Welcome back to another video man. I just had to do this intro right here, i’m gon na show y’all how to sync up work. This t mobile, smart sync up man, make sure y’all like comment subscribe to the channel. Make sure y’all hit that notification bell y’all already know. I got to tell y’all every video make sure y’all hit that like button, because y’all be forgetting to do it i’m saying happy new years to everybody, um make sure y’all follow me on the ground. We hustle daily.co and, most importantly, y’all already know, even in this video, even in the sync up video, the t, mobile sync up video make sure you go to whd academy.com. Is that light looking right or what but yeah man um shout out to the whole hustle nation man, i’m gon na show you how to sync up work now. The sync ups is good. You know if you got a uh. Oh, oh, oh! Oh, if you got a uh, you know a kid, a a child or you know a teenager or whatever the case may be you wan na. You know i’m saying use gps. You know what i’m saying track them. You don’t want them. You know i’m saying getting lost or you know like i said your child or whatever the case may be. You can put this little thing on a only on a car i’m gon na show you how to do it. I’Ll show y’all how i put it on there.

The gps is it’s everything man. So let me just go ahead and show y’all, but if y’all want to learn how to make money, man make sure y’all go to whdacademy.com um. If y’all want to see earlier, videos make sure y’all hit that joy button, you know what i’m saying put it right here right here. You know and uh shout out to the whole hustle nation uh 2021. We going up appreciate every single one of y’all let’s get right into it all right. I forgot to tell you guys, too, that this device is a hundred dollars, because this is the second version. They got a another version, but they didn’t have that one in a t mobile store. So this is the second version. The device itself was a hundred dollars for us, and uh is 10 more dollars on your bill a month so 100 for the device and then 10 dollars a month. I could have probably got it cheaper online y’all can look it up. I’M on. You know on the website or amazon or something like that ebay, but you know it’s just easier for me to get it at the store, so um yeah. All right. I have an android phone, so the first thing you want to do is go to your app store, which is there that’s your app store that you want to download the sync up, uh app, which is the app right here, um or if you have an iphone.

You know there’s your app store right there. You want to go here and uh download your app all right, here’s, the box. I think this is the second version they got. I think it’s the first version, but this is the second version, so you can see locate wi, fi hotspot, saving finder um. This is like i say. I think this is the second version of t mobile and, as you can see, uh you just go to the app store download it on the app uh. If you got an android, do it on android, if you got an iphone, do it on an iphone and uh yeah, and it shows you everything and it hooks right up until to the car i’m gon na show you all that in one second, while i uh When they actually bring the car back but locate see all the little devices they got disturbance alert. So when people, if somebody hit your car or something like that, i actually didn’t see that disturbance alert um option but uh safe driving alerts, the smart maintenance, so yeah man. This thing is uh pretty good. I really just got it because of the Music gps feature, but uh when they bring the car back. I’Ll show you guys what it looks like show you guys, where i put it and uh yeah all right guys and, as you can see um i can see their location right here. If you click on it, it’ll actually show you exactly where they are right now.

So pulaski, so you can click it again and you can actually see the parking lot, which is pretty cool, so they went to food for less and um yeah. It actually is i like this thing: um it actually tracks in real time. You know the location it going, it shows you the trip, uh and everything. It shows you the lines and everything um i got it set up, so i can get notifications so as soon as they start. The car up um here, it’ll sound like this. Now i don’t know if i’m gon na keep it on that, but i like that um, so i can always hear uh. I can actually turn like no low fuel and stuff. I can actually turn that stuff off. Actually, as a matter of fact, i think i am going to turn that off. I don’t need to like know when they got a little fewer or anything, but, as you can see, trip complete like when they, when my mom’s turned the car off. This is what it’s going to sound like so after he left the house went to food for less and turned the car off. I hear that sound so that’s, like a trip ending uh speeding. I said it for 70. um. I might turn this off too, but i just set it for 70 and i got its own little little noise for that north speed or anything got the toe um. I think you do get uh wait a minute, so you do get uh toes and stuff like that um.

I think you get like three um yeah, and it also shows you all this so check this out. Uh shows you where your nearest uh, you know, uh gas stations are how much the price, how much they cost uh the health of the car. You know check engine lights and stuff like that. Um battery shows you the battery life that’s, pretty cool and maintenance. Unless you know i guess you could set up and coming maintenance, so i think you probably add a note or something like that: inspect the cooler holes and all that or maybe it just gives you different stuff. It shows you the recalls on the car and it also shows you the hot spot. So this thing also gives you hot spot um. I didn’t. I didn’t turn it on, though uh well. It was on, but i turned it off um, because um yeah, i don’t, need it um, they don’t need it. Rather so, as you can see, they are at the guest uh, not the gas station food for less. So i think this thing is pretty cool. You could add the car um. You got a timeline i’m, not gon na show you the timeline, though services so, like i said, roadside assistance, gas stations um. So i think it gives like three a year just got. Ta click it um and gas stations and yeah like gas station, so yeah y’all see it man, so that thing is pretty cool in the glove box.

You can also add um your insurance information in here receipts and other dark documents. Haven’T added anything of that nature. Timeline is the trips that you took, the you know the trips that you took i’m, not going to click it because it’s going to show our address on there, but uh yeah man y’all see it. So i think this thing is pretty cool. It shows exactly where it’s at, and i mean i think this thing is pretty cool all right guys and i actually want to show you guys, so they actually left the store. So that was the store right there. It actually shows you in a line on where they’re going, so you guys can kind of see you know. So if you click the car it’s going to show no address, but you can click it again and it’ll struck it’ll show the street view, so they might actually went to another school store. I see jewels and everything right there. What street is that 115th and i can’t see it but yeah so it’ll actually show you the view. Um it’s pretty much real time, it’s off just a little bit, but not uh too much so i think that’s cool. So if you actually needed to like chase somebody down or something like that, i think this. This will do the job and the car actually moves. So, as you can see so yeah, i think they went to a whole different store.

So, as you can see so, it’s like real time and the car does move down the street and stuff like that, so i think it’s a cool little um, i think it’s cool, and it also has um let’s see – is this it right here boom. So you can see it this way or the other way, so you can see it the street way or you can see it this way and then this, let me see what that is. Um yeah so wait a minute, so this is must be where they are now yeah at a dollar store. So so yeah that’s, pretty cool, so yeah man, as you can see so y’all see it and then it shows you the trip in progress again. If i go to timeline, it’ll show me where they just were and stuff like that, so move that but yeah, so you can see it so yeah they’re actually at another store, so that’s pretty cool. You could actually click it and it should maybe it’ll show us the same store. I’Ll get this other way, yup so that’s, where they are right now, so that button or this button right here does the same thing. So you can click that or you can click the card to see where they are so yeah that’s pretty cool. So let me show you guys what the device looks like when they actually do get back to the crib Applause, all right guys, so you can actually see that it did just update um, so they went from the food for less to the dollar store the picture That i showed y’all and it actually shows you when a trip is completed, just made a noise, so it just updated on the phone that they are parked and the trip is complete.

So again, that’s from the food for less to the dollar store, there’s the distance 1.8 miles duration, the speed and if you go to behavior here, it’ll show you if they did any type of rapid deceleration, harsh braking how long they were idling. The max rpm and the max speed that they were going so that’s pretty cool. I just want to show you all that that it did update and i will actually see you guys when they actually do bring the car back. So i can show you guys. The actual device and where i put the device all right guys and here is the device here here – is how his car was set up. So let me actually move this out so here’s the actual device here, but this thing was actually in this thing here. So i just popped it out and then i stuffed it like kind of down there a little bit so now you can’t even see it so that’s what it looks like now. I don’t know what you guys: obd2 port, you know i’m saying location may be, it might be. You know up under the car or something like it usually is. But i thought this was a pretty you know. I’M saying neat spot so just make sure this is still connected. Oh and i’m gon na actually show you guys what happens when it uh my phone turns on so listen to my phone it’s in my pocket.

I do got another phone right. Okay, i do hear it so it did just pop up, but it didn’t make the noise what’s going on. But as you can see, as you can see, it does say that uh i started a trip so, and that is the correct time so um i don’t know why i didn’t just make that noise, but let’s try again Music when i just started it up yeah, But it does work when they first came down here and cranked it up. It does work so um yeah, so y’all see what it looks like. So all right guys. So i hope you all enjoyed the video um. You know, like i say i pretty much – only used it for the gps um you know and when it it wasn’t working right there, because we had started it up and cut it off, started it up and cut it off, but it’s gon na make that noise. Every time you know um they get in the car crank that thing up. You know what i’m saying um shout out to the whole hustle nation appreciate every single one of y’all man make sure y’all like comment and subscribe to the channel. I’M. Sorry, excuse me a little parsed make sure y’all go to whdacademy.com and um 2021.