8 inch super retina xdr display heck. This phone even gave you a triple 12 megapixel camera capable up to 4k at 60p. This phone came with an apple a13 bionic chipset, four gigs of ram and a 30 46 milliamp hour battery inside the body of the 11 pro, so definitely a sizable battery for this size of a device. Now, for the iphone 11 pro you can get this in four different colors. You can get the gold, the silver space, gray or midnight green. The gold looks pretty neat, but i think the midnight green was the best color of this model year, but you could get in several different colors. The phone also launched at around 9.99. The phone now goes for the mid sevens and you might even be able to find a better deal. Some people trying to get rid of their old phones would just be like hey man. You want this thing. I’Ll give it to you for 600, so, depending on where you look, you may be able to be able to get it even cheaper. So let us know your story. If you picked up 11 pro what price you got it for, if you got it after the launch like in the past month, or so, this phone weighs 188 grams. So it’s, not the lightest phone but it’s not super heavy either, but it does have some weight to it. So i would say a pretty average weight but more weighty than you know: you’ll find it like a 12 mini.

Something like that. Also, this phone does come in an 8.1 millimeters thick, so it’s, not the thinnest iphone ever definitely has a little bit of girth to it, and you also will notice that this phone does have ip68 dust and water resistant. So if you get a little splashing on it, nothing’s going to go wrong with your iphone 11 pro a very overall durable build, and what i really like is that the stainless steel on this phone you know just feels very sturdy when using the phone. It feels pretty strong. I know you don’t go ahead and bang in your stainless steel like i just did but go ahead, and you know just rest assure that the 11 pro is a super durable pickup. If you want to get an iphone, it also feels pretty comfortable in the hand due to these curved edges. I actually think this feels more comfortable to hold than the all new 12 pro because of those squared edges, it does look. Industrial looks nice in the 12. Pro, but this one just has this: it just feels really good with these curved edges here on the 11 pro okay guys. So when it comes to the display, with the iphone 11 pro here, it’s excellent it’s, basically the same display you get for the iphone 12 pro you can see. It gets very bright, 800 nits and, just like yesterday, we talked about the iphone 11 display that one is kind of one that people are questioning.

Should i get or not, but you have no concerns. You should have no concerns with this one, because this is super retina xdr oled, it doesn’t have 3d touch. It does have more of a haptic press, but this display does feature an impressive 458 pixels per inch versus the 326 on the iphone 11.. Now most users won’t see this unless putting it side by side, but this phone does have a noticeably better display than that device, mostly noticed in the brightness. Also again, all the iphones give you these nice comfort features like dark mode. True tone night shift, but really what i like about it is just the oled you know gives you some nice contrasty colors when watching video. The black bars are a lot darker here on the side and it’s, just an overall sharper just more high quality display, and you can see why apple did go with the oled across the lineup, with the new iphone 12s. So definitely consider the 11 pro if you’re. Looking for an oled display – and you want it cheaper than a 12 pro, for example, so the iphone 11 pro when it comes to the software does have its own set of wallpapers. Here also in 14.3, there was some new wallpapers added to the iphone experience, but it does have the app library like you’re used to with the 14 software. Of course, we do have widget support for the iphone now, so it definitely made the experience nice i like having widget support on a 5.

8. It just feels a little more compact with a lot of useful features, so a little powerhouse in your pocket here, not the mini, mini iphone mini, but definitely still feels pretty usable doesn’t feel like a massive phone, but having tons of power in the pocket. This phone also should give you support all the way up to about 2024. I i feel like that’s, when i feel like this phone will might start to see like no more software support. So, even if you buy it now, the 11 pro will be supported for a long time. Apple keeps his phones up to date, so definitely a thumbs up again in the software department. So when it comes to the performance, if you watched yesterday’s video, when i talked about how i could barely even notice the difference between the 11 and the 12, the same thing is the experience for the 11 pro and the iphone 12 pro. You can see this thing’s clocked at 2.66, gigahertz on apple a13, bionic that’s, a five nanometer process when it comes to the chip. This also does have four gigs of ram and the top pro has six, but in the real world. The only thing i noticed is that maybe the 12 pro can hold a little bit more applications in the background, but really day to day performance is exceptional for the 11 pro it is a pro phone after all, and the thing is, is that even if you’re Doing you know professional video editing i mean imovie is not the best app to do pro editing, but if you are doing any type of editing anything like that, this phone can rip through, essentially anything you throw at it.

So it really truly is a powerhouse in your pocket and i have no issues or qualms recommending this in 2021 for performance. This thing is an absolute boss in this respect. Okay, so talking about the camera triple 12 megapixel cameras on here capable of the 4k 60. We know this f, 1.8 aperture on the main lens, so plenty bright and it does have a night mode. But instead of talking about those cameras, we’re going to go ahead and show you some of the samples so let’s go ahead here in the photos and i’m going to show you what this thing is capable of. So you can see just incredible dynamic range on the photo. I mean it really does a great job of balancing the sky, and even if there’s cloudy day, it does a great job with that as well. You can see the detail you can get for the 11 pro is mind blowing. It really feels something like what i’m recording on right now, which is a one inch, sony camera let’s go ahead and zoom in look at the detail. I mean it’s a phenomenal camera and even when you’re doing video you can expect phenomenal results. I literally feel like you, can start up a youtube channel with this phone and nobody would complain at all about your quality. You just got to make sure you nail the audio with an external audio source, but overall i mean this is really just fantastic to me.

This was the best year of iphone camera. Ever it brought the first time where it matched the front facing camera. Where you can do 4k 60 on the front and you can match up that high quality video on the rear, so super excited about that and i’m still excited about that to this day, because it was carried over into the 12 pro. So love love, love the cameras on here, and i think you will too and talking about audio performance when we do press play and we raise up the volume you do get plenty of good sound. The thing is is that the 11 pro to me sounded more full and a little bit better at the high end versus some prayer iphone. So you do have i just really like what you know. Amazing speakers, i mean i have no complaints here. I didn’t really notice a major upgrade with the 12 series when it comes to the speakers again. These aren’t headphone jack phones, these aren’t android devices, so you do have to use bluetooth to connect headphones, but other than that i mean you can sit here and easily enjoy a video out these speakers. They sound incredible even at the max volume and the last thing call quality. Wi fi performance was excellent, wi fi six, but the call quality was pretty good as well. I do have to say, though, not having the qualcomm modems, like i mentioned, with the 11 series.

Didn’T have the best 4g lte performance i found myself having to you know switch to my samsung when i wanted the best mobile connectivity this year that improved quite a bit. So what i have to say is that if you guys are in an area a fringe area where you don’t have the best signal strength, i probably can’t recommend this to you. If you’re going to be counting on this as your main phone source. But if you do live in areas that have great reception or you’re, with a carrier that has great reception in your area, it’s not going to be a problem whether you get the 11 11 pro 11 pro max. It should be fine but keep in mind you’re, not getting 5g here. So how important is 5g to you? 5G is not really widespread everywhere, depending on where you’re at and even when you do have it connected it’s still not super great. So it kind of feels like 4g lte right now, but down the line. This might make a difference. So 11, pro is not a pick if you do absolutely want 5g right now. So what do we miss out for the 11 pro? I think it is the face id the face. Id was actually better experience than the 10 and 10s, but the question is in 2021, we have our final answer here. Should you pick it up and i think the real question is this or the iphone 12 and the reason i say that is because if you look for this second hand, that price point is very close to the iphone 12 and with that phone you get a Bigger screen you still get older, but again you get less brightness.

You get not a triple camera. I think you get worse battery life as well. So if you guys want to see a comparison between those two, let me know down below, but if your eyes are set on the 11 pro and you feel like you, don’t need 5g. This phone is a definite recommend in 2021.