Today, i’m gon na show you the akate u32 faster 19, and this is a review of it. So since i don’t have a sd card, no video is here or benchmark test. So no video test youtube test or even a benchmark. Did i said again but anyways this phone released in 2019? There is a other version, the 2017 version, but i got this version. This phone is on telenor and i picked it up for 10. 000 ft. I got in the 75 cent today, so it was back in 2020 today, it’s 2021 january 2nd. So let’s talk about the phone first, so the phone has three off screen buttons on the left is your back key. It will take you one back to a page on the menu. Is your home button every time you press it, you will go back to your home screen and on the right. Is your recent apt key available multitasking key where you can see your apps and you have to remove them or your phone gets slow or you don’t have enough storage on top, you have like a speakerphone and you have on the right a front facing camera, and I think it’s vgi on the back is plastic rockets. As you can see, you can see the architect logo. You have a flash on the left and you have your camera on this side. You have your power button and you have your volume rockers. So you can turn the wire up using the volume up button or if you go to recovery mode, just turn off the phone by holding the power button, select power off and then, when you go to recovery mode, hold down these buttons.

If i do this correctly, not gon na do that so yeah. I have my saves on this phone, so you have your down also, so you can turn your volume up or down nothing in the side here so let’s check on the front i mean up, so you do have only a headphone jack, so that’s really cool and On the bottom it’s, a micro usb charging port, so let’s check out the sides of the bottom. As you can see, this is the notch where you can take out the phone in part. You can also take out the battery since it does support battery removal. So you can remove the battery if you want to good idea for putting like a sim card or sd card. So now let’s go to the axle test. Okay, so let’s turn the phone on. As you can see, this is your lock screen swipe up Music kind of glitchy there, so let’s check out the camera first, okay. So this is my dark taco. With the flash and i got ta say the flash is really good. Well, i’m, not already assuming all right. Two one x is good, but anyways. That picture is very good with the flash, so the plus, i will give it that to a 10 out of 10, but for the camera. I can give it a 8 out of 10, though not the best, but still pretty much as a nice, decent camera. Okay, let’s do a gaming test.

I only have two on it, which i use it for some devices, so yeah and the special guys will appear – and this is mr noob from roblox and yeah. So as you can see, game is not really the best here. As you can see, it’s lagging while playing a game, but it’s still good and a good budget phone. So if you want to get a watching phone, this is the one you can choose and yeah so far. This is a good phone, not really uh best, but it’s good and great, not bad at all, so for liking, unfortunately 3, which means 7 out of 10, but overall at least it played really great on it. So let’s go to the next test. All right now let’s do web searching. So i got chrome. What is it here? It is so chrome, oh wait. I forgot something so actually just light up. As you can see, the um mumbai thing is not really fast. So webb failed on it. Well, i would just give it a two out of ten, since it has tiding or – and here you know, does not work really. I don’t know what what’s that sound, but anyways. If you are in the wi fi – and you have wi fi here, this will work at not a two out of 10 x, so it’s actually now going up the same as gaming, seven out of ten, so yeah so let’s do the speaker test and let’s see How loud the speaker is – and i will also put it on the microphone for you guys to hear it okay, so this is my main ringtone i use so let’s see it for violet three, two one Music sounds good, so not really bad let’s put it on The mic, so you can hear it a little bit better and lighter so yeah Music that’s how flat it is well, this phone, the sound, is really amazing, like even it was a little bit quiet.

It still pretty much as a smooth sound. So i could say thumbs up for the sound, though i really like these sounds when phone makes and even dumbfolds making those sounds are really loud, so yeah, so i’m gon na say it’s, 10 out of 10, so yeah, even though that quiet thing it’s still a Good speaker so yeah, so in two of this, since has so many goods and not so many pads this phone by the way it has 500 12 megabytes and i fell apart correctly. This phone has 1.5 gigahertz, and i know this one has a quad core processor. So i think it’s not dragging for hardjic or something like that so it’s, like so it’s like the same thing as the pixel 4 foreign, the ut first erase sentence the second generation, although it’s just continued now, and the one e so yeah so that’s. The review. Video of the aquate ut 2019. So before i end this, it has an easy grip. I really like the grip feeling, though, looks like i have a pixel knight or something or a pixie full for ins, so yeah guys thanks for watching i’m gon na end this. So it has five five ten which out of enders so okay, sorry about that. My dad just called me on this phone, so i paused the video. So it did not call me on this phone. It called me on my phone so yeah. So once again, sorry about the calling thing i was talking hungarian, so i was not able to show you guys.

So, thank you for watching this video stay tuned for more videos and always for the basic ones subscribe post up, never miss any videos and yeah comment down below. If you know, if this point is good or not, if it’s not available, then i’ll be lazy to do a community type, but i think i will do a career tab but you’ll find out. So thanks for watching. I will see you next time and stay tuned for more videos, peace out and enjoy.