for the realme watch s pro variant. The watch comes with ip68 rating, so mild, splashes and sweat should be fine strictly not for swimming or shower. The watch doesn’t come with swim tracking either coming to tracking. It has 16 workout modes from walking running, cycling, strength, training, football, basketball, table tennis, elliptical training, yoga and a few more. The good thing is that tracking has improved drastically from its previous reality watch. I voted for a run and it displayed the distance time. Pace. Calories burned and it was quite accurate. Unfortunately, the watch just doesn’t come with built in gps, so it uses your phone’s gps. If you want to map your run now, this probably might be one of the biggest deal breakers for the watches. But again, it would only matter to a very small segment of people who use gps for their workouts or else it’s.

Absolutely fine. The watch also comes with 24 hour heart rate monitoring, while might not be the most accurate, but still it’s an easy way to get some consistent data on your heart rate. Spo2 also makes a comeback, and this time it seems to be a little more reliable for what it’s worth realme advises, not to rely on the readings for medical purpose. More of just to keep a casual check. The watchers interface worked as expected, but i wish that the animations were a little more smoother. I felt that it’s a little jittery. However, i did not come across any hiccups. A swipe from the top shows you, your notifications, swiping on the left, gets you quick, toggles. Swiping from the right shows you, your activity, weather sleep, data and heart rate statistics. We get call alerts on the watch. You can see the caller’s name as long as you give access to your contacts. You have two options: silent the ringer or reject the call. There is no way to answer it also app notification with app icons to recognize from which particular app you have received the message you can read the message, but you can’t reply now: i’ve heard that there is a quick sms reply, option which will come very soon With an update let’s see coming to the battery, the watch has a massive ‘0 mah battery and the company claims 15 days so far. In my experience, the battery has stood up pretty well even with brightness levels.

High i’m quite positive you’ll get 12 days easily. On this, a proprietary charging dock is provided, which is magnetic and aligns to the terminals when brought closer, simple and convenient coming to the companion, realme app it worked. Pretty well shows your steps, sleep, workout, heart rate spo2 and all the workouts in the settings you can choose from over 100 watch faces. You can download on your watch from analog to digital, to colorful backgrounds, Music. You can also custom set your own pick from the gallery as a watch face it’s super simple. Apart from that, you can change, call alerts, notifications, water reminders, music, playback to control music, that’s playing on your phone camera controller weather and even the watch updates. The app is very well designed and is easy to use all right final thoughts. Well, a lot of good things for starters. Bright display excellent, build better tracking overall, a decent package for 4999. But if i had to pick out the cons, no always on display no amoled display no built in gps, which i think is really surprising, because there are other options available for exactly the same price. Where you get built in gps and i’m gon na display with longer battery life, yes, i’m talking about the amaze fit verge light. How about a comparison? Video of the two realme watch s and the amaze, which words light, write down in the comments, and, let me know i’ll make one if i get enough requests.

Meanwhile, the real me watch is also a good smart watch with all its features and premium looks i’ll. Leave the links below in the description, if you like to buy one, you should definitely check it out, so i hope this video was helpful. If there are any questions mention it down in the comments, i’ll be happy to answer them.