Now this phone has a 6.6 inch 720 by 1600 resolution on the display so it’s one of those phones with you know a 720p display that some people might think that’s the worst part of the phone, but we’ll get in here and check it out and we’ll See uh 48 megapixel shooter on the back that does 4k snapdragon 750 g now it’s strange because i’m wondering why they decided to go with a 720p display that that kind of boggles my mind too five thousand milliamp hour battery inside again 750g processor in here and 128 gigs of storage and super amoled display everything so let’s crack this open. Here it is, as you can see, this is the white version which is like going to be super. Nice let’s go ahead and push this through here on the uh front. Here you can see the? U display. Has that cut out at the top there, and this is all in chinese. I have no idea what they’re talking about and you’ve got a us charger plug though let’s see let’s see here there you go and you’ve got headphones old school headphones and you’ve got uh type c. So we’re gon na put all this away here and take a look at the device. This is actually a pretty good looking device – oh there’s, something on the top here, so there’s probably a case or something up here. I would think yep there’s a case pretty nice it’s, not a high end case it’s, just a regular clear.

It has like a gray tone to it too. That’S pretty cool we’ll. Try that on later let’s get all this to the side here: i’ll, step off, screen and now and on the back that you get the sim ejection tool as well, so i’ll go ahead and get this phone all set up. But first let’s take a look around the hardware so again that 720 by 1600 i’m still also kind of surprised that they chose to go with that particular resolution. Now around the phone, it’s, actually gray, uh it’s a white phone with like a gray plastic sides on here, and they definitely look plastic and on the back here you can see the four camera setup here and you’ve got the led flash there power button right here. More than like let’s go ahead and press it just to be sure here yep there you go uh and then you have the volume rocker and sim tray up top headphone jack speaker, grille, speaker down there um yeah. Let me get this set up and i’ll be right back all right. First boot we’re back! This is how it’s going to come to you right out of the box, and i did skip a lot of the essential apps and all those things that they have. You put on there i just dive right in to um get the phone set up, so you can see here it does have nsc um and you’ve got wi fi bluetooth, the natural, the normal things, dolby, atmos that’s, pretty cool it’s gon na be nice, bluetooth, headphones Or something has to be voiceover lte uh calls on other devices, obviously dark mode.

You can see there but uh. Ultimately, this is it’s got the ultra power saving remote. You can turn on 5g. I don’t have a sim card in here, yet so that’s. Why? It probably says that insert a sim card uh, but um yeah, it looks like they have a toggle for 5g that’s, weird so getting into the device itself. This is the way it came without me, installing literally anything so let’s go into the settings here and let’s go to device. You can see it has six gigs of ram and 128 gigs of storage. This is a good thing, uh considering uh, you know the specs and everything i think people are only probably gon na gripe about the display uh, but we’ll go ahead and fire up something here and and look at the display and see exactly just how well it Is so let’s go back into settings here? Uh here is the connectivity that you have again nfc airplane mode, bluetooth, wi fi. I got to turn on gestures notifications here you can see the applications and everything you can set up here. We’Ll get to that uh display. You can see i’ve got it on dark mode and it came default on vivid, which is what i like, but you can see there’s only uh two settings there, there’s natural and vivid you can go to advanced settings. Let’S see here the advanced settings. You can go ahead and switch to rbg all right font size.

You can adjust the size, you can do bold font same same things that you get when you’re pushing a samsung device. This is um the zoom on the display. How big you want your font and everything let’s change this to 10 minutes, so it doesn’t time out on us. You got wallpapers let’s, go through the wallpapers and see what these are the ones they have. So this is the one that’s on there by default. Right now – and you can see they have these six preloaded wallpapers. These look familiar right here these three right here – and these are the two definitely specific to this device. You’Ve got let’s go back here. You’Ve got themes you can download. You know the samsung store. Let’S get back up, there lock screen uh, you can do pin now it does have facial recognition and an end screen fingerprint reader, and so when i was setting up the instagram fingerprint reader um, i had lots just put lotion on so it was kind of giving Me some issues, so i just stopped out of it, but it does have a fingerprint reader and facial recognition. Uh. Let me see if i can get into here: instant luck, reset blah blah blah shout out to options boom, yeah all right see! Well, there you go down there, lock screen face and fingers there you go and if you get in here, you can see, you can add a face and finger so let’s add a face.

Real quick and i’ll try to do this from behind the camera, and it wants me to take off my glasses and face is recognized so when you unlock the phone stay on the lock screen, no it’s good and go straight in so let’s test it out. Oh, i got ta put the pen in for the first time i believe now let’s, try it out yep there we go so it works, works pretty well decent for sure um back in the settings here, privacy location accounts you can set up. Google settings advanced features gestures. This is where um you can set up the call text of devices link to windows, uh pop up smart view. You know what that is where you pop up your messages and things like that. I don’t really like that, though uh reduce animations, help things out, motions and gestures, so you’ve got lift to wake double tap to wake and smart stay. You can get those done now to turn on gestures. I need to go um. I could just type in gestures, but it’s going to be under the navigation of the um phone. I believe, but let me just type in okay: okay, all right, all right: navigation, oops! Here we go now here we go navigation gestures. I want to turn on the um. Oh here we go this here we go. This is what we got swipe gestures. This is what i like here. There we go.

That is what i needed so again under the advanced you can see here. I wonder how i could have gotten if i could have gotten to there from here now i don’t see a spot for it all right, digital. Well being we know what this is about. It’Ll tell you what you’re doing on your device, how long you’re doing it and if you should take a break or not device care again. We’Ve been in here because i showed you uh the information in here for the 128 gigs and the six gigs of ram that’s, definitely pretty good, and then you know just the general things about it. So let’s check for a software update, see if there’s one in here. This has android 10 with samsung ui 2.5. So it looks like there is an update, and this is just bug, fixes and device security. So we’ll go ahead and let that roll, but overall folks this is how it’s gon na be so as far as bloatware goes. I see facebook so we’ll, uninstall, facebook and i’m glad it allows you to uninstall it uh and i just think that’s a huge deal and it actually has netflix on here now, even though i like netflix, you know what, if i didn’t want to install it, you See what i’m saying so in the samsung folder you’ve got a radio. You have f radio because it does have a headphone jack, so you’ll be able to plug in your headphone jack and just listen to the radio uh here’s, the google folder.

You can see the basics here. Let’S. Add this down here: let’s get rid of this folder should be able to long press and delete that there we go and let’s long press and delete this page too, because we don’t need that page there. So not much bloatware! Really just facebook, yeah and but some other things you could consider netflix a um, a uh, a form of bloatware. If you don’t use netflix, but there it is man a detailed walk through and first impressions. I, like the hardware. Oh, let me check the display real quick. Let me check the um, the uh video display for you, real, quick let’s go to youtube and we’ll pop it open here. Let’S click here and this doesn’t have spherial speakers. Yes, it’s coming from the bottom i’m, the king of youtube for the cali65 i’m, the only owner, i feel, like i’m, an exclusive club song Applause, all right guys. Welcome back to another video it’s. Okay, i mean it’s, not a bad display. I may be excited about the brand new, not bad at all, not a not a bad display at all man. I mean that’s, pretty good to me, so let’s try on this case here. I, like the white. I really like the white, be sure to hit the links in the description to see the latest uh pricing on here from that’s, where you can grab yours from. Thank you to them for sending over this device by the way.

Really nice i’m gon na have to set up the um, the fingerprint reader, because the face the facial recognition is uh. You know i’m behind the camera too. So but overall, i really like this white with the gray around the accents around the side. It looks really good and in this case, is a perfect match for it. I think it really gives it a different look with the off white. Now, if you can’t see it there’s like four different levels: uh on the coloring of the device, there’s one two, three four it’s like a shimmer, you can see it better when you’re using one that’s, not white, but i actually like this white, i think it’s. I think it’s really nice, so it’s your man jay there. It is detail unboxing and walk walkthrough for the samsung a425g i’ll. Give you more on this phone later.