The back panel is made from a matte non glossy material, making it more anti scratch anti slip. Anti, yellow and anti stain always keep clean and looks pretty excellent workmanship. If you want to know more details, please check video description. Number four. Rugged cell phones unlocked heart rate plus air quality, plus barometric altimeter. Those advanced built in useful tools can barely be found on other unlocked phones. You can check your heart rate by pressing number three tracfone motorola moto e64 glt prepaid, smartphone, 6.53 inches hd, plus dot drop display 720 x, 1600 hd plus 5000 mah tip supports 10 w charged mediatek helio g25 cpu 12 nanometers process technology up to 2.0 gigahertz 8×853 Octa core cpu gpu power, vr 8320 up to 650 megahertz, 2 gigabytes plus 32 gigabytes 13 mp rear camera 5 mp front camera wireless network supports protocols 802.11 bgn supports 2.4 g, slash wi fi direct support. Bluetooth 5.0 supports fm radio with head number two black view: bv 900, pro 4g rugged phones, unlocked helio, p90 octa core processor and eight gigabytes plus 128 gigabytes. We apply one of the most powerful al powerhouse mediatek helio p90 to the high performance bb 9900. Pro with eight gigabytes of lpddr4x, dual channel memory, ram and 128 gigabytes of ufs 2.1 high speed, flash memory storage, the black view, bv 9900 pro enables you to handle multiple tasks at the same time and switch seamlessly between applications. If you need more space, this phone supports microsd card up to 2 terabytes ip68 ip69k rugged smartphones.

The vv 9900 pro is the ultra rugged ultra reliable smartphone built for intensive outdoor use in most hazardous environments, it’s exceptionally resistant to damage from dropping water, immersion and flushing shock and impact and meets the military standard mill std810g for dustproof, waterproof and shockproof humidity, solar radiation And temperature extremes, which is a device against the rigor of your job site, but also meet your outdoor smartphone, needs sony 48mp triple rear camera, plus thermal imaging camera. The best thermal imaging rugged phones, black view, bv 9900. Pro perfect, combines a sony triple rear. Camera 48. Mp plus 5 mp plus 2 mp, which are just light and tone intelligently, and it has a built in flir, lepton thermal imaging camera that locates the heat source and translates it into a thermal image that you can see. The temperature it’s helpful to get the superpower of c number one alcatel wp8 pro 2020 rugged. Smartphone unlocked 6.49 inches display ip68 ip69k military grade standard. The outer tail wp8 pro rugged smartphone meets the ip68 waterproof gradient mi lstd minus 8 10g. It can withstand two hours of water at a depth of 1.5 amp, the wp 8 pro rugged phones can be dropped from a height of 1.5 m without causing malfunction. When you walk outdoors, you can easily cope with falling from high places, rain, soaking dust and dirt, and it can run smoothly even in harsh environments, it’s. The best choice for construction workers and outdoor explorer 6.

49 inches display and 16 mp triple rear camera, alcatel wp8 pro rugged smartphone uses a large six point: four nine inches 19.59 hd plus ips display with a screen ratio of up to 90. It is equipped with itself full fit screen technology to make color performance accurate and has a comfortable screen. Visual experience.