Hopefully, hopefully that includes the virus. Um knock on wood. Nothing continues to get worse this year and just continues to get better. But today, i’m going to be reviewing the single axis stabilizer and what better way to bring in the new year with a review of a youtube gadget. I don’t know if anybody wants to start a youtube channel and doesn’t know where to start what to get to start their youtube journey. I just thought it would be a perfect, perfect. First video for 2021.. My best friend got me this. Thank you whitney. If you’re watching this, i got this in the mail and i was so confused because i was like um. I never ordered this, so i was like oh, i hope they didn’t charge me. Luckily i opened the box and my best friend wrote me a little note. It’S a late christmas present, but i taped it to the box. You know for sentimental reasons, i’m, so excited to try this and let you know guys know what i think she knows. I do youtube. So this is perfect, perfect christmas gift. So basically, this is kind of like a two on one deal, so it comes with a kind of like a selfie stick. I guess, and a little tripod, um and it’s perfect, because i use my iphone to film for those of you that don’t know and i’m. So amazed at how clear this is like the quality of my phone camera is amazing, like so amazing that you guys can actually like see my zits, but anyway, i haven’t opened this yet so we’re gon na be reviewing this together.

I love how like little. This is let’s open it. So this is what it looks like. I love how it fits in this little box, so cool, hmm, so Music, oh, i just had an epiphany okay, so it um. I just thought there were like two things in here, but it actually, like i said, is a two in one deal so so it’s like a selfie stick and it’s. Also like a tripod and then huh. Let me see i don’t want to break this. Read the directions: oh my gosh, my eyes: okay it’s in german, too bad – i don’t, know german it’s, also in english too, but i’m. Half german. If you guys don’t, know i’ve never really covered that, but i don’t know any german Music happens. Maybe i should have just reviewed this before i filmed this video, so it won’t be that long, a lot of things to learn that’s, my goat. In the background, if anyone’s wondering okay, so i turned the camera off just so, you don’t have to see me struggle and trying to figure this out and read everything because that’s going to take a long time. So i kind of study this off camera a little bit, so this is what i figured out. So this stretches out, like i said, like a selfie stick. So so it’s like this, and all you have to do – is just pull this out. If you want to extend it like that, and then also if you want to use it as a tripod, you just pull these legs out like that and i’ll give you a better picture of what that looks like.

So this is how it stands. I’M, just going to show you guys how to charge it. So you take this usb cable thing and you just plug it into here, and it also charges the remote as well. 2. 000 years later, okay, we’re back so i pre played around with this a little bit more um and around the directions. Just so i can study. So i can feed you guys, information, okay, so this thing is really cool, so okay, so this is a whole tripod. Um, you can definitely adjust um to whatever height you wanted to stand on or if you want to extend it um, so you can hold it like a whole selfie stick you know and vlog or whatever, and then this piece right here, just hot, like how a Normal tripod does you want to adjust this? You know loosen it so that way you can bend it forward, adjust it how you’d, like so i’m, just gon na put it like this, you can see and by the way i’m using my other phone, because i got two phones. I got you guys, know i’m filming with my iphone 10, and this is my iphone stick. I use this to call and text people and i use the other one this one right now to film, usually so. This is perfect for this video. The great thing about this is that, when you’re filming, like no matter which way you move this thing, it’s always gon na be steady.

Look, i move it like this side to side when you’re filming, it’s, always gon na be steady, perfect, love it and it comes with this little cute little remote control that you can snap it in right here and you can take it out. Obviously so it just like slides in like that and then, if you want to take it out, you just push it up so whoops i dropped something. I want to talk to you guys about the remote. It comes with the power button, of course, and then we’ve got these two buttons that help rotate your phone, and then we got a camera button picture button. So you can take your thumbnails or take selfies with this button. It’S, so cool and the way it works is by bluetooth, of course, that’s how it connects to this and controls this whole setup by bluetooth through your phone, and this button right here turns on your phone um. So you can turn your phone on and off since it’s connected to this and through this, so i want to show you guys how this phone mounts, so you got like silicone kind of rubber things to hold your phone, so the way you put it in is You pull this out. This also can pull out as well and you can fit your phone in there. Let me just do it now. I just kind of like stretch this out and then clip it in okay, so i did want to show you how the whole bluetooth works.

So since i already have it connected i’m going to show you guys i’m going to press this button to rotate how i want it that’s so cool and i want to rotate it the other way, just press the other button, it’s all connected i’m, going to show You guys how i take my pictures. You just press this one right here keys. You guys can see my setup in here my ring light. So cool love, it so that’s pretty much all the features of this whole little youtube gadget. I have um, i i don’t know so far. I really like it. I think i would give it like a 10 out of 10. it’s, definitely great to start out with it. Doesn’T come with a ring light um, but it’s definitely perfect for on the go. You see how compact it is and it fits in a little box it’s, so cute um and yeah good for travel good for vlogging good for taking selfies. I know i have my fair share of selfies, but i always have a hard time. My mom and i can tell you how hard it is to take selfies um, so this is perfect. I remember my mom bought like a selfie stick years ago for like 25 and it broke. I think she used it at the beach, so i don’t know i’ll. Let you guys know if this is gon na break um, but it seems like way better quality, it’s, perfect, stan it’s, pretty stable um.

I love how you know when you film or move it around. It still stays really steady, just like how they shoot movies. They always keep the camera steady. I love that i will leave a link um for this. If you’re interested in purchasing it, i don’t have any coupon code or affiliate links. This is just my friend being really nice. Buying me a christmas gift. I’M, not sponsored, obviously – and this is generally genuinely what i think of this product – this is from amazon, so yeah i’ll link it down below and yeah. Thank you so much whitney for giving me this. This is so awesome, i’m, so excited to use this yeah that’s gon na, be it for the video. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you liked it definitely give it a big thumbs up. You guys know how much that will help me um definitely subscribe. If you like to see more videos comment down below what you guys think of the product, if you want to try it, if you have any questions and i’ll also leave my instagram below as always, so you guys can dm me i’m, always on instagram. I wish you guys all the best in this new year, 2021 fresh, start, happy beginnings.