, What are the best phones launched in 2020? The time has come to bring together those who surprised us most by delivering great experience and bringing the most advanced technologies.. Of course, all of this has its price, and here you will find only devices that cost a fortune.. If you are looking for a good phone to buy and one that has a more attractive cost benefit ratio. We also made a selection with the best basics and the best intermediaries of 2020., Now let’s check out what each company had the most advanced to offer. Last year. In fifth place. We have the Galaxy Z Fold 2. The first generation of Samsung’s flexible phone was quite disappointing and had the face of an unfinished prototype.. The second model corrected several flaws in the first, but is still subject to problems with the display hinge after a few months of use., The technology of the folding panels. Still needs to mature, but it is undeniable that the Z Fold 2 is a great top of the line.. You have a tablet that can be folded and carried in your pocket.. It is the kind of revolution that will become standard in the coming years.. It has great screens with the largest offering 120 Hz in addition to powerful quality, stereo sound.. The Fold comes equipped with Snapdragon, 865 Plus and 12 GB of RAM, which guarantees excellent performance for any application or game available for Android and its battery lasts.

Well, even with the giant screen the size of a compact tablet., The Fold has a good set of cameras, but does not quite offer the same photographic quality as the Galaxy Note, 20 Ultra and is well below rivals from Apple and Xiaomi. What is disappointing due to the astronomical price paid for it., With that? It is last on our list, but I must open a parenthesis here to admit that I have preferred to use it as my daily driver., While Samsung has been trying to make its phones more compact by folding them in half Apple has been more traditional and has Shrunk, its iPhone. In an era where even entry level models arrive with a 6 inch screen, seeing the iPhone 12 mini was a relief for those with small hands.. The best of all is that the 12 mini does not neglect the technologies present in the rest of the line, and you have the same construction, high quality, OLED screen, powerful, sound, exemplary performance and cameras that take better pictures than the Z Fold 2, which costs a Lot, more., Of course, reducing a device to make it quite small, has its consequences, and in this case the battery had to be cut to fit in a smaller space. And this is exactly where we have the biggest weakness of the iPhone 12 mini. Its autonomy is low and often you will have to recharge it more than once a day. To make matters.

Worse. Apple no longer sends a charger in the box, and this could end up becoming a trend in 2021.. It is unacceptable to pay dearly for a cell phone and still have to buy the charger on the outside, but Xiaomi followed the same path with the Mi 11 and Samsung. You must also do the same. Xiaomi launched great phones in 2020. However, what stood out the most was the brand’s 10 year commemorative edition, the Mi 10 Ultra.. The problem is that it was only released in China and even if you decide to import it, you will have to settle for MIUI without Portuguese support and the absence of Google services and applications.. The Chinese manufacturer did not skimp on the choice of components and we have an excellent quality screen with strong brightness and 120 Hz.. There is stereo sound with well balanced, audio and good sound power. It may not have the most current Qualcomm hardware, but it managed to be faster than than the Galaxy Z Fold. 2.. It also did well in all the games we tested and its battery lasts all day in 120. Hz mode.. The best part is that the Mi 10 Ultra takes just 30 minutes to recharge thanks to the powerful charger 120 watt that comes in the box.. Xiaomi has never competed on an equal footing with Samsung and Apple on cameras, but is learning its lesson and the Mi 10 Ultra has managed to outperform rivals in photos registering sharper images in many scenarios.

. It stands out even more in dark places with efficient night mode and the camcorder that does not disappoint with that ends. Up winning our bronze medal. In second place is the almighty Galaxy Note: 20 Ultra.. It may not be the most expensive phone from Samsung, but it is what brings the best of the company. Okay it’s, not as innovative as the Fold, but here you have the best Korean cameras and the S Pen, which adds a lot of extras. It doesn’t have the plastic finish of the traditional Note. 20. It brings this excellent 120 Dynamic AMOLED screen Hz with high brightness. The sound part stands out with powerful and well balanced audio, which makes the multimedia experience the best possible.. The Exynos 990 disappointed. Many. But the Note 20 Ultra still delivers great performance and with the 120 Hz screen, you have great fluidity with the One UI animations and can run some games above 60 fps. The battery lasts all day and does not take so long to recharge. It may not surprise you as the Mi 10 Ultra, which spends only 30 minutes in the socket but takes much less than the iPhones.. Its cameras record great photos in any situation and the camcorder records videos up to 8K, with great quality and clear sound.. Finally, there is the S Pen and DeX that enhance the experience, with several extra features that you don’t find in the competition, all of which charge much less than Apple.

And what is the best phone of 2020. If you saw our review of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, then you should already know that the gold medal belongs to him. The top of Apple has everything that the 12 mini has good, but manages to be even better. First, it is the most that we tested and makes any Android eat dust. As much as it is made of glass. It can take more drops than the Galaxy Note, 20 Ultra and others we mentioned.. What is needed is a 120 Hz screen, but even if it is limited to 60 FPS, it still delivers great system, fluidity and all games run smoothly at maximum quality. Some even look better than Android rivals., Not to mention that iOS and has greater integration with social networking applications and receives updates for five years.. Its battery is smaller, however, lasts longer than Samsung’s rivals.. It does not come with a charger and we use the iPhone 11 Pro Max to recharge it. The recharge time is not the most agile, but it is also no longer the time that the iPhone spent several hours in the socket.. Finally, the 12 Pro Max is among the best for photos and videos, not to mention that it stands out in selfies.. It is a complete cell phone that does everything in a competent way, but does it have to pay good money to take a copy home? At least it devalues, unless rivals, even with its tacky design and the giant notch at the top of the screen.

2020 was the year in which we basically had only three brands. Fighting for the title of best cell phone. Motorola returned to compete in the top of the line segment with the Edge, but it does not reach the level of the best of Apple Samsung and Xiaomi.. Asus came with the Zenfone 7 and the ROG Phone 3, but it took so long to be launched here that they were left. Out. LG has been missing from the most advanced segment and has had no news. Recently. Then that’s it., Regardless of whether you prefer Android or iOS. You now know, which is the best phone to buy. And to find the best deals. Just click on the links below. Take the opportunity to comment on what you thought of the list..