The real me watch s and the watches pro and the one i have with me right now is the real me watch s, which is the cheaper of the two uh well looking at the specs. This one definitely seems like an upgrade from the last gen realme watch, both in terms of looks and functionalities, so um having used it for around two weeks. Now i am going to be sharing with you all my experiences with it in this video, but before that, let me give a quick shout out to the sponsor of this video skillshare skillshare is more than just a learning platform. It is a community of compassionate teachers and students that will help you hone your skill and learn something entirely new with its massive catalogue of bite. Sized classes acquiring a new skill has never been this easy from animation coding, photography to marketing there’s, something for everyone. Classes are organized based on parameters like your personal skill, set length, etc, so one can get started right away. Furthermore, you can learn on the go with the skillshare mobile app as well, so hurry up and sign up to skillshare to enhance your skill set. The first thousand to click the link given in the description will get a free trial of skillshare premium membership. Okay, coming from the real me watch, the real me watch s sees a big improvement in terms of its design. You get a circular form factor with a watch dial at the top.

That does not rotate. Obviously, but, unlike the plastic material on the real me watch, this one has an aluminium alloy finish, which does not feel cheap. The tpu strap is soft and comfortable and it’s available in a couple of color options. Sadly, for me, i have this black one and there aren’t other color variations available in nepal, but in markets like europe, other colorful straps will be available shortly as well. Anyway, you get two buttons on the right side of the realme watch s, the top one functions as a home, slash back button and also launches the menu screen, while the one at the bottom is a shortcut to the exercise menu. And i like the fact that these buttons have fairly good feedback, especially coming from the rearmi watch. Similarly, compared to the measly 240×240 pixels of its predecessor, the watch s has a 1.3 inches lcd screen with a 360 by 360 pixel count making for a sharper and a more pleasant display to look at the contents. Do not look pixelated here and the colors look really good too it’s, not as good as the amoled screen on the watches pro but good enough for the price to say at the least. The company has also improved on the brightness aspect and added an auto brightness feature here, which is great. Likewise, the number of available built in watch faces has increased, and i have to say that some of the options are really appealing.

Likewise, you also have the option to customize your own watch face if you’d like, but one thing that still bugs me is how the screen response is still a bit slow, it’s, not unknowingly, slow, but it takes some time to register your touch, maybe it’s, because of The entry level chipset or it is a software thing, but i hope that the company can overcome that in the future. Now functionality wise the watch, s is still a simple and basic smartwatch like its predecessor so operating. It is really really easy. Swiping down from the home screen takes you to the notifications, while swiping up from the bottom opens up the shortcut for all the functions. Likewise, swiping left or right from the home screen takes you to the quick toggle menu and health stats. All right now, general information aside this time. Realme has added a few more options for exercise, and now there are 16 in total. I am not that big of a fitness freak, so i only have tested a few of the exercises like walking running skipping, which i do on a daily basis, but other than that you can track quite a lot of things, including basketball, football, aerobics, meditation, breathing, etc, And by the way, just like it was with the real me watch, all your exercise, stats can be viewed on your realme link app. The app is basically the same as before, and i am a little disappointed that this generation of real me watch still does not have ios compatibility.

Thus i had to pair it with my samsung phone, which i’ve been using as my secondary device, but seeing how the more premium watch as pro supports ios platform. I am hopeful that the standard watch s will see apple compatibility in the coming days. Now, talking about the app itself, it’s a basic one and nothing extra, you can view all your health stats on the home page itself, while all the other settings like reminders, notifications, watch faces etc, can be accessed by going to the settings option that is available on The top right of the app to adequately differentiate between the realme watch s and the watches pro the company has not included an inbuilt gps on this watch. So if you wish to track your trails or your exercises, you will have to use your phone’s gps now about other health related features. Well, it is the same as before. Um, you get a heart rate, monitor a step and calorie counter a sleep tracker and an spo2 monitor. Now, like always, i compared these functions with the galaxy watch active 2 and found that the sleep, tracking and step counting are pretty accurate. While i got slight variations in the blood oxygen data and heart rate stats, the difference, however, is not that huge. So it should not be that big of a deal i guess, moving on. Just like its predecessor, you don’t get a microphone in here. Still the most. You can do is dismiss calls from this watch also.

The notifications that appear here are non actionable, but that is to be expected. I guess also the watch. S does not support automatic detection of exercises like it is, with other high end smart watches, and you will have to do it manually in here, which is always a bit less convenient. Okay among everything else. This watch certainly impresses with its battery life. It’S ‘0 milliamp hour cell is very very promising. The company advertises saying that it can last full 15 days with the heart rate monitor turned on in my usage. It lasted me for 12 days with all my fitness and health tracking, which is still fantastic. By the way i have enabled heart rate monitoring option to run every five minutes and i always use the watch in the fourth level of brightness. Okay, charging the rear view. Watch s is possible with this magnetic two pin circular charger, and it takes more than two hours to juice up fully Music. All in all, i have to say that the real me watch s is a very good budget, fitness tracking option and definitely an upgrade over the last generation realme watch, although the upgrades are not of very big magnitude, but my concern regarding displaced pixelation and the design Have been addressed as a result, i am very happy with what we’ve got here. Having said that, i still wish for the real me link app to be available on ios devices, all the while being a little more feature, packed as well um.

Also, maybe realme could focus a little more on core fitness tracking by uh, maybe providing a automatic workout detection option or such so that was all for our review of the newly launched realme watch s.