360. xiaomi is kicking off the new year with the launch of a brand new model. The me 10i now the eye in the name is supposed to stand for india and that’s, because this is a localized version of the phone that’s sold abroad. As the me 10t lite and in china as the redmi note, 9, pro 5g, so what’s changed, and what do you need to know? We’Re gon na unbox, this phone right now and take you through the key specifications? Of course before we get started. Please do remember to subscribe to the 360 channel and hit the bell icon. So you know whenever we post a new video Music, so here’s the meat and i in its box. We can see, of course, that xiaomi is emphasizing the back of this phone because of the 108 mp camera there’s, a few other notable specifications on the front. First of all, this is a 5g capable phone and, secondly, it uses the qualcomm snapdragon 750 g processor. Of course, xiaomi is also emphasizing it’s made in india credentials. We have the same highlights on the back. Along with a few others. We can see that this phone has a 120hz adaptive sync screen and a 4820 milliamp hour battery with a 33 watt fast charger in the box, there’s a lot of other stuff that we’ll get to soon. We can tell that this model has 8 gb of ram and 128 gb of storage and of course, we have the pacific sunrise color, which xiaomi really wants to show off.

So now, let’s open out this box so right on top there’s this inner box. As expected, we have a sim eject, pin a clear plastic case and some basic paperwork and put this aside and get our first look at the phone itself. We’Ll take off this final layer of protective plastic, Music and here’s that finish, that xiaomi wants to show off. So you can see it’s a bit orangish at the bottom, moving through white and getting to a greenish blue at the top looks a little bit like a beach. The frame also has the same color gradient as you can see at the sides and we’re going to turn that on and check out the rest of the box contents, while it boots so here’s a cable with a usb type c connector – and this is the 33 Watt charger that xiaomi includes in the box now it has a type, a port on this end which matches the cable of course, and it is actually quite chunky, so here’s everything you get in the box with the new meat, and i now let me go through The setup process, and then we can talk about the specifications Music, all right, so that was relatively quick uh. We see the home screen here of miui 12 for the first time. The very first thing that greets us is this: ad for xiaomi’s own app store called get apps during the setup process. You get to choose between having everything on the home screen or having an app drawer that you can pull up with the icons for all your apps.

You get those choices again in the settings. There’S quite a bit of customization. We can see quite a few pre loaded apps, including a few of xiaomi’s own and several third party ones. The app drawer has tabs based on categories now, let’s get a closer look at the phone itself. So what you see here is a 6.67 inch full hd plus display there’s gorilla glass 5 on the front for impact protection. You have stereo speakers at the top and the bottom. The fingerprint sensor is on the right, along with the volume buttons there’s, a tray on the left and, as you can see, there are two slots here, so you can choose between two sims or one sim and a micro sd card for storage expansion on the top. We have an infrared emitter, so you’ll be able to control some household appliances and on the bottom there’s a usb type c port, and this might surprise a few people but there’s also a 3.5 mm audio socket. Now. One of the main selling points of the me 10 – i is on the back and that would be the 108 megapixel camera uh you’ll also notice that the camera bump isn’t very pronounced, which is pretty impressive, so xiaomi says it has used a brand new sensor for This camera, but it still fits in with the me 10 family. You can see the rest of the camera specifications on screen right now. Xiaomi also tells us it has used fast, ufs, 2.

2 storage. You get a 4820 milliamp hour battery, but xiaomi says that, even though this might seem like a low capacity, the battery life is actually quite good. Thanks to the efficient qualcomm snapdragon 750 g processor, you should also be able to charge this phone up to 100. In 58 minutes and about 68 percent in half an hour, so there we have it the new meat ni in its specific sunrise, color option. This phone should be priced to take on the oneplus note and several other popular mid range models.