Now both smartwatches here actually come with similar specifications and they lack the same amount of functions compared to their bigger brother, the gts2 and the gtr2. So in this video we’re talking a little bit on what’s really missing on the 2e version and whether or not you should buy the 2 or the 2e, but before i start off, i just want to say thank you to dasher once again for sending me these Toys to play with so i can share my experience with you guys, if you’re in malaysia or singapore and you’re looking to buy the amazing smart watches, always check out the link down in description below, because the dasher always comes out with the most attractive pricing. Here. In malaysia or singapore all right now that i’ve done with that let’s check out the devices themselves, so i’ve already unboxed, both the gtx 2e and the gtr2e. So let me just show it to you guys very quickly, so moving these boxes aside, yeah, the desk is a bit messy right now, because it’s just filled with smart watches but yeah. This guy is actually the gtr, the 2e version, and let me just put it side by side with the gtr 2., so the gtr 2, if you notice very quickly in terms of outlook alone, it comes in fully blacked out version on the gtr 2, which looks Very smart, whereas on the 2e it is a bit grayish here and the straps are still the black one, but the size is just a little bit a tad bit lighter in terms of the color.

Apart from that, if you look closely at the front here notice that the dials on the bezel is a little bit different as well on the gtr2, we have a more prominent kind of dots and lines and triangles all around the face here, which is a bit Messy, if you ask me, but on the 2e, they fix that and come up with a more minimalist kind of look here very minimal, not very obvious kind of dars at the top here, and i kind of like that on the 2e right there. So, in terms of outlook alone, both are actually very similar. It is only the dals and the colors of the the watch itself. That is a little bit different. So let me show you guys the gts2 version right now and then we’ll talk about what is really missing in terms of features all right. So this here is the gts2e and i’ve got this version in the green color it’s, like army green, very similar to my pair of earphones right here. I kind of like this color a lot and it looks really good to be honest with this combination. Here of gray and army green right, so let me put it beside the gts2 once again so face on. Do you notice any difference? You might not notice the difference, but actually there is a slight difference here in the amount of curves on the display itself. So very very hard to spot with your bare eyes, but on the gts2 they’re, actually using this kind of 3d to get those super curves going on with the gts2, whereas on the 2e is apparently a little less.

We only have 2.5 d curves at the side. Here now, honestly speaking, i can’t really see with my eyes – and i can’t really tell even when just moving or gliding my finger on the screen but yeah. Apparently this is 2.5 d and the gtx 2 itself is 3d right. So, apart from that it’s pretty practically the same, they both look very identical again. The colors are slightly different, comparing the 2e towards the two all right enough about the side by side comparison of these guys. On that note, let me just bring up the gts2 mini, because i have it right here now. This guy is the mini right here and let me just put three side by side here. We have the gts2, the two mini, and the 2e right here so what’s different with the mini, is once again just a quick recap: it’s slightly smaller than the gts2 and as well as a 2e. As you can see right here, the display is just a tad bit smaller and the 2 mini is definitely more suitable for girls all right back to the 2e, and let me tell you, let me share with you guys, what’s really different with the 2e compared to The two right so for the two e series right here, regardless of whether it is the gtr or the gts2. This is the 2e version. They both come with a lag in a couple of features compared to their bigger brothers right here.

First, up is definitely not coming with a built in memory, so you don’t have a three gigabytes, like you have on the bigger brothers here to actually store your songs, so you can’t store any songs on the 2e right here. Apart from that, if you notice earlier on there is, there is only a speaker on the bigger brothers right here for both the gtr 2, as well as the gts2, but you lose that speakers on both the 2e version right here. So again, you can’t put in songs and also you can’t play any music through the speakers kind of makes sense. Apart from that, it also loses the wi fi function. So you can’t connect your your smartwatch to your phone directly to answer calls so obviously, for these two e versions, you will not be able to answer calls directly on your watch, like you can do on the on the gts2 and gtr2. So for this you only get call notifications and you can choose to accept or reject the calls, but you cannot answer calls directly using the watch itself. Apart from that, most of the features are pretty much the same: it’s only missing the wi fi function, uh the speaker as well as that built in storage. So, of course, what you do gain from those stuff missing is battery life, so without the the connectivity going on the wi fi connection, going on with your smartphone you’re, getting better battery life here so for the gts2 uh.

Initially, it was only quoted to have seven days of battery life under normal use, but with the 2e you actually get double that to 14 days. The same goes for the gtr 2 as well on the initial one you get like 14 days and if i’m, not mistaken, you get 28 days or so on the 2e version. So double the battery life on these guys right here compared to their bigger brothers. All right, so, apart from that, we also gain another new feature, which is a pretty interesting one on the two e smart watches right here, and that is actually the thermometer function that sits right there. So if i just tap that you’ll see that it is actually tracking the temperature of my body right here and it says – 34 degrees celsius or something like that, but guess what i do have this actual unit right here to test my perfect temperature and let’s – see If it’s accurate, so it shows here 36.4, which is a far cry of the 34.1 that’s showing on the watches itself so again, um. These are just uh, so called functions that are put into the watches itself. The gts, the gtr 2e, also have the thermometer function, but both are not actually that accurate. So just take it with a pinch of salt. So it’s pretty obvious here that, if you’re looking for longer battery life – and you do not need to answer your phone calls on your wrist and of course, if you don’t need that music storage and the one to go to is actually the gts 2e or the Gtr 2e uh.

Apart from that, it also comes with a slightly lower price point uh in malaysia, it’s not really sold. Yet, although do keep an eye on the links below as a dasher will sell them, but it is apparently about less than 100 ringgit cheaper than their bigger brothers. So about 30 us dollars, if i’m, not mistaken, 30 us dollars less compared to their bigger brothers. With those features missing so again, if you don’t need to answer your calls, you don’t play your music on your watch. Then maybe you want to save a couple of bucks and check out these 2e versions, but if you want to do all that, you can check out their bigger brothers, the gts2, as well as the gtr 2., all right guys. So, apart from those items missing, the standard features that you’ll still find on both devices. Right here is your built in gps. They both are able to track your spo2, your blood blood, oxygen readings, they’re, also able to provide your 24 hour heart rate tracking, as well as a sleep tracking. So it still comes with a ton of features in here, just that minus those ones that i already mentioned all right, guys, um that’s, pretty much it for this video. Once again, let me just put everything side by side for you guys to see. This is the 2e versus the gtr 2 compared to the gts2e right here compared to the gts2, and of course we do not want to forget the gts2 mini, alright guys.

I hope you’ve learned something from this video today.