In fact, which is yesterday, i bought it for 25 000 in liberty, plaza i’m, not mentioning the shop name because i’m, not sponsored in this video. So yeah without further ado let’s go to the video now all right folks, it’s, uh, unboxes uh beast, i feel like uh. It looks promising you know uh. I know the name. You know itself md2s all right, so um let’s unbox. This thing, okay got it here, but the world card and stuff you know: Music, yeah, just a quality card and stuff keep it aside all right. So this is the phone Music looks heavy, though, might weight around 180 grams. I would say: yeah remove the uh charge and i already kept it. I already opened this box to say i was so excited. You got the injectors tool. So with the box you get the pin ejector tool and the charger, which is usb type c and the phone itself, nothing else. No handset no back covers nothing. So this is the beast. Look at it, how beautiful it is Music. It sounds. Music isn’t, it beautiful beautiful assumption, logo induced here and the triple camera setup, which has 13 two and two. So it has a uh snapdragon processor, which is 450 with android 10. It has a front facing camera of 5 megapixel, so i bought this very nice 3gb variant with 32gb storage it’s, a black color, obviously so uh. You know what this has 5000 mah battery, which might even last for two days you know, depends on your usage, so uh i’m, just booting it up to show you how it looks so and also to tell you it has the uh 2.

5 samsung one ui it’s, The latest one and uh, i think you might be able to use this phone like for 2 3 years. For sure you know starting right guys. I got the whole screen, it looks so promising and the the clean ui of the samsung one ui system looks so good than the uh other oppo or real me, uh or redmi phones, which has more uh adverts and bloatwares it’s much more minimalistic, and it looks So nice, you know with this 6.5 uh, you know hd screen. You can also, you know, watch proper videos. If you want to you, can play a video for you. I have a video right now to show you Music. Even the viewing angle is much nicer. Music, really so guys, let’s go and see the uh settings here so about phone, so always check whether if your imei number is registered because people are, you know importing fake phones and all so be very careful on that which you gave me numbers with this and Uh this you know this one over here and these two so um. If you go to the software information, it shows us android, 10 Music – and this has a 2.5 ui and the battery is 5000 mah all right guys. I hope you enjoyed the video and, if you’re, buying this phone. Yes, i would recommend to buy this because it’s really good for this price. 25. 000 um. It has three cameras and five mp up front camera 5000, mah battery and samsung brand itself, and the one ui it’s really good.