So this is an iphone 12 pro max it’s, a gold version, so, as you can tell, the size of the box has totally changed so let’s get started. I’M. Very excited to open this box, so it’s very tempting, so let’s get started uh so just move it like that. So usually iphone boxes are white, but for this gold version it’s black, which is another great change, so let’s just lift up this case so here’s. The original i iphone 12 pro max iphone 12 max so, as you can see there, if for people who are just moving into android there, they have where the buttons are, what those do and then they have the powerpoint. There are two speakers, so at the back of this uh iphone case is like really powdery, and then this is really sleek, it’s, really shiny. You can actually tell that’s it’s, really good material. The back is really powdery, like i told you before it’s like premium material, and then here you have the quick start guide an apple sticker and then you have the usbc to thunderbolt port, so let’s just lift off this sticker. So you can tell that there’s very good changes in this, so usually older models there’s like there’s, it doesn’t have a full screen of the iphone it’s, just like like that there’s some other material on the outside of the screen. That’S not really the screen, but on an iphone 12 they totally changed that they decide for the full screen like this.

So the iphone 12 from max has a display inch of 6.7 inches that’s. The max iphone has gotten so far, unlike ipad ipad’s way, bigger. Like 14 inches, so so then let’s charge this and hopefully let’s get to setting it up. So our iphone 4 max has fully been charged. So let’s begin with the setup. So since we speak english i’m, just going to type english here for the language and i’m going to tap united states, you’ll see something called setting language, a message box and then you’ll see the screen. So this is basically quick start. If you have a device, you want to transfer all your data to like your apps and data. You can just bring it right. Next to it, you uh just bring right next to your iphone 12 pro max and you can transfer the data with that else. You can just click set up for this video i’m doing setup manually you’ll ask to set up your wi fi network and output. You want to put the password so we’ve typed, the password we just want to click join, it will join and then, after that, just click next here it’ll just it says it may take a few. It will take a few minutes to activate it. So so we’ll be right back after it finishes activating now it’s going to ask you it’ll inform you about the data and privacy apple uses like hardware, identifiers and other stuff.

So all you now do is just press continue. Then it’ll ask face id so i’m doing setup later in settings, but if you want, you can set up face id right now so i’m just going to click set up later in settings and then you want to create a pattern. Your password um it’ll say this boom, so yeah. So once you’ve done quick start uh, you have to just click transfer directly from my phone or you could click move data from android. I called backup or itunes, backup i’m, just going to use don’t transfer after you finish, putting your apple id in it’ll. Ask you for terms and conditions, just click agree, or else it won’t. Allow you to install ios. Now, i’ll ask you about express settings. This is basically uh statistics and location. So if you want you can customize the settings so then it will say: keep your iphone up to date. So you just want to press continue and then press not now. Oh, you can continue if you want to add enable messages and facetime, and then, if you want to enable location, services or disable one, just click disable. If you don’t want location services and click enable if you do, we don’t want location services for now. Next they’ll ask me for a series i’m going to set this up later in settings there. This is screen time, so this has come in ios 12. This is about to manage how long you look at the screen.

So i’ll set this up later in settings too. So this is the part you have to think very, very carefully about it’s, basically the iphone analytics. So this is about, if you want to share your iphone stuff, like hardware identifiers, it’s, analytics all of its analytics, like um, the analytics like uh, how fast your things running and stuff like that, i recommend using don’t share for more privacy. But if you want to improve apple’s software engineering and that you could just share with that bowl okay, so this is true tone display. So what this is is basically uh automatic. It automatically adapts to ambient lighting in conditions to make the color appear consistent in different environments. So you can change this later, but if you want i’ll put, i want true tone on. If you want, if you don’t want it, you can just click the button up. Above there, this is also another appearance. If you want light or dark for the appearance, this is dark. You can automatically see the appearance, and this is light, so we’re going to do light for now. We’Ll change the slanted settings, so this is accessibility, yeah, it’s, basically zoom. It makes everything better the notifications, the apps, the messages as you can see, so i want standard. This is for people who need larger text and people who need accessibility, so i’m, just going to press continue so now it says, welcome to iphone so you just swipe swipe up and boom i’m going to enter this password over here.

A neat – this is an app like it introduces you to all this other stuff like clips imovie to app library and then it’ll. Do this speed up your typing by sliding your fingers across the letters to compress the word. You can do that there’s, a lot of cool and neat features in ios 14.. This is the latest os right now is ios 14.2 in 2020., so yeah. So this is called refreshed. Widgets it’s, basically configured widgets, so you can add this to your home screen. So if you press edit home screen – and i put this – and i move this here – boom – that widget is now on your home screen, so anything other apps will move onto the screen. It automatically adds up odd screens. So you want to be careful. If you add too many widgets, some apps will come from the screen to another screen, so that’s, basically the unboxing of the iphone 12 pro max so yeah. What i think, mostly about this iphone 12 pro max, is that people let’s say people who need who don’t have big hands. I don’t suggest this to you, because it’s extremely big it’s actually a little light, but the screen size is extremely big. Look at that. I can’t even put my hat, which is a record so so, if you, if people who have big hands and want this big display size like for people who want work like for work or something like that, you can do this like that.

So it’s really big for people who have small hands like mine, so but if you hold it with two hands, i think it’s great for shrimp. So what i think about the iphone 124 mouse is that it’s, a pretty good iphone. I mean between the 12 pro it’s, basically, nothing except bigger, display size and better quality. So this is the antenna here if you didn’t know. So if you didn’t know iphone, 12 comes with 5g yeah iphone 12 pro iphone, 12 max and iphone 12 mini all come with 5g. Yes, they come with 5g yeah, so 5g just got real. So, basically, you have to subscribe to five verizon ultra wide band or any other 5g service to get 5g and make sure it’s available in your area. So our 5g service right now is um, 5g t mobile’s, 5g and yeah so that’s. What i think about this iphone super max, i i like the gold color, the back is premium material. Usually they put the serial number and all that regular regulatory stuff on here and the logo is extremely big. They usually put it on here on the back, but it’s not there and they usually logo a iphone on the back, which is happens to older models, and this also has the new lidar scanner, which is ar, which is basically an error scanner it’s in ipad pro And some ipads so then they brought this technology over to iphone so that’s.

What i pretty much think about the iphone pro max it’s, a pretty good iphone to be exact but it’s kind of it’s has some cons too. One con is that’s way too big. I mean people who have small hands. That means and another con is that the side you can extr, you can see the fingerprints on it, which kind of ruins the look. So when you touch it even once, you can see the fingerprint on it on the side, but on the back usually for older iphone models. It hasn’t been a problem. You can’t really see it, but for gold you can extremely see the fingerprints, so you got ta like clean it and yeah that’s pretty much it. Ios 14 is a big usb, so that’s.