99 yuan, which roughly converts to 18 500 rupees. So at pretty much the same price as the redmi note 9 pro max is selling in india. Redmi has launched a much much better phone in china right from the belt, the design to the internals, the refresh rate, the optics. The note9 pro 5g seems to be an improvement. All around improvement of the max sold in india, so here’s to hoping redmi finds a way to get this to indian shores, be careful what you wish for as cliched as that saying might be it’s perfectly fitting. Here we have xiaomi instead of redmi bringing us the same, damn phone under a different name, so what’s the deal here, let’s find out hey guys ash here from c4etech and let’s get to it. Here we see the front of the box with just a couple of spec highlights me branding to the top right and a picture of the back of the phone. This, thankfully, is devoid of any celebrities, a rather nice looking black box plain and simple turning the box around, we have a bunch of spec highlights 108 megapixel, camera 750 g, 120, hertz refresh and the 48 20 milliamp hour battery. Our review unit is a 8 128 pacific sunrise variant. The color sounds nice don’t it to the side. We have me branding and we can see the price being scratched out, but we actually managed to see the price when on box on sticker, it says twenty four thousand twenty three nine triple nine, which hey i don’t know let’s get to that in a bit.

The other side, it’s identical and the top is devoid of anything let’s go ahead and slice the seals off and open up the box. We find a black sleeve that contains the literature that absolutely nobody reads. Oh wait. There is a soft silicone case included in the box. I don’t know about you, but i always appreciate the inclusion of the case. I just wish it was transparent, so you can see the pacific sunrise through it and we also have a some injector pen. Now we get to the meat ni, taking the plastic off this back. It really looks nice seems awfully familiar though, but the sunrise is beautiful. The gradient dual tone, blue and orange, with the aesthetically placed quad camera array and minimal branding, it seems well done back – is made out of glass with a matte finish. That surprisingly reflects light. Well, the color hues they seem to shift as the light hits now. Let’S turn it on set it aside and see what else we get in the box: there’s a 33 watt charger and a usb type c cable with red accents with that done. Let’S talk more about the phone, so let’s start with the built in design, partly because that is what we usually do, partly because the build the in hand feel is quite good and hey. It also looks nice seriously gon na go on as if this is a new phone we’ve not seen this before.

Really, you know what don’t you dare i’m gon na i’m gon na be ignoring you, okay, guys uh as much as i would like to pretend. I haven’t done this before it wouldn’t, be fair to you guys to ask you to sit through all this again so i’m, going to just leave a card to my redmi note. 9. Pro 5g video here. This is exactly that same phone, but let’s talk about the differences first and hey. We have the me logo instead of the redmi logo and that’s, pretty much it so now. Let me just give you a gist of the features on this phone: real, quick. We have a beautiful 6.67 inch, full hd plus ips lcd panel with a 120 hertz refresh rate. You have the option to switch it to 60 hertz to preserve battery, but sadly we can’t really do 90 hertz. But, like i said in that earlier video, you should probably leave it at 120. Hertz all the time saying that there is a pretty robust, 48 20 milliamp hour battery and top of that you do get 33 watt flash charging get the phone from zero to 100. In under an hour, the placements are all regular xiaomi redmi, the fingerprint scanner is good, no surprises there. The dual sim hybrid slot is also present in a content form. Now, if camera is the rear, camera assembly houses the exact same sensor array, because this is the exact same damn phone.

So again, a quick refresher. We have the second gen samsung hmx 108 megapixel, f, 1.8 primary 8 megapixel, f, 2.2 ultra wide secondary 2 megapixel macro and depth sensors to make up the numbers. As always the primary camera’s performance is excellent. The colors are good, yada yada. You know how it goes. Please note that you have to manually turn on the 108 megapixel option, because by default it shoots 12 megapixels. Now, all the same bells and whistles that we saw earlier like the ability to shoot prora and the scene deduction to bump up uh saturation, make the pictures a little more attractive, they’re all included here. The 16 megapixel selfie camera also seems pretty serviceable. On the software front, the meter ni runs on android 10 with miui 12. On top, the feature set remains the same. You can amplify your meat and i and make it have a control center by which you can pull down by swiping on the right notification shade from the top left. However, the difference here is the fact that you have google play services pre installed. We still have oodles of bloatware baked in, but hey you knew what you were getting into. If you call me ui right, that said it doesn’t really affect the performance. It’S still snappy, we didn’t find any lag or stutters with day to day use the 750g kept chugging along quite smoothly. Uh speaking of smoothly, the 120 hertz refresh rate is pretty dope here’s to hoping all phones in 2021 have 120 hertz, or at least 90 hertz displays.

You know who i’m talking it doesn’t matter who you’re talking about hitting mute again? I wish all you guys pause this video hit that like and subscribe button as recognition of my hard work shooting videos. Despite being crazy and hearing voices in my head. I went there now jokes apart. There is possibly another difference from the redmi note. 9. Pro 5g pricing. At this point we don’t know what the official pricing is. We know the sticker pricing is probably 24 000.. The redmi note 9 pro 5g. It starts at 16.99, u1 that’s about 18500, so i’m expecting the actual price to be somewhere in between anyway. As soon as the price drops, i will pin it in a comment down below so do check that space so the bottom line. I am a little bummed out that the first me phone for 2021 is a rebrand, but at the same time, this being a rebrand of a very solid phone. That fact doesn’t change. Does it so anyway, i’ll have more to say in a full review. For now it is time for me to bid you at you. Let me know what you think about this phone and, like comment share, subscribe all those things thanks a lot for your time, thanks a lot for watching till next time. My name is ash. You’Ve been watching c4e tech and i’m signing off for now.