If i have to buy a phone, i will also buy this specific piece of accessory along with, and that is a smartphone skin, so see here’s the thing this is my phone, the poco x2, and i really really like using it. I really like this phone and i just really like holding this phone as well, but this is the exact same phone but the case, and i don’t really like it much i mean just look at it. It looks ugly in the first place and secondly, it just feels bulky and i don’t think this is the right way to use a phone well, it may be the right way because it does protect your phone from scratches and fall damage, but i just don’t like Using a phone with the case technically, the way i justify not using a case on my phone is when i use my phone with the case on it generally heats up a lot and that’s, because the if you, if you snap on a case there’s no space For heat to dissipate, so he kind of gets trapped onto the back panel of your phone, so that’s. How i justify it, but there are people who have different reasons like like the one that i’ve stated, the phone gets bulky when you use your phone with the case and to solve that problem. There are skins available now for those who don’t know a skin is basically a skin for your smartphone.

I know it doesn’t really help. So let me just try again so basically think of cases as clothes for your smartphone and your phone doesn’t really like wearing clothes. When you put on clothes on your phone, it just starts to heat up, it just becomes heavy, you know, and skins are almost like skin for a smartphone, but i said it again so yeah i mean this is the this is the best. I can explain so. I’M, assuming that you guys already know what skins are so yeah, you know it’s it’s it’s a pretty basic accessory. It is skinny af in the first place um. So so, basically, if you use a skin, you can technically use your phone without any case without adding any bulk to it basically naked, but still avoid getting scratches. I mean just think about it at some point. Even you might have thought of using your phone without any case. You know it just feels slick, it just feels lighter, and it just feels better. The in hand feel you know, so i assume that at this point you already know how much i am into skins and when it comes to skins, i use skin, specifically from gadget shades. Now i’ve been using skins from gadget shields for a while and i’ve been seeing this in a lot of my videos, i’ve been plugging gadget shields for a while, now and here’s. The reason i found their products to be very precise.

I mean skin specific. Specifically, i found the fit of skins or the dimensions of skins to be extremely precise and the texture is good and the overall quality of skins is really really great and overall, i couldn’t really point out any specific or certain flaws in the products. So right now, actually i am going to apply a skin on this phone because it has a lot of scratches. I had been using this phone without any skin without any cases for a couple of weeks, and i did end up getting a lot of scratches and smudges, basically so yeah i am going to apply skin right now and to apply skin. You just need a skin. Obviously, and the hairdryer, so once you have these two things: you’re pretty much ready to go now yeah, you may be worried about the process itself because it’s not as easy as you know, snapping on a case just like this it’s, i won’t say: it’s tough, but It’S a little bit different than you know just snapping on a case on your phone, so let me just apply the skin all right, so this is the skin that i received from gadget shields and let me just open it up, so you do get this piece Of cloth, and along with that, this is the skin that i had ordered and yeah. It looks great in the first place, and these are you know, i would say, accent for your camera cut out if you really want to apply them, but anyway, so yeah.

This is the piece of cloth and obviously first things. First, you have to clean the back panel of your phone so that there’s no piece of dust present so once you make sure that nothing is present on the back panel, you just have to peel off the skin like this and then align it in this particular Fashion place it on to the piece of paper or the 3m paper that’s provided just like this, and now you just have to align the skin. The half skin that’s present, like no skin, looks something like this. So, basically, you have to align the camera cut out of the skin and of your phone or to your phone basically, and this may take a while. So once you do that once you are sure that the you know, alignment is perfect, you just have to apply some pressure once that is done. You just have to lift your skin in this particular fashion, and you have to place the 3m paper right like this and then align the bottom of your skin once you do that, you just have to take the paper off and apply some pressure in the middle. Well now, the problem here is the edges, like the edges are pretty much straight and i don’t know if you guys can see but yeah. You cannot really leave the edges just like that. So you’ll have to apply some heat over there, so that’s. The reason we need a hairdryer, as i said so, firstly apply some pressure once you do that, get your hair, dryer ready and start gluing the edges.

So once you heat the edges, the edges will pretty much soften up and then you just have to apply the pressure on the edges as well. So just like this, and the same goes for the other edge as well, and just like that, it’s done, i mean that’s just about it like the process is not really difficult. As such, you may have to take care of the heat when you are actually applying heat on your phone, but yeah it’s, not a big deal, really it’s a fairly easy process, as i said, it’s not really difficult as such, but it’s just different as a process. So yeah more or less that’s how? I generally cover my phones now there are multiple use case scenarios for skins. Basically, if you have a phone with a shattered glass, maybe let’s say you have dropped your phone and it has a back panel, which doesn’t really look that much nice because it’s shattered. So in that case you can actually use a skin to cover it up. But with that said, i just want to clear it out that skins aren’t really for everyone. If you are the kind of person who drops their phone every now and then intentionally or unintentionally, so in that case, skins are obviously not going to protect your phone. You are going to bake your phone. In that case, you should be using a case, but if you are cautious with your usage, if the only thing you are worried about is scratches, then in that case you know you can actually get a skin for a device.

So yeah a skin is a fairly basic, yet very important accessory for myself and if you want to get a skin for yourself, i’ll make sure to drop the link for gravity in the description box below you can buy your skin from their website and yeah that’s. Just about it i’ll catch you guys in the next one.