Let me get myself up on here, and i also want to do a shout out here on this video to another filmmaker over in london and he has a youtube. Video, a youtube channel actually about filmmaking and it’s about mobile filmmaking and i’ll include in the description below it’s called mobilemotion, and you can see that there and check him out there. He has a bunch of movies that he had shot on his smartphone. Actually, he shot two different tv series that are included in amazon prime for free. If you have, if you’re a prime member just like with my films, so you can check them out on there as well. So let’s get started right now. Let’S uh opening this up! Um i’ve been dying to open this up since it’s got here all right. There we go this hard plastic. I could rip it open easily. At least all right after this i’ll show you like a little video and talk over it and show you my friend, and how he does um his mobile filmmaking, and i believe he also has a beast grip pro or a zed key, or something like that, which Is like um a knockoff version of the beast grip pro but they’ve they don’t sell them anymore. I believe ooh very cool, so we get the little manual on here and it’s an ef adapter. So this is kind of like the first um that i’ve noticed a yulonzi one uh aside from the mobile motion, video that i’ve seen on there that he has um the ef adapter one.

Let me uh get this little screw. I believe it’s an extra one and let’s uh let’s, leave it right here, so i don’t lose it and then it comes in like this and then i can take it out. Oh it’s got a lens cover. I love this perfect perfect and what a great case too um – i see you can screw these quarter 20 screw holes in here, and this is the 17 millimeter mount right over here. So they’re both closed, so let’s uh open it up here, so you can see so what it does is it projects basically to your phone and then you’re able to um, add on a lens onto here so i’ll be doing a third video where there’s um, all Everything all like more or less included um in this video. What i’m going to do is i’m, going to let’s put this back up on here and then let’s um old plastic thing. Here there we go all right, so it was a little like hard to pull out in the sense um let’s uh let’s put this on here and then this is what i was doing in my last video when it came to the beast grip pro. I was talking about this thing and i was thinking of opening them up in this video and uh, and just testing it out, seeing if, if this is something that would work, um so let’s test this out, i don’t think it.

It just feels like it could. Just right in here anything when you screw it on, you got to be like leveled at it. Hmm, i believe it actually can be put in here. Oh, i felt it so it grabbed hold here. It did like grab hold wow okay, so it got in there. Wow so it’s, really you get a really like put it in there kind of tight. These things are really strong, good, good, yeah headed in there. Oh, i don’t want to do all that. Let me feel this okay cool yeah you don’t, want to like you, don’t want to you know sprain it. I don’t think this is the way to do it, anyways, but it it it goes in there. I already see it can go in there. So let’s um we’ve done our little test and let’s. Try it out. Does this only come with one screw that’s really strange? It comes with one little screw, they’re missing a screw yeah. Another mini screw is missing in this uh and i just opened it like today. I’M doing both of my videos right now, so this one looks like it’s missing something uh a little screw itself and only have one but we’re going to give it a shot. All right. So let’s uh put everything aside here and i’m, bringing this back out and i’m going to twist this there. We go opening this up here and loosen this up over here.

So then, i can add this in here a bit easier, so this just adds on, as you can see right on here and then, hopefully with all that Music, then hmm, i don’t think this screw kind of interesting good thing. I got um the one coming in the mail that is uh. That is meant to be screwed on to the hole here and this hole here so i’m able to like just pop it on there and stuff like that. So with that let’s just try to put this here – oh nope, yep that little mini screw is done. I have it here. Yep it fell that’s. What i felt it totally felt great. So, as you can see, you kind of need those little screw things and stuff. Like that, but in the next video i’m going to be doing i’m going to have everything all put together when i get uh the rest of um, the adapter that goes in between these two right here, the whole thing is like you: don’t want to have too Many things in between your camera and the lenses, because then you’re gon na have a lot of like more of a softer softer image. When it comes to these iphones and smartphones, a lot of them are a little bit overly sharpened in a sense um. They do shoot 4k, my iphone 7 shoots 4k, and the way for that to happen is basically getting a an app like uh like what i have right here, which is the pro movie app recorder.

This is free, and what just popped up right now is uh is like a watermark for a watermark uh. So you can see here um, you see me there, so you can shoot in 4k, as you can see, and in 24 frames a second when it comes to um when it comes to iphone 7 and anything lower than iphone 10. So you can see i shot a bunch of stuff as well on here, testing it out and all that and then you’re able to shoot 60 frames. Once you go past the iphone 10. so hit the like button. Don’T forget to hit the notification bell and let me know if you enjoy these type of filmmaking videos to help you out as a micro budget filmmaker as myself as well so and um let’s. Do a quick, uh video! Sorry, a video shout out here. Um let’s see, if i can get this on here – nope it that didn’t work right. Okay, let’s get this back up, so i can give a shout out to a friend of mine here through twitter he’s, a filmmaker um, and he also uses well. This is about shane baker right here, um, as you can see, and then you’ve got steven soderbergh on on sane, and then you got zack snyder with his short film and then another uh feature film. This is um his channel um mobile motion, and here is a silent eye. This is him right here, as you can see yeah.

So, as you can see, this is him with his samsung and he’s, using a beast grip pro replica, so um a lot of these feature films nowadays they’re doing stuff like this they’re um working with the beast grip pro, as you can see here with uh steven Soderbergh or they’re using these wide angle for the anamorphic moon dog lenses, which is what steven soderbergh used um on high flying bird. He only used the anamorphic uh lenses on his iphone 8 plus. Let me get myself up here. So if you like these type of videos, you love unboxings as well as blu ray unboxings. Any kind of like fan, unboxings and filmmaking tips hit the link in the description below. So you can find out more about these about the dof adapter that can help you turn your iphone into a cinema lens and um don’t forget to hit the subscribe button. So you know more about these videos coming up and hit the like button, because it helps me out on this channel here and i’ll be seeing you here next week when we talk about blu ray uh, release, videos and hopefully um very soon – about our next video.